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What is a TRV?

There are, what seems to be, an endless list of parts, numbers, figures, and acronyms to learn when it comes to your radiator. It’s hard to keep up with it all, but we’re here today to offer you a helping hand.


Throughout this blog we have acted as your heating spirit guide, escorting you through the mysterious realms of furnace filters and valves… breaking down those otherworldly letters, numbers, facts and figures and making them understandable and useful to you.


Now… let us continue our discovery of the ways of ‘the radiator’…


Today, we break down what a TRV is and how it’s vital for a healthy and efficient radiator.


So, what is a TRV?


TRV stands for Thermostatic Radiator Valve. They look like normal valves you’d have on the corner of your radiator, but they are a little bit different…


They automatically control the amount of hot water that travels to your radiator from your boiler. This helps regulate the temperature that your radiator operates at.


They are known as ‘self-regulating devices’ and are incredibly useful.


How great does that sound? You can retain a specific temperature in a room without having to manually turn your radiator’s valve and play a guessing game of ‘…will this be enough? How about this?’ and returning to it 20 minutes later to play the same game as the room still isn’t warm enough…


This sounds like a perfect solution and are becoming more and more popular amongst buyers.
How do I make sure my TRV works efficiently?
Things that need considering to ensure you’re TRV’s potential is maximised: Make sure the actual mechanism is not obstructed by furniture or over-hanging curtains as this keeps the device from getting an accurate reading of your room’s temperature. If it gets an inaccurate reading, the heating output you want from your radiator will also be incorrect.



Make sure your TRV is corresponding with your wall-hung thermostat. If they aren’t in sync you will get issues. You’re wall-hung thermostat is the big man in charge and if the two systems are conflicted, your wall-hung thermostat will override your TRV.
What are the benefits of having a TRV?


The keyword here is efficiency. Sure, manual valves do the job but having a TRV will help your central heating system run smoother.


Having a TRV will lower your heating bills by making your radiator produce heat more efficiently. They will also lower the amount of CO2 your heating system produces which is an environmental benefit.
When can I get one?


Right now!


Check out our catalogue of TRV models on the Designer Radiators Direct website and start researching into which TRV would suit your radiators at home.


And they look good too! So don’t worry about ruining the aesthetic of your radiator with an ugly metal bit plonked on the side.


You can get them in traditional baroque styles in metallic hues, to more slick modern incarnations. Have a look for yourself.


For more radiator advice, stick around and browse our blog for more tips.

Bank Holiday Offer!

Good Afternoon! Today we have a fantastic offer for you ready for the bank holiday weekend!

We’re feeling generous this bank holiday weekend, for every purchase over £100 you will receive a FREE set of Apex valves!




How to redeem

Simply add the required radiator(s) to your basket and enter code VALVES at checkout – there’s no need to add the valves, we’ll do this for you when the order is received on our end! Simple state in the notes section whether you require angled or straight valves.


What are Apex valves?

Apex valves are one of our manual sets – This means you have the option to have the radiator switched on or off. They are available in straight and angled with chrome as the colour finish.


Apex Straight



Apex Angled


To determine whether you need a set of angled valves or a set of straight valves depends on where your pipe work is coming from and where the connections are on the radiator. If the radiator has underneath connections and your pipe work is coming from the floor, you will need a straight set. If your pipe work is coming from the floor and the radiator has side connections, you will need angled. If you pipe work is coming from the wall and the radiator has underneath or side connections, you will need angled.


This offer is available on ALL radiators, from towel radiators, flat panels to sectional column radiators as long as you spend £100 or more! The offer is valid from Friday 27th May and ends 5pm Tuesday 31st May!


Hurry whilst the bank holiday offer lasts, remember code VALVES and checkout to avoid any disappointment


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to [email protected] or call our helpline on 01257 442911

Valves… Spoilt for Choice

Hello everyone, welcome to the DRD blog! Yesterday we looked at Valves and Sleeving Kits, the gorgeous finishes they come in and the importance of matching them up to achieve the most striking radiator setup you can.


The lovely DQ Crane 2 Column featuring the Faringdon Angled TRV set in Chrome, along with a matching Sleeving Kit

The lovely DQ Crane 2 Column featuring the Faringdon Angled TRV set in Chrome, along with a matching Sleeving Kit


Today we are going to delve a little bit further into our valve options and look at some of the most beautiful valves we have to offer.


