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Aluminium Radiators Guide

Home is where the heart is, and a well heated comfortable home makes a huge difference to family life. Heating systems have gone high tech in the 21st century, and are no longer simply functional pieces of equipment but a statement of your individual style thanks to the superb range of different shapes, models and finishes available on modern radiators.

Designer Radiators Direct has a comprehensive range of premium radiators all available to view in our online catalogue via our website that will complement any interior décor. If you are looking to give your living space a makeover then aluminium radiators are the perfect solution as they bring a contemporary edge to any room with their bright reflective chrome finish.

Why choose a radiator?

When considering the best way to maintain a constant temperature in any home, you will need to carefully consider its size, location, how many of the rooms you use regularly and how well it is insulated. The two most cost effective ways to heat your home are by central heating or electric radiators, or a combination of the two if your home is quite large. Gas central heating can allow you to carefully manage the temperature of your home at the touch of a button, and electric radiators can give you more control in individual rooms if you have a smaller home or a room that is rarely used.

Aeon Banio, MHS Decoral Hi, Bisque Tetro Wall Mounted


Why buy an aluminium radiator?

Aluminium is the perfect material for making radiators as it conducts thermal energy superbly transferring the heat generated by your central heating system into the room far quicker than other materials. This can ease energy bills, particularly in the winter, and these eco-friendly radiators are super easy to recycle if you are thinking of their impact on the environment in the future. Available in white or chrome finish, aluminiumradiators give a superb sleek silhouette to any room, with the chrome effect being particularly effective in bathrooms or contemporary spaces.Our aluminium radiators are available in a vast array of models, styles, shapes and sizes to suit your living space and budget.

What make of aluminium radiators do you sell?

Designer Radiators Direct pride themselves on offering only the very best in radiator supplies, therefore we work with a select few manufacturers to ensure that you have the very best quality products for your home. Some of the leading manufacturers that we are pleased to stock include Aeon, MHS, The Radiator Company and many more. Each company has its own unique style and this is reflected in the products in the range, so you can find the perfect radiator that is as individual as you are.

How do I buy my radiators?

Here at Designer Radiators Direct we work hard to ensure that each and every customer has a fantastic shopping experience with us from start to finish. Our intuitive website will prompt you on all the measurements and information we require to deliver the right radiator direct to your door, However if you prefer the personal touch, then our dedicated team are on hand to help you through every step of the buying process.