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Reina Neva Double Horizontal
Reina Neva Double Horizontal
Reina Neva Double Horizontal

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I purchased a Reina Neva Double Horizontal radiator about 6 months ago. Initially I was very pleased as it looked really good. However, after about 4 months, I noticed that the paintwork was starting bubble (eventually significantly affecting 8 out 14 columns). When I raised the issue with DRD, showing detailed photos of the damage, the supplier, Reina, responded in a rather aggressive fashion, suggesting that water INSIDE the radiator was causing the paint on the outside of the radiator to blister (I'm not sure how this might even be possible). After providing a water sample to prove that my heating system was free of corrosive agents, I was then asked for photos of the room in which the radiator was located. Eventually it was agreed that a replacement would be sent. However, obviously, the damaged radiator is plumbed in and requires replacing by an engineer. This means means paying a second time for the same job as well as a day off work while the job is done (my wife had to take time off work to wait in when the new radiator was delivered). When I asked about compensation in this regard, it was made clear that a replacement was all I was entitled to (which, by the letter of the law, is indeed the case). Essentially, I am being financially punished for their shoddy goods. In short, do not buy Reina radiators - they are poor quality and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired). - Adrian Flint  

Reina Neva Double Horizontal

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Plain and simple, the Neva range is staple of Reina's radiator catalogue


  • This is the horizontal version of the Neva Double, for the vertical version see; Neva Double Vertical
  • This is the doubled configuration of the Neva which features a second set of identical piping behind the first, but it is also available in a singled configuration with only one set for a variety of heat outputs
  • Powder coated in the lovely White or Anthracite grey finishes
  • Delivered to your door in only 1-2 working days
  • Heating output rated @ delta t50
  • (Also available in a Chrome finish please see Neva Chrome for more details)

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