All homes make noises; it’s very normal. And often those noises emanate from the central heating system. By and large, they’re nothing to worry about at all – pipes expand and contract due to hot water passing through them when the system’s in use, especially in the colder months of the year, of course. However, in some cases, it could be that you’ll hear noises in your boiler, pipes and radiators that cause you a bit of concern (note: you’re unlikely to hear any of the following noises from electric radiators)…

Does the radiator sound like a kettle?

Has your radiator developed a noise that sounds suspiciously like a kettle boiling? It may seem odd, but don’t fret; it’s actually a pretty easy noise issue to solve. It’s fairly common and usually happens because of sludge or limescale building up in the general central heating system. If the issue’s become serious then having the system powerflushed will be probably be the necessary answer.


Can you hear a dripping in the boiler?

If so, this could be, like it or not, the sign of a leak within the central heating system. Don’t hesitate; call on the services of an expert heating engineer to address the issue and definitely try not to fix it yourself. The problem could well be that the boiler’s pressure is too high, which is likely to have sprung a leak somewhere, or that some of the components in an ageing boiling have simply worn out.


Why’s there a gurgling in your radiator?

It may sound faintly amusing, even rather quaint, and it’s not a huge deal; merely a bit of air build-up inside the unit – you’ll probably have noticed that the radiator isn’t heating up equally. What’s required is a bleeding of the device, which (if you know what you’re doing) should be a relatively straightforward DIY job.



What’s that banging?

Fair dos; chances are you’ll likely hear all sorts of bangs and crashes in your home over time, but you’ll know a banging in your central heating pipes when you hear it. And it’s likely to concern you a little. It’s not a dreadful development but ought to be put right as soon as possible because it’s most likely indicative of one or more pipes in the system having not been fitted as well as they should have been; for instance, a pipe or two could be fitted too closely to floorboards. You’ll need to call on an expert heating engineer to refit the pipes and make sure the banging ceases – and the system itself doesn’t go kaput.


Is it normal for a boiler to hum?

Generally speaking, yes; most boilers make some sort of regular, relatively smooth-sounding noises. However, should yours seem to be ‘humming’ louder than is usually the case, then it may not be good news, as the heating elements in the system may have gone awry. To be fair, you’re not really going to be able to diagnose this yourself, so if you have any doubts (although there’s no need to get panicky as soon as the boiler makes any new, little noise at any time), you should seek out a professional heating engineer again to get their expert opinion on the matter.