A Modern Selection

Most designer radiators are made to look sleek and contemporary, and so you need a valve just as modern and impressive to match. Here at DRD we stock plenty of options to suit any needs, but your requirements can vary so much!




We have clean manual options like the Milan set for when you don’t need to control the radiator’s temperature directly, or the Thermostatic successor to this called the Realm.


Naturally we also have options which match to the style of your radiator, for example if you have a sleek chrome radiator in a square shape, then our Cubex set will match is brilliantly. Going further, if you have chosen a rounded design for your radiator then our Ellipse will suit it like no other. Let your creativeness come into play and finish your new heating beauty off in style.


The Traditional Approach

For anyone choosing the ever popular old school type of radiators with their lustrous columned styling, matching up an equally stunning valve has never been easier or more important.




The variety of options available to suit so many different tastes is impeccable. We have traditional wheel-head TRVs using genuine wood like our Faringdon set, or simpler sets like our tap-head Westminster style.


The marvellous DQ Baroque also shown with the Faringdon Angled TRV Set, complete with a matching Chrome Sleeving Kit to conceal the pipework so tastefully!

The marvellous DQ Baroque also shown with the Faringdon Angled TRV Set, complete with a matching Chrome Sleeving Kit to conceal the pipework so tastefully!


More beautiful still is our Gothic TRV set which exudes an exceedingly ornate aesthetic, and will capture a wondrous traditional feeling.


But the pièce de résistance must be our Bentley Lever set, which boasts a lovely rustic charm which would be perfect in so many themes, but you just imagine in settings like a pastoral kitchen with a farmhouse sink or an AGA oven, or a lovely hardwood floor living room with an open fireplace; simply dreamy.


We hope today’s blog has been helpful for you, but if you would like to see more of our Valves and Accessories you may see our whole available range just >> HERE << but as always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to [email protected] or call our helpline on 01257 442911




Summer Heating Kits

We are rapidly approaching the summer months here in the UK, and even though we’re still experiencing some freak days of cold weather, we are beginning to see gorgeous sunny spells in measured doses.


When the temperature consistently rises and you don’t need to keep your heating on any longer, you might find yourself feeling that little bit vulnerable when you emerge from the bath or shower.


The lovely Kermi Credo Half

The lovely Kermi Credo Half


There are few modern day problems worse than the dread which fills you completely when you have to leave the safety, warmth and comfort of your shower in order to step out into a cold bathroom and wrap a towel around yourself. It doesn’t have to be this way though!



It’s possible to have a towel radiator which operates on the central heating all throughout the cooler months, but then when it gets that bit warmer and you don’t want to use the heating any more you can change over to an electric element to heat your radiator completely independently.


This form of heating is called Dual-Fuel, and is possible with most towel radiators and even some designer radiators meant for other parts of the home. By installing a summer heating kit into the radiator you gain the added flexibility of a warm bathroom and towels, and lose absolutely nothing.




All you need to make this possible are two extra components. Of course firstly you need a compatible radiator and a set of valves, those are standard, but after that all it takes is an element of the correct wattage and a T-Piece adapter. Once all of that is plumbed and wired into place, you can enjoy cosy towels when you’re wet and dripping all year around!


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to [email protected] or call our helpline on 01257 442911




The Benefits of Bulk

Congratulations! You are thinking of putting a brand new designer radiator into your home, which is the first step towards ridding yourself of all of those boring old ‘compact’ styles (you know, the ones with the ridged face and the grill on top…)


Eventually the aim is to have heating you are proud of all the way throughout the house, making your neighbours envious in each and every room, but if you have the opportunity to get this done in one fell swoop, then here at DRD we thoroughly recommend you do!


The Incredible Bulk

So why buy more at once? The simplest and most obvious reason of course is that we are able to give you discount on larger orders, which is something we cannot do on smaller ones unless we’re having a special offer of some kind.


Cast Iron is red hot right now, and really popular in period properties and modern homes alike!

Cast Iron is red hot right now, and really popular in period properties and modern homes alike! This is the Shaftsbury, hand finished by our cast iron specialist, Paladin.

