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Black Friday Sale

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Today’s focus on the blog is one that’s bound to interest everybody who comes across it – because it’s all about spending less when you purchase our products! Yes, that’s right; it’s that time of year again… Black Friday’s in the offing and that can only mean the return of our terrific offer:

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Bank Holiday 10% OFF – Extended Until Wednesday 5pm

Good morning all, we hope you’ve had a belting Bank Holiday weekend! We at DRD certainly have!


On Friday we activated a special discount code ‘BANKHOL’ which is worth 10% off any products on – That radiator you’ve had your eye on is now 10% less! This even includes radiators in the SALE.


Offer Extended

So many customers benefitted from our 10% coupon code that we thought we’d give those who didn’t spot it over the weekend the chance to take advantage for a whole extra 24 hours.



Our 10% OFF will now last until our offices close at 5pm on Wednesday the 4th of May, so don’t be one of the people who missed out because you didn’t act quickly!


This offer will work on designer radiators, towel rails, valves, sleeving kits and all accessories, so now is the time to buy.


Special Mentions

To keep in the spirit of fantastic offers, why not have a look at our DQ Cassius?




The Cassius is a perfect example of modernisation, as it takes the old school column radiator design and transforms it into something sleek and trendy. With lustrous curvature the Cassius is a perfect radiator if you want to be ahead of the times with your décor.


Why not also take some time to consider Bisque’s wonderful Blok? (This is the radiator shown in the promo for our bank holiday offer). Made from aluminium, the Blok is both exceptionally good looking (much like the author of this blog) and fantastically thermally efficient.




Combine either of these designs with our 10% OFF discount code and suddenly the blues you’re suffering as a result of going back to work after the 3 day weekend will clear right up!


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to or call our helpline on 01257 442911


Spotlight – Eskimo Outline Super Mirror

Eskimo are terrifically passionate about both their brilliant radiator designs as well as their charming approach to designer radiators as a whole. Most large companies in this world are rigid organisations bound by professionalism down to the smallest detail, and while Eskimo certainly are professional, they have held onto something very important: – Fun!


Rousing Design

Eskimo’s approach to each aspect of their business is unique to them, encompassing a quirky feeling and embracing their off-beat style to the fullest. They have fun with their designs, what names they give them, what they call their finishes and how they describe each one.


Outline Super Mirror - Pictured at the top left, centre and bottom right

Outline Super Mirror – Pictured at the top left, centre and bottom right


A design with some of this fun in mind is the Eskimo Outline Super Mirror. This boasts a brilliantly efficient aluminium ‘engine’ on the inside, making for wonderful heat outputs, and is then encased within beautiful stainless steel which is polished to mirror-sheen, making for a mirror which is rather super.


Charming Marketing

In describing their Super Mirror, Eskimo have a little fun in the literature as well. They write;

Our beautiful stainless steel mirror-finish – radiators for beautiful people*


That asterisk is there is very important, as the second part is rather tongue-in-cheek;

*Supermirror simply reflects what looks at it, beauty cannot be created where no beauty is present. Eskimo will not accept liability for ugliness of user. Eskimo mirrors can encourage slimming as part of a calorie controlled diet.



This so perfectly captures the spirit of Eskimo, and we and our customers love dealing with them as a result. They make the highest quality of designer radiators right here in the UK, and they are passionate about providing the best in service, quality and charming designs.


The Super Mirror can be bespoke made down to the millimetre, and on top of that you have a plethora of other options such as hot water or electric use, normal valve connections or completely concealed valves, single or double variations to really get the heat output; and all of this is before we even consider all of the other beautiful finish options available for the Outline.



Right now in the sale we have the below small selection of Super Mirrors which have been reduced to clear by more than 50% off;

  • Outline Super Mirror Vertical – Single Version – 2000mm x 240mm – £395.93
  • Outline Super Mirror Horizontal – Single Version – 430mm x 1800mm – Hinge and Bracket System** – £693.97
  • Outline Super Mirror Square – Single Version – 700mm x 700mm – Electric Version – £314.93


**The Hinge and Bracket System conceals the Thermostatic Valves within the radiator itself, but via two wonderful hinges at the top of the radiator you can open the front fascia and adjust your Thermostat.


Have a look at our Sale page to see all that we have to offer >> HERE <<


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to or call our helpline on 01257 442911

Eskimo Sale – Now On!

Hello everyone, today is a good day because boy have we got a treat for you… Our hard work has paid off and we have secured some amazing deals on the extremely high quality Eskimo Outline radiators to give them to you at unbelievable prices!


Better still, you can avoid the normal wait period of 6-8 weeks, because all of our Eskimo Sale radiators are stocked and ready to be delivered within the week.




So if you have had your eye on an Eskimo radiator, now is the time to buy because this offer will only last as long as the stocks do – there won’t be another chance quite like this to have a radiator of this quality at such low prices!


Huge Savings

Just to give you an idea of how much we’ve slashed these prices in our Eskimo Sale, one perfect example is the Eskimo Outline Super Mirror. We have a size of 2000mm (high) x 240mm (wide), which carries an RRP of £1,046.40 including VAT.


The stunning Outline Super Mirror

The stunning Outline Super Mirror


Now normally we would offer a discount on this, and we would be able to sell this at roughly £900.00 including VAT, however, in this sale we are providing this at £395.93 including VAT.


Was £1,046.40

NOW £395.93

Including VAT and free of charge delivery

That’s a saving of over £650.00! At prices like these, you better act quickly before you miss out!



The Eskimo models we have on sale come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, including vertical model, horizontal variants and even Eskimo’s squarely sized variants.




