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Terrific Ten: 10 Top Reina Radiators For Under £250

As the days get shorter and shorter, the evenings get darker sooner and the temperatures drop further and further, the season officially switches from autumn to winter. And that all means it’s now, more than ever, imperative your home has the right heating solution for each and every one of its rooms. To suddenly find yourself stuck with a faulty – or, even worse, a breaking-down – radiator at this time of year is pretty much the worst scenario imaginable. Surely not the start to the New Year you’d wish on anybody!


But, if you’re on the lookout for the best possible radiator for pretty much any of your rooms and at an affordable price, of course (that is, below the £250 mark; after all, this time of the year is far from the easiest on anyone’s finances!), then may we suggest you take a good look at these 10 designer radiators from those fantastic folk at Reina – all of them available through us at Designer Radiators Direct.

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Showering You With Ideas: The Lowdown Of Heating A Small Bathroom

They can often be the smallest room in the house and, to that end, aside from their necessary functionality – they must, for instance, feature a toilet, shower and/ or bath, a sink and a cabinet or two – bathrooms can be a little overlooked, even neglected when it comes to broader fixtures and fittings. And, surely for wrong rather than right, this can extend to how they’re heated.

When it comes to bathrooms that genuinely are small, heating them (you’d imagine) needn’t be that complicated; they surely don’t require a complex heating solution. In many ways, that’s true; yet with so much choice in the heating arena today, you’re basically forced to carefully consider all your options (bathroom radiators and more). So then, here’s a look at how you might want to approach heating a small bathroom, not least if you’re giving it a renovation…

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Don’t Make A Meal Out Of It: How To Plan A Kitchen Renovation

No question, renovating a kitchen is becoming an increasingly popular activity among homeowners. And, when you think about it, given how much time many of us spend in this particular room, that’s hardly surprising. Yet, redesigning your kitchen’s something not to be taken lightly; a kitchen renovation can be complicated and needs a lot of consideration and must be thoroughly planned out…

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Winter-Proofing Your Home: Tips For Getting Your Property Ready For Winter

Unfortunately, the summer always has to come to an end, to be replaced by the colder temperatures and the colour palette of autumn and – all too soon – by the tumbling temperatures and shorter days of winter. And, like it or not, winter is no friend to the upkeep of your home, outside *and* inside which means that, before it arrives, it’s all-important to make sure your property’s ready for those coldest months of the year.


And fundamentally, to winter-proof your home, all that’s required is to make a few, relatively simple and easy checks to ensure you’re not caught off-guard – especially when repairmen and plumbers are totally backlogged with bookings so they simply can’t get around to paying you the visit that, at that point, you may well suddenly, desperately need.


Additionally, though, if you’ve been putting off having that worn-out radiator in that room replaced – you know, the one that really could do with being replaced – now’s the time to do it before winter really gets a hold for the next few months. And, of course, now’s the time to give our guide to winter-proofing your home a good read…

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How To ‘Spruce’ Up Your Living Room – And Avoid A Christmas Tree Fire

Surely only grinches – and some cat owners – steer clear of putting up a Christmas tree every December? A wonderful addition to the festooning of a home in the lead up to and over the yuletide, decorated pine trees were introduced to the British (and, by extension, American) Christmas by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German consort, in the mid-19th Century. Unfortunately, though, the potential fire risk a Christmas tree poses has been around for as long as the Christmas tree tradition itself. Now, you may think that in the 21st Century (what with homes sporting an underfloor radiator and all), any danger due to putting up a Christmas tree is a thing of the past – think again…

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It’s All In The Planning: Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas

Christmas… there’s so much to it, isn’t there? Especially if you’re hosting relatives this year. And, to that end, the organisation, complications, cooking and all manner of trimmings can become overwhelming. Where do you start?


Is there any way you can reduce your Christmas card list this year? Can you streamline your Christmas cooking? Are there specific things you can do to make your home as hospitable as possible? These are the sort of questions you might want to be asking yourself and addressing right now – in time to sort things out for the yuletide itself.


Moreover, if you’re making significant changes to your home – and looking to get them done in time for relatives visiting at Christmas – perhaps, say, having new bathroom radiators installed, a word to the wise would be definitely to try and have them installed ahead of the festive season; not right on top of it. Now’s your last chance for sure! Aside from that, here are some useful tips…


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