When you start to add the numbers up, getting a good discount off a house full of radiators means with the money saved you could potentially afford a multitude of things you might have missed out on; a weekend getaway, a fancy new blender, a trip to the cinema WITH SNACKS (it’s so expensive nowadays!), the possibilities are endless


Peace of Mind

When you come to us here at DRD with your radiator requirements, because we eat, sleep and breathe them, we know all about the radiators you are interested in and we can advise you on what might be the best fit for each room you have.


DQ's Cove Stainless is another customer favourite! It looks gorgeous in every room of the house...

DQ’s Cove Stainless is another customer favourite! It looks gorgeous in every room of the house…

We take care to make suggestions to ensure you avoid common pitfalls in choosing radiators and valves, and provide you with just the tonic for your radiator needs.


It’s also a massive weight off your chest when you manage to get all of this work done in one fell swoop. Too often you see a theme start in one room of the house, make it into a second or third room and by that time your tastes have changes, the times have moved on and you’re left with a patch work property.


By going the whole way with DRD, not only will you save a lot of money in the long run on the radiators and your plumbing expenses, but you will also have a home with a congruent heating theme, and a satisfaction in knowing that this job is sorted now for the next decade at least.


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to [email protected] or call our helpline on 01257 442911




7% OFF THIS EASTER | Spotlight – The DQ Cube Range

Today is a very good day because we are going to closely examine the fabulous Cube range from DQ, and we have a fantastic Easter offer of 7% when you buy two or more radiators (more info at the bottom!)


What makes this radiator exciting? The most obvious thing would be the rousing mixture of its cubic shape, combined with its lovely horse-shoe profile.


U-nique Design

The charm of the DQ Cube range comes from its juxtaposing design. From one angle you see a straight cut cubic style, but from another you notice that there is more to it.




With this lovely change to the standard cubic design, DQ have innovated in order to both reduce the amount of hot water used, but also increase the surface area of each tube. With greater surface comes greater efficiency in convecting heat out from the water, counteracting the reduced amount of water it uses.




All of that is good and well, but most importantly it looks fantastic in any of its shapes and finishes. Be it vertical, horizontal or in its towel rail version!


Variety – The Spice of Life

Being able to have the same basic design, but apply it in different ways allows you tailor this radiator to each room, from kitchens and living rooms through to bedrooms, landings and bathrooms.




Available in DQ’s brilliant range of colours, as well as their Special Finishes Chart A, the Cube range gives you so much freedom to express and impress that you won’t have any trouble choosing the right finishes for you.





Don’t forget! This Easter you’ll want to put all of your eggs in the DRD basket because we are having a special SALE. We are giving you 7% off your order when you purchase 2 or more items through the website.




Use code ‘EASTER’ at the checkout page!


So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy the radiator of your dreams, this is it! Get your brand new radiator, the matching valves and sleeving kits and you’re good to go.


If you need any advice at all, we are extending until 5pm on Tuesday to make sure you don’t miss out!


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to [email protected] or call our helpline on 01257 442911

Accessories – Spicing up your rad!

Today at Designer Radiators Direct, we are looking at how you can make your radiator look even better! Why not add a towel rail to your radiator? Or a sleeving kit to your pipe work to make it look more aesthetically pleasing?


We offer a wide range of accessories to compliment your radiators. These range from piping kits, to towel hooks to blanking plugs, along with brand accessories, specific to certain radiators.


Piping kits


Known as sleeving kits, these are used when your pipe work is coming out of the floor to cover up your pipe work and give it a cleaner finish



Available in 130mm and 300mm, they are a brilliant accessory to make your radiator look that little bit better. You will have the option of a Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel or Black Nickel for the colour finish.


Towel Holders


Depending which towel rail you have ordered, there are a range of different accessories that you can add to it.


We offer numerous different hooks, rails and pegs that can be attached to your towel radiator, however, most accessories come made for specific radiators. Not only do we have accessories for towel radiators, we also provide towel rails that can connected to standard vertical radiators.


For example, the DQ Cove Vertical – This is a standard vertical radiator that you can put your own stamp on it by adding a towel rail or a VIP hook.