On top of these we also have several Electric Outlines in the sale for anyone looking to avoid using central heating. Combine those with solar panels and enjoy the greenest warmth around.


Look out for more offers in the future by keeping an eye on our sale page >>HERE<<!


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to or call our helpline on 01257 442911



Spotlight – DQ Heating

Good morning all, today’s DRD blog is another edition of the Spotlights series, this time around bringing DQ Heating’s range to the fore.


Also, news of this week’s back to back sale! Last week we had a Halloween sale which was a huge success, from Thursday the 5th of November this week we’re giving 5% OFF everything with code ‘bon5’.


Spotlight DQ Heating

DQ have long been at the forefront of the designer radiator industry, offering a wonderfully varied selection of designs which complement one another. Today they can boast stock models at rock bottom prices, bespoke models which can be made in almost limitless varieties, cast iron traditional radiators, as well as designer models with many, many sizes.


First Up – DQ Capella

DQ’s new 2015 range introduced some beautiful aluminium radiators into their offering. Aluminium is a great material for making radiators as it boasts better heat convection, and is much lighter than its steel counterpart.




The Capella therefore boasts great heat output as well as a sleek cubic design. Like most modern aluminium radiators, the Capella sports lovely fine grooves along its vertical length, making for a synergetic addition to the very straight up and down design.


The Capella is available in both Horizontal and Vertical versions to suit the various needs of the modern home, as well as coming in White, Anthracite Grey and Polished Aluminium.


Second – DQ Cube Towel Rail

The Cube from DQ is also a new addition to their towel rail range, and provides a genuinely unique design for the bathroom.




Each of its front tubes are cubic horse-shoe shapes. This design allows for maximum surface area so that the greatest heat output is achieved within each size. Not only that but these tubes are packed in closely together in an appealing design so that even the smaller sizes provide fantastic heat.


The Cube is available in both White and Dark Grey Texture as standard, but also available in both DQ’s RAL Colour chart, as well as their Special Finishes chart A.


Save FIVE % this Bonfire Night

From Thursday the 5th this week through to Monday 9th at 5pm save 5% off EVERYTHING on DRD. Don’t miss out; this is our second sale in 2 weeks so make the most of it while it lasts!


Trick or Treat – Two DRD Sales!

Good morning all, today’s DRD blog is all about radiators!


Okay, that’s no surprise… What may come as a surprise is that we’re having TWO sales right now.



We have a great selection of radiators on offer right now, and there are some fantastic bargains to be had.


  • We have a great selection of aluminium radiators from Reina which are on sale while stocks last. Reina are replacing these aluminium radiators with their newer designs, and so once these are gone, they’re gone!
  • We also have some special prices on Ultraheat’s Sovran and several sizes of their Klon which are reduced for clearance, catch these while they’re hot




  • Amongst our sale items are two choice towel rails, both our sale exclusive Ellipse which is a stunning stainless steel oval shaped beauty, and the MHS Java Electric, which is a bargain for a stainless steel radiator, available in both an Electric and a Dual Fuel configuration
  • Also, let’s not forget to mention that the sumptuous Eskimo range currently has several models available in the sale in different finishes, such as their front-running Outline Range, and additionally a spectacular Holy Rail in their superb Rusty finish


You can see all of our sale items just here on our Sale page;


AND, 5% OFF this Halloween – Code ‘spookyfive’

The thought of this amount of discount is actually quite spooky for us here at DRD, and if you were to combine this discount code worth 5% with anything from our SALE then this may prove to be a terrifying trick for us and a tasty treat for you.




The same as always with us here at DRD, our customers are Royalty, and so if there’s anything we can do to help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Helpline is open from 9am-5pm from Monday to Thursday, and then from 9am-4pm on Fridays.


Alternatively you can always email us at, and we will come back to you at the soonest possible time.

Halloween SALE!

Dost thou yearn for warmth in these biting October winds?

Dost thou need affordable heating, post-haste?

If thine answer to these quandaries is ‘hear, hear!’, then read-on my friends, for thine very life may well depend on it! (But not really, it’s just the DRD spooky gothic Halloween blog post…).



It’s the spookiest time of year once again and here at DRD we’re getting our costumes ready to terrify the neighbourhood with our antics, and the nation with our fantastic SALE.


That’s right! This week we are getting ready for a HUGE Halloween sale which starts next Monday the 26th of October. We’re giving you a massive 5% off all designer radiators, valves, sleeving kits and any other items that you buy with us here at Designer Radiators Direct.


Make sure to use code spookyfive for 5% OFF!

Offer ends Monday 2nd of November at 5pm.



The finishing touches always make the biggest difference. Those are the little details your guests might notice that finish everything off. Fitting radiator without a matching sleeving kit and valves is like buying a buying a bike without the wheels!


Again, this coming Halloween SALE is the perfect opportunity to save BIG on your order and get the radiator of your dreams, complete with the finishing touches it deserves.


DQ Cove Stainless complete with matching Milan Angled valves and Sleeving Kit, all in Brushed Nickel

DQ Cove Stainless complete with matching Milan Angled valves and Sleeving Kit, all in Brushed Nickel


There are many things life which can truly scare you to breaking point, these may include (but are not limited to);


  • Heights
  • Spiders
  • The thought of evenings with the in-laws
  • Spiders
  • Responsibility
  • Trick-or-treaters spotting that you’re home even when your lights are off…


One other thing that may seem daunting is picking a radiator for home without any help. But please don’t worry, if you would like any help at all we are always here to help on 01257 442911, or you can email through to


All we need to know is what style of radiator you would like and with that we’ll guide you on the specifics and ensure you get the correct radiator for your home.