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Time to Reflect!

Good afternoon! This week at Designer Radiators Direct we’re looking at mirrored radiators! Not only are they a brilliant source of heat, they also provide you with a perfect mirror.


Reina Reflect


This stunning new mirrored radiator gives more versatility and incredible value for money. It is made from steel and is available in a range of sizes and finishes.


This mirrored radiator will look fabulous in a number of different location in your house; from the bedroom to the hall way. It is available in black and white finishes and comes with a 5 year guarantee!


Zehnder Roda Mirror


This mirrored radiator grants warmth and comfort, whilst featuring a full length mirror, the Fassane Mirror is an asset to any home. It is available in sizes 1800mm x 666mm and 1800mm x 814mm and will look perfect among your household furnishings!


Not only is it available in white, it is available in 45 different RAL colours ranging from Chocolate Brown to Pacific Blue to Strawberry Red, so you are guaranteed to find a colour to match your household interior! It has an easy to clean flat surface that makes your dreaded cleaning duties much more effortless!  Why not take a look:


Vogue Image


The Vogue Image is a contemporary mirrored design that simply demands attention yet retains a sense of practicality.


Perfect for your bedroom or bathroom, this electric powered mirror radiator will add warmth and style to your household interior. Available in 1800mm x 600mm in one finish, it will look stunning upon any style background.


Arbonia Optotherm with Towel Rail


This spectacular mirrored radiator with a towel rail is available in a wide range of different finishes, from metallic to standard RAL colours, to special edition finishes such as Slate and Bamboo.



The vertical option comes complete with towel rail and mirror that will look fabulous among any household furnishings.


Arbonia’s Inspired Design

Hey there bloggers, hope you are feeling right up to it today! This time around we’re going to investigate Arbonia to see what we can find out about this designer brand.


It’s made clear at a mere glance just what it is that Arbonia represent as a company. Each radiator is specifically crafted each and every time an order is made, with a huge range of sizes to choose from, and the option to request special sizes outside (or in-between) the normal range.


There’s a grand selection of finishes available to accompany the radiators Arbonia offer, meaning you can suit your radiator to your room in complete congruence.


With 3 separate production units in Switzerland, in Germany and in the Czech Republic, this European brand seeks the most efficient way to supply the best radiators they can.

Today we’re going to zoom in onto one of their best sellers;


The Karotherm

With cubism in mind, the Karotherm was birthed into the world with purpose; to inspire design to go places it otherwise couldn’t. It has earned accolades and recognition from four of the most noteworthy bodies in the industry for its striking aesthetic.




The square shaped openings in the face look almost as if they have been cleanly punched straight through. These allow you to be creative as well, for example imagine a chequered black and white floor, white walls and a sleek black Karotherm up against them.


That’s just one idea; it’s all simply a matter of letting your imagination inspire you to reach into the realm of fabulous design.




It may require some bold thinking, but boy do these look great when put throughout a property, blending modern design with heating functionality.


If this has piqued your interest at all, feel free to take a closer look here;

Arbonia Radiators – High Quality Designer Radiators!

Welcome back to the designer radiator blog,


Today we will be showing you the very impressive and influential Arbonia Radiators. Arbonia provide a range of high-quality heating designs for majestic home solutions and challenging buildings.


These are the qualities inside Arbonia’s way of thinking and has been for many many years. Along with high quality as the infinite precedence, Arbonia’s effortless collection may be limited, but it certainly wont let you down:



Arbonia Column Wall Mounted

This design is a beautifully made wall mounted column radiator, a traditional styled radiator which boasts beauty and charm – perfect for contemporary or conventional settings.


With a superb heat output and an elegant style this heating design will confidently enhance and embellish your home, fulfilling your every need with positiveness and contentment.


The Arbonia Column Wall Mounted Radiator is finished in a pleasant pure white, delivering a clean and graceful feel to your home.


Additionally, this chic heating design is available in an extensive range of sizes and the delivery timescale is 6 – 8 weeks (Worth the Wait ;))



Arbonia Plantherm

This radiator from the Arbonia range is a simple, stylish and classy looking design.


The Plantherm is created using exclusive laser welding technology, featuring hidden connections making it look neat and precise and comes complete with a combined thermostatic control and valve.



Included is an attractive chrome towel rail which is fitted as standard, but can be specified and left or right handed when you order.