The VIP hook is shown above, this is a perfect little addition that can make hanging towels just that little bit easier – and it saves space!


Blanking Plugs


These are a fantastic little accessory that hide the air vent and blanking plug, making everything look much neater!



Available in ½ inch as a standard size, they can be delivered to you in 1-2 working days! For more accessories, visit our website at

Wall Stays

Good morning all, I trust you are well, today we are going to take a quick look at an aspect of designer radiator which is so often overlooked; the wall stay.



Obedience isn’t something you often need to think about with a designer radiator, and for good reason; they’re inanimate (and also usually mounted on the wall and aren’t going anywhere). But if you’re buying a floor mounted radiator, apart from a few exceptions, you will want it to behave!


Floor mounted designer radiators can happily standalone until the end of time, happily heating away until you decide it’s time for a change. That is, unless someone decides to lean on it, or trip onto it, or fall over it (not sure if I’m referring to kids or drunken adults now at this point).


Basically, wrenching your pipework out of the floor or wall while your radiator crashes to the ground is a no-no; it might make a nice water-feature out of your living room however.


The Solution?

Wall stays! These trusty devices anchor your radiator to the wall, fixing them as tightly as possible to ensure they are secure, and not going to budge.




They’re typically used on traditional style radiators which are made and put together in sections, and normally made from cast iron, and sometimes steel. The pass through the gaps in-between the sections, and are tightened against the back and the front of radiator to fix it into position.


Standard vs. Luxury

First up, we have the standard stay;




It won’t be stealing any hearts, but you can guarantee that what it lacks in good looks it makes up for in spirit (and the ability to fix your radiator to your wall).


And secondly, the luxury stay;




Coming in multiple finishes, you can match the metal up with the valves for the radiator, or the metals of the room’s furnishings. They look fantastic, and really finish of your radiator.

Good Valves, Good Job

Let’s face it, most people aren’t radiator experts. Fitting them is always left to the plumber and you’ve just been left with the task of picking a radiator you like and getting the valves.


You’ve chosen a smashing radiator and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, you’re just that excited, but how on earth are you supposed to know which valves to put with it?


Manual or Thermostatic

As covered in yesterday’s blog, manual valves are simple and like a tap (on and off), and thermostatic valves have the dial and allow you to maintain your desired heat level. This is the first choice to make.


The Finish

Secondly, there’s a whole host of finishes for your valves that will look great with different radiator finishes. Try black nickel valves to match a black or anthracite radiator.


White will work well with either polished chrome or brushed nickel (you might want to match it up with your light fittings etc). Or perhaps even try antique brass to go with a white one.


The Shape

The crucial part however is getting the shape just right. Different radiators have openings to meet the valves in difference places.


The most common position for valves to connect to the radiators is at the bottom of them on the sides, shown on the yellow Bisque Blok below.




For this, to connect to the floor you would need Angled valves, and to connect to the wall you would need Corner valves.


When the valves connect under the radiator like the Bisque Velum in Volcanic below, you would need Straight valves to connect to the floor and Corner valves to connect to the wall.


In both cases when connecting to the wall you could use Angled valves as well, but the head of the valves would stick out forwards past the front of the radiator, while Corner valves have the valve head pointing towards the other valve for a much neater appearance.




Trains, Planes and… Thermostatic Valves

Well, maybe we’ll just stick to the Thermostatic Valves today eh?


To hop right in, there are two main types of designer radiator valves; manual and thermostatic;


Manual – The valve is simply able to turn on and off. You open it up almost like a tap, and close it off to stop the flow


Thermostatic – The thermostatic valves are the ones you see with the numbered dial on them, and can be set to a heat level you desire and it will maintain it for you




How It’s Done – The Pin

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a magical fairy housed within the head of the valve (sorry!). It’s actually a rather quaint and simple device (well, not that simple) which does all of the work.


Inside of the main part of the valve there is a pin which sits upright and can move both up and down when you press it. When it is pushed all the way down it shuts off the valves and no water can pass through the valve and enter the radiator.


That’s all fine and dandy but how does the valves press and release that?


How It’s Done – The Swelling

Every bit as exciting as it sounds! Well, for us at least…


Inside the head of the TRV there’s a component which reacts to the heat and swells up when it get hot, and shrinks when it starts to get cooler.


