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Reina’s New Groove – The Reina Andes

Reina have long been at the forefront of the designer radiator world. They manufacture an enormous range of radiators, with such variety that it puts a lot of other manufacturers to shame. What has really made their success however has been consistently low, market shattering prices.


By leading on both price and variety Reina have remained relevant for over a decade in all homes with new radiators. Looking to continue with their success Reina constantly look for new ways to innovate and inspire within the home and the realm of heating, as such they have brought out some lovely new designs for Summer 2016.


The Mountainous Andes

Stretching through four and a half thousand miles of South America, the mountains which give Reina’s new aluminium radiator its name are visually distinct and beautifully formed. The Reina Andes looks to capture some of this jungle magic and offers an undulating appearance which is completely unique.


The Reina Andes truly is inspired

The Reina Andes truly is inspired


We haven’t seen anything quite like it here in the industry, so this excites us quite a lot! This radiator allows you to truly bring a sense of the wild South American heat to your rooms, in both the picture Anthracite grey finish as well as White.


Aluminium Mountains

The Andes is constructed from Aluminium, and as we’ve discussed before here at DRD this has many benefits already (quicker to heat up, lighter weight on the wall, more efficient transference of heat once at full temperature, cheaper heating bills, distinct appearance… just to name a few!), but Reina have gone even further with the Andes.


Beautifully efficient!

Beautifully efficient!


The mountainous shape of the Andes’ face means that an open cavity is left throughout its entire length, and what this serves to do is allow a channel through the radiator for air to pass through. Hot air rises of course, and the Andes is able to heat the air all around itself and being to push this out of the top.


The passages formed by the shape of the face concentrate the hot air at the top so that it is pushed out with modest force. As a result cool air is drawn in from the bottom and the process continues, creating a current of hot air being pushed around the room and the cool air being drawn towards the base of the radiator.


This is just one of Reina’s lovely new designs, but we will go into more depth about each of them in coming blogs.


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