Perfect for people who like to be neat, as it features straight, sleek and rectangular lines, creating a powerful yet effortless look.


Again, the delivery time scale for the very unique Arbonia Plantherm is 6-8 weeks.



Designer Radiators Direct – The one-stop-shop for all your room warming needs.





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Arbonia Radiators

Good Afternoon Bloggers,


It’s a cold one today!

Why not warm up with these stylish Arbonia radiators….


Different ways of living and individual needs require different, extensively varied and in some cases very special heating solutions. Arbonia completely meets all these preferences. With a wide range that covers all. The latest manufacturing and planning make very high levels of flexibility in color and structure.


Here, we have selected two of our favourite designs from the Arbonia range.


Arbonia Arbotherm

The Arbotherm is a very elegant and graceful design, meeting all the requirements for your living space.



With its flat bladed columns, quietly curved or angular, it looks more like a room feature than a heating system.


A nice simple yet tasteful model which will make any room in your home feel comforting, warm and pleasant.


Whilst looking nice and charming in your living area it also has an excellent heating response.


The delivery time scale for the Arbonia Arbotherm is 6-8 weeks.



Arbonia Plantherm

This radiator from the Arbonia range is a very clean, modern and classy looking design.


The Plantherm is created using exclusive laser welding technology, featuring hidden connections making it look neat and tidy and comes complete with a combined thermostatic control and valve.


Included is an attractive chrome towel rail which is fitted as standard, but can be specified and left or right handed when you order.


Perfect for people who like straight, rectangular lines, which really creates a powerful yet effortless look.


The delivery time scale for the unique Arbonia Plantherm is 6-8 weeks.



If you would like to have a look at our range of modern designer radiators then have a gander through our website, where you will be sure to find the radiator that fits your every need.


To contact us call 01772 367540.



Become up-to-date before it’s too late.





Arbonia provides high quality heating designs for residential homes and buildings. These are produced on 3 sites – in Switzerland, in Germany and in the Czech Republic.


Different styles of living and individual wishes require extensively varied, diverse and unique heating solutions. Arbonia totally meets all these needs! From the Bench radiator, through curved or angled shapes to the architecture body for the reception area or the heating sculpture for the living room.


Here, at Designer Radiators Direct we have picked out two of the best radiator heating systems that are sure to make your home/building attract attention!


Arbonia Karotherm

This heating design invites the eye with its geometrical square structure. Using laser welded high tech technology, no wonder the Karotherms good looks have won it multiple awards!




The symmetry of the grid structure is nicely coordinated and is centrally or electrically heated. Can be used either on the wall or as a room divider and is available in horizontal or vertical versions.


You can choose a full range of Arbonia colours for this upscale heating device and they are available in two different sizes.


Delivery expectancy is 6-8 weeks.



Arboni  Optotherm


The Optotherm straight line radiator is perfect for the bathroom space or can be an impressive interior solution in the living area. It comes with a hand towel rail which is installed crossways, ideal for when you get out of the shower!


It comes in the vertical or horizontal option and you can choose from the many colours Arboni provide. Also, available in the vertical model is a mirror or coated cover as inlay on request.


This unusual design comes with integrated thermostatic control and valve with concealed connections (a tidy home is a happy home!)


Delivery expectancy is 6-8 weeks.



To order any of these exclusive heating systems please call us on 01772 367540 or you can fill out our online contact form.







Arbonia Designer Radiators

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome back to the Designer Radiators Blog.

For those of you that haven’t visited our blog before, each evening we choose one our of featured brands and give you a little more insight as to why we trade with them, what we like about them and most of all a little more information about their products. Tonight, we’re focusing on the Arbonia range.


Arbonia have been manufacturing since 1874 when FJ Forster opened the first Copper Smith’s in Arbon, Switzerland. 41 years later in 1915, FJ Forster added steel tube manufacturing to their repertoire and from there on in the business grew, manufacturing refrigerator and kitchen products, room heaters and radiators. Over the years Arbonia has made it their mission to create a cosy and welcoming climate to suit every surrounding. Arbonia consider style, new technologies and functionality then combine these to create inspirational, classic, ambient Designer Radiators. Arbonia offer unique products, fantastic colour ranges and flexibility of design to help co-ordinate and collaborate your interior design needs.


