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Fitting & Maintenance

Look After Your Radiator

Find out how to care for your heating system and make sure it’s in the best condition possible; this way you’ll always have the best finish possible and the best performance to heat your home.

Why You Need To Care For Your Radiator

These guides are a must-read for anyone who wants to look after their radiators to make sure they look and perform their best and for those also having issues with their current radiator to fix the issue. Use our guides to trouble shoot your issues to get the best out of your radiator for longer.

Common Radiator Issues

In our guides we have tried to answer some of the most common radiator problems that people have and answer them with expert advice. Whether you need help with installation, bleeding a radiator. We have you covered every step of the way.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please use the chat feature on our website, this will enable you to speak to one of our friend customer assistants who will be more than happy to help you when choosing a new radiator, you can also alternatively call us if you would find that easier.

  1. Top Tips For Cleaning Your Radiator

    Cleaning your radiator is an important activity to help ensure it continues to heat your home effectively, and always looks its very best. There are lots of great ways to get the task completed – many of which require only minimal disruption to your routine. Continue reading →
  2. Step by Step Guide to Bleeding Your Radiator

    Bleeding a radiator is one of those common household chores which many of us shy away from, for fear of getting it wrong. However, learning how to do so effectively can help to keep your heating system healthy and functional.   In this blog, we'll give you a step by step guide to bleeding your radiator, as well as highlighting some of the key reasons why you should harness this useful skill. Continue reading →
  3. 5 Must-Have Radiator Accessories

    If those tired and old looking radiators are blighting the look and feel of your home, then you might be planning to upgrade your current radiators with something a little more modern.   Once you’ve found the perfect home radiators to suit your personal décor style and budget, you might think that all you need to do is sit back and wait for them to be delivered ready for installation. While that is true to some extent, don’t forget that you’ll possibly also need a few accessories to install your designer radiators properly and get the look you are aiming for. Continue reading →
  4. How to Install Underfloor Heating

    Have you been thinking of installing underfloor heating systems in your home, but are put off by the amount of work involved?   Underfloor heating installation isn’t as complicated as you might think and allows homeowners to free up wall space previously taken up with radiators and potentially add value to their homes without a huge financial outlay. Continue reading →
  5. How to Spot and Fix Common Heating Problems

    Even the most efficient heating systems sometimes run into problems. No matter how well-prepared you are to keep things functioning, every now and then an issue can arise which needs a little added care and attention.   In this blog, we'll take a look at how to identify some of the most common heating problems, and offer a few tips on finding a fix. Continue reading →
  6. Does Your Radiator Smell? Here’s What to Do About It

    When the summer months begin to give way to cool autumn evenings, it is a sure sign that it’s time to check that your central heating system can spring effortlessly back into action once more. Why Does My Radiator Smell? But if you notice a strange odour coming from your central heating radiators, try not to panic. Although unpleasant, this isn't an uncommon occurrence, so let’s take a look at some of the causes of pungent radiators and what you can do to remedy the situation. Continue reading →
  7. Annual Maintenance For Your Heating System: How Important Is It?

    Central heating systems are something we all tend to take for granted – until something goes wrong that is.   As we don’t always need our central heating radiators all year round, it’s easy to see why we might start to notice problems as temperatures begin to drop, so it really is crucial that you show you central heating system some love once a year and get it a health check by a qualified gas engineer or central heating specialist. Continue reading →
  8. Top Heating Guide to Heat Your Conservatory

    Conservatories are a great way to add extra space to the home without the expense of an extension.   Filled with light and decorated in a way that suits the interior design style of your choice, conservatories can come in handy for all sorts of family occasions and get-togethers. From big Christmas celebrations to summer BBQs and parties, having an extra room to play with when the whole family descends is a real bonus. Continue reading →
  9. How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Radiator?

    Making the decision to replace your radiators isn’t something many homeowners will take lightly.   Knowing when it’s time to wave goodbye to those old radiators in favour of something new depends on a wide range of factors, so read on to discover a few of the main reasons and signs that suggest that you should be looking to purchase new designer radiators for your home. Continue reading →
  10. Installing New Radiators? Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Choose Between Series and Parallel Installation

    When it comes to installing radiators in your home or commercial premises, series and parallel refer to two different installation methods.   Choosing which of these methods works best for you when installing your new central heating radiators depends on a number of important factors, so read on to discover which you should select. Continue reading →

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