5 Must-Have Radiator Accessories

If those tired and old looking radiators are blighting the look and feel of your home, then you might be planning to upgrade your current radiators with something a little more modern.


Once you’ve found the perfect home radiators to suit your personal décor style and budget, you might think that all you need to do is sit back and wait for them to be delivered ready for installation. While that is true to some extent, don’t forget that you’ll possibly also need a few accessories to install your designer radiators properly and get the look you are aiming for.


Here are five must-have radiator accessories for anyone upgrading their home radiators to help you save time during installation and finish them off perfectly.


Radiator Valves

Any new designer radiator deserves a shiny new set of valves to help finish the overall look. Adding old and tired looking valves to a brand-new home radiator can really bring your new additions down, so radiator valves are perhaps one of the most important radiator accessories that you’ll need to think about when placing your order for new designer radiators.


Old valves don’t just spoil the appearance of your new home radiators, but they may have rusted over the years too – this can lead to leaks, so it’s always a good idea to update your valves every time you replace your radiators.


Man Turning Radiator Valve


If you’ve opted for a modern or vintage styled home radiator, make sure that you choose the valves that best compliment the chosen style to complete the look and give your new designer radiators that perfect finish.


Radiator Feet

If you wanted to stand your radiator on the floor rather than being solely reliant on the wall for support, or just like the look of radiators with feet, then make sure that you order your appropriate floor standing radiator accessories with your new home radiators. You’ll need radiator feet to hand when the time comes to install your new designer radiator.


Although radiator feet aren’t required for many of our designer radiators and are a matter of personal taste, they are a handy accessory to have ready for installation.


Towel Holders

If you want to really make the most of your new home radiators, then this is one radiator accessory that you really shouldn’t be without. Many of the designer radiator ranges we stock are compatible with our towel holders range, so if you want a little extra towel drying capacity around the house, these clever little additions can help you keep bathroom towels fluffy and warm or even keep kitchen tea towels on hand for when you need them.


If you want the option to remove and add a towel holder whenever the need arises, then our magnetic towel hook is a great option as it attaches and detaches to your radiator instantly, making it a great radiator accessory for any home.


Towel holder


For something a little more permanent, there are several other towel holders that can be used with plenty of our designer radiators, so take a look at our radiator accessories to choose the option that best works for you.


Wall Stays

Designed to fit on floor-mounted cast iron radiator or steel column radiators, radiator wall stays tie your radiator to the wall for added security. Available in a wide range of luxury finishes such as this decorative luxury brass wall stay, this type of radiator accessory doesn’t just provide your designer radiator with a little extra support, it also adds an attractive finishing touch too!


Perfect for a wide range of home radiators, choose from a selection of sizes and finishes to complete the look of your latest home heat additions.


Sleeving Kits

For that extra luxurious finish for your home radiators, radiator sleeve kits are a clever way of disguising that not-so-pretty copper pipework easily.


Sleeving kits are designed to slip over your current copper pipework and create an attractive and uniform finish for your new home radiators. They just add that little extra something to your latest installation.


There are several sleeving kit finishes available to suit a wide range of designer radiator colours too. For an ultra-modern look, opt for a chrome sleeving kit with a dazzling high shine or an on-trend pewter sleeving kit look that works well with modern grey radiators or black radiators.


If your new designer radiators are of a more traditional style, then the brass sleeving kit adds a touch of real elegance. For a more vintage appeal, the antique copper effect sleeving kit is a winning choice as it helps compliment radiators with antiqued finishes.