Taking a look at their sublime range, our first focal point this evening is the Arbonia Arbotherm. This magnificent, strong and striking piece is a classic style vertical radiator. With wide, flat blades of steel boasting a heat out put rated @ delta t50, not only is this going to keep you warm but it is a centre piece / feature to your room. Available in white and in a variety of sizes the stunning Arbonia Arbotherm can be delivered in approx. 6-8 weeks. For more information or to order, please call a member of our team on 01772 367540.




Secondly, I’d like to look at the Arbonia Karotherm. If you’re looking for something a little more quirky, something a little more modern then this ticks all boxes. Unlike the Arbotherm, the Karotherm is available in both vertical and horizontal designs however the Karotherm still boasts the same heat output as the Arbotherm. This eye catching and ultra modern design is again available in a white finish and a large selection of widths and heights.


To discuss any of the products featured in today’s blog or on our website please leave us an enquiry via the ‘Contact Us’ page or give the team a call on 01772 367540.





Designer Radiators Direct

Designer Radiators Direct are your one-stop shop for everything to do with Designer Radiators. From the planning, the purchase, the installation and the accessories we have all the information and advice that you need.


How did all this come about? Well, little over 5 years ago we found a gap in the market, and realised that the great British public love to shop for the finer things in life. Not only that but they want someone to hold their hand and guide them through the process knowing that they are receiving the best value for money, and, heaven forbid, should anything go wrong, there is someone at the end of the phone to help get things sorted.


So, we got in touch with some of the biggest names in Designer Radiators, housed them on one amazing website to bring you fabulous, quirky, luxurious and affordable Designer Radiators. We hired the best customer service team, sent them away to learn everything they needed to know about Designer Radiators and built and brand new show room that is bursting full of design ideas to give you the inspiration you deserve.


Just by looking at our website you can see how many of the brands we work with. Our purchasing team works relentlessly to bring you the best prices on the most decadent of products. We are incredibly lucky to have established a very strong client base in such a short space of time, by doing this we are dispatching over 150 orders a week to mainland UK and Europe.


Step inside our website, browse our brands, from Aeon to Vogue, Arbonia to Reina, we can source, manufacture or even design the Designer Radiator of your dreams. We also offer a price guarantee, find it cheaper else where, we’ll match it, offer you a 10% discount and free delivery.




We hope you love our Designer Radiators just as much as we do, if you would like any further information or would like to visit our show room please leave the team an enquiry via the website or call us on 01257 442911.




Arbonia Designer Radiators

Welcome back to the Designer Radiators Direct blog.


Designer Radiators Direct are an elite supplier of Designer Radiators. With access to some of the most recognised brands we are proud to be able provide our clients through-out the length and breadth of the country with superior designs and outstanding quality Designer Radiators.


Tonight’s blog focuses on the Arbonia Range. Manufacturing across three sites based in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic, Arbonia offer a small selection of eye catching yet aesthetically pleasing designs. Whether you’re looking for a bench radiator or something with curved or angled shapes to compliment a meeting room, bedroom or community hall, the Arbonia range has a design to meet your requirements.


Our first focal Designer Radiator from Arbonia is the Arbonia Creatherm Single. The Arbonia Creatherm Single stands vertical and proud and will no doubt be noticed by all your visitors. Essentially designed to suit the more modern building, the Arbonia Creatherm Single is available in a variety of sizes and in either a white or chrome finish. The Arbonia Creatherm is available for delivery in approx. 6 to 8 weeks and is available with matching valves.


Our second focal Designer Radiator from Arbonia is the Arbonia Karotherm. This again is a very simple yet full impact Designer Radiator. Available to purchase in either a horizontal or vertical style, the Arbonia Karotherm is simply irresistible. To purchase, choose from a large selection of sizes, remembering to order valves and if required a towel rail. With being manufactured outside of the UK please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


Last but not least we take a look at the Arbonia Plantherm. With completely hidden valves and mounting brackets the Arbonia Plantherm gives off the illusion that it is floating on your wall. Originally designed as a Designer Radiator the Arbonia Plantherm actually doubles up as a Designer Towel Radiator. Available in a white finish and 3 different sizes you can specify if you would prefer your towel rail to the left or to the right.


arbonia plantherm


Thank You for visiting our blog. We hope that the information supplied is useful, however should you require further information on any of the brands featured on our website please leave the team an enquiry via our website or call us on 01257 442911.