If you set the dial on the TRV to 3, it will swell up as it gets hotter and finally push down on the pin. Turn the dial to 2 and it will be that little bit closer and will only need to swell that little bit less, so the room won’t get as hot.


Once it shuts off the flow, the radiator and the room gets cooler by a couple of degrees, and the component shrinks and lets hot water into the radiator again.


See? Simple!

And if you set it all the way to maximum the swelling is incapable of reaching the pin at all for that full blast heat!

Bisque Takes the Bisque It!

As the winner of the CoolBrands award for 2013 and 2014; Bisque is so hot right now. They’re celebrating 35 whole years of radiator design this year, and this latest accolade was judged on their style, desirability, authenticity, uniqueness, originality and innovation.


With all of their experience Bisque is both a pleasure to deal with and boast a fantastic and reliable range, making them one of our favourites! So let’s have a look at what they can do;


The Archibald

Talk about smashing! The curvature and twists of the Archibald are wonderfully thought outto create the coat hanger effect, and it sure does look the part.




It is crafted and kept in stock in in both a beautiful shining chrome and a sleek beige quartz which almost gives it a stone effect. Alternatively for those of you who are a little more patient it can be specially made to a finish of your choosing.




Because it’s also available from stock as an electric radiator, the Archibald is one of the easiest radiators to simply fall in love with and have on your bathroom wall within the week.


The Arteplano

A perfectly flat radiator, but finished with incredible patinations of copper and brass, the Arteplano is the quintessential radiator for the décor virtuoso inside of you.




Whether it contrasts strikingly with a traditional room, or synergises perfectly with a modern or art deco space, there’s nothing quite like the Arteplano.


Its finishes are hand etched, and in brass it creates a brighter golden effect, while in copper it results in a deeper orange, and almost a red-ish tinge similar to Mars.


Arteplano Copper


Also available is a brushed aluminium finish, as well as the full range of colours, the Arteplano is very flexible, and especially so if accompanied by the custom stainless steel towel rail accessory.

MHS Designer Radiators

MHS Designer Radiators is an independently owned company based is Essex and is a market leader in the design, practicality and functionality of Designer Radiators. With over 30 years experience, MHS offer value for money on a wide range of traditional or contemporary radiators. Their mission is to continue to excel as a leading supplier and to exceed their customer expectations at the point of creation, order and delivery.


Taking all this into consideration, lets have a closer look at the MHS Range.


Our first port of call is the MHS Anthrasec 4 Column Horizontal. This timeless classic is a beauty. The flow of the steel speaks volumes about the quality and time taken over it’s manufacture. Manufactured to a multitude of lengths and widths, the MHS Anthrasec 4 Column Horizontal can also be manufactured to bespoke measurements for a more tailored and bespoke finish. Whilst being available in both traditional gas and electric variants, MHS offer a five year guarantee with this product. If you’re looking to complete the look, instead of wall mounting the MHS Anthrasec 4 Column Horizontal why not take a look at our accessories range and turn the MHS Anthrasec 4 Column Horizontal into a free standing version with matching feet and valves?




Our second stop for today’s blog is the MHS Arturo. If you’re looking for a bold and striking centre piece to compliment your design ideas, the MHS Arturo is definitely worth considering. Manufactured from stainless steel and featuring flat pipes, the MHS Arturo is a modern twist on the very traditional and boring white radiator. Available from stock and delivered within two to three working days, the MHS Arturo is available in either a horizontal or vertical version. For more information, or for complementing accessories call our team on 01772 367540 or leave them an enquiry via our contact us page.


We hope that you enjoy reading our blogs, if you would like us to feature a particular product or brand, or if you have any questions for the team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Until next time bloggers!


DQ Heating – Designer Radiators

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s the start of another week. How was your weekend?


In today’s blog we are delving into the world of DQ Heating. DQ Heating, have over 20 years experience in supplying astounding designs at affordable prices. And, being a family run business, they put their customer first, ensuring you only receive the highest quality. The DQ range is flexible to a range of needs, so whether your shopping for business or for pleasure the sumptuous and somewhat extravagant range covers all needs. With a base range of Designer Radiators in stock, DQ aim to deliver quickly and efficiently. From the traditional Victorian style to quirky and ultra modern, DQ have the means to meet your needs.


