6 Ways to Hide Your Radiator

Here at Designer Radiators Direct, we get that not everyone wants to make a focal point of their central heating radiators – especially if they are started to look a little tired or dated.

That’s why we’ve created this quick guide – we want to give you a little inspiration to disguise those home radiators without losing out on heat efficiency. We’re also sharing a few top tips to make choosing a new stylish radiator that will blend seamlessly into the background a breeze. Let’s get started!


Radiator Covers

If you want to hide a tired-looking radiator, you may think that a radiator cover might be a good solution to your problem. Although radiator covers look good in homes with a more traditional look, covering your radiators in houses with a more modern décor theme can seem a little out of place. A cover can also prevent your radiator heating your home as effectively as it should.


Painting Radiators

If the colour of your home radiators is the reason that you want to hide them away, you might consider giving them a lick of paint to refresh them. However, painting small radiators doesn’t always provide you with the finish you wanted, especially if the radiator is an older model.


Instead, it might be worth considering a small radiator as a replacement. This gives you the option to select the colour and style you want and get a brand-new stylish radiator that will instantly lift any room.


Woman Sat In Front of a Radiator


Using Decorative Towels

Bathroom radiators that are past their best can be covered with decorative towels to try and hide their appearance, but this only works when the towels aren’t in use.


Instead, why not take a look at our practical, functional and stylish bathroom radiators that can offer you a brand new home radiator that will compliment your bathroom décor and create a focal point for the room? No disguise required!


Oversized Radiators

If you’ve recently bought a new home and realised that some of the radiators seem a little too big for the space, it’s easier to install a new small radiator than try and cover one that is taking up too much wall space.


Many modern home radiators are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts and offer an amazing heat output for their compact size, so instead of trying to disguise a large radiator, it’s often easier to free up some wall space and install small radiators in its place.


Go Electric

If a central heating radiator is located in a part of your room that you’d rather use for something else, then electric radiators can offer the perfect solution. Electric radiators can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home as long as there is a power source nearby, so you won’t need to worry about hiding an unwanted radiator or your room being cold and unwelcoming if you choose to remove the original rad.


Electric radiators also come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, so you can get the look you’ve been aiming for without having to compromise on heat output or aesthetics.


Radiator with window


Stylish Radiators

Before you start making plans to remove or cover up an existing radiator, you might want to ask yourself why you want to hide it in the first place.


Is it the wrong size? Does it look tired and old, or is it spoiling your home décor efforts because you don’t like the style?


Once you’ve discovered the underlying reason why you aren’t keen on your current radiator, it’s worth considering if a stylish new radiator might make all the difference to your interior décor.


At Designer Radiators Direct, we stock a whole host of stylish radiators suitable for any room, budget and home décor style, so instead of hiding them away, you can actually transform your central heating system into a feature of the space.


From contemporary flat panel radiators for an ultra-modern look to more vintage-inspired column radiators that add a touch of real elegance to more traditional homes, there’s a stylish radiator to suit any home and taste.


Many of the radiators we stock are also easy to install with many stylish radiator models coming in a rainbow of colours and attractive finishes, so instead of hiding them away and spending money trying to cover them up, its often much easier to select a new home radiator to adorn your home and that will upgrade your décor without having to lose out on heat efficiency.