Taking a look at the DQ range in more detail, our first port of call is the DQ RT Mirror. As the name describes, this ostentatious design doubles up to provide heat and a mirror all in one. So, if space is limited and you’re looking to deck out a dressing room or for something to command attention in a hallway the DQ RT Mirror will certainly fit the bill. With a variety of options – 4 or 6 panels, a whole rainbow of colours and two sizing variants, the DQ RT Mirror comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard. This is also featured in our January sale.




Going to the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ll now take a look at the DQ Modus. This is much more delicate by design but still offers impact at first sight. Available either from standard stock sizes or custom built, this simple yet intriguing design can be hung horizontally or vertically. If you like this design and are a little unsure, call our expert and friendly team for more information and guidance on ordering.


Why not consider matching mounting brackets and piping kits to complete the look? All matching items can be found at the foot of your chosen design page or on our accessories page.


Thank you for stopping by and for reading our blog. If you would like any further information, advice or to order, please leave the team an enquiry via our contact us page or call us on 01772 367540.




Accessories, Accessories, Accessories …….

are apparently, next to diamonds, a girls best friend, but do you know we have a vast range of accessories to compliment your new Designer Radiator? From radiator valves to decorative caps, our wide range of accessories is a definite calling point prior to check out.


Radiator Valves – available direct from our warehouse on a next day delivery service we are able to offer angled valves, straight valves, old school / traditional valves, TRV valves (Thermostatic Radiator Valves), square valves or tap valves. Whatever your taste, preference or shape, whether it’s nickel plated, polished or a stainless steel finish our choice of Designer Radiator Valves is second to none.


Piping Kits – as well as offering complimentary valves, our warehouse is packed to the rafters with complimentary piping kits. If you’re fortunate enough to have surface mounted or visible pipes why not go the whole hog and match your pipe work to your valves and your luxurious new Designer Radiator. Available finishes include Chrome, Brass, Polished Nickel and Antique Copper. For more finishes and colour schemes take a look at our accessories section of our website.


Towel Holders – if you’re considering converting your Designer Radiator into something a little more practical why not take a look at our wide range of Designer Towel Rails. You’ll find these in the accessory section of our website. From single hooks to bars and rings, in a large variety of colours and finishes, these again are available on our next day delivery service.


Wall Stays – in order to secure your Designer Radiator we offer complimentary wall stays. In lay-mans terms, wall stays are subtle, colour matched pins that attach discreetly to both your Designer Radiator and to your wall holding it securely in place.


To start planning your Designer Radiator purchase or to look through our wide range of accessories, please take a look the accessory section of our website or call a member of our friendly team for further pricing.





Special Radiator Accessories to Finish Off the Look

Decorating the interior of your house can be a very exciting challenge, but it is important to ensure that the look is fully finished off and you have no unfinished loose ends.


When it comes to fixing your radiators, there are a wide range of radiators to choose from. However, your task does not end with simply fitting the radiator onto the wall. There are a range of radiator accessories which you can choose to add that something extra to the look of your radiator. These will also help with maintaining the radiator and ensuring its long life.



For example, electric elements are important for testing the radiator and ensuring that it is in full working order. You may also be interested in purchasing piping kits. Piping kits such as the universal rosette and tail is stylish and can complete the look of your radiator. They can replace old copper pipes that looked tired and passed their day. It provides a clean aesthetic finish to the pipework around the radiator, leaving the whole area neat and tidy. This particular piping kit comes with 215mm diameter tubes and two shrouds for the base of the pipe to keep everything in place. These parts are available in shining chrome or brushed nickel finishes, depending on the kind of radiator you have and the style of your room.


Radiator valves may also be on the top of your purchase list. There is an extensive range available, such as an angled set, a corner valve said, straight set and also thermostatic varieties. The round corner valve set, for instance, features a smooth and circular design. The soft edges of these valves help to give the overall look of the radiator a smooth and tidy finish. The smooth nature of the design also means that your valve head does not stick out past the radiator. Instead, it sits neat and tidy within the face of the radiator. This particular valve set is available in a shining chrome finish, perfect for most radiator looks.