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Make the most of your outdoor space

Thanks to technological advances aiding mobile communications and the ever-increasing costs of commuting, many of us are opting to work from home. A self-contained office in the garden provides the perfect environment to do just that.


The downturn in the economy has also played its part in the garden building boom. Financial uncertainty has resulted in a reluctance to move house, with homeowners choosing to stay put and improve and/or extend properties. In some cases this has lead to the introduction of a garden building, whether used as a garden room, summerhouse or kids’ den.


To get the maximum use from a garden building, heating (along with light and power) is a must. If the building isn’t warm and cosy, then it won’t be used, particularly in the colder winter months. This article looks at factors to consider when it comes to heating your garden building.


Insulation is key
Is there adequate insulation? Some, but not all purpose-built garden rooms, are adequately insulated. If you have converted a shed or outbuilding, or opted for a lower cost garden building, then you will probably need to add insulation. Without this, the cost of heating could be expensive.


Add Heating
In order for any garden building to be comfortable and useable (for more than just storage), all year round, it will need to be heated. So what factors should you consider when choosing heating for a garden building, there’s: heat output, thermostatic control, timer, space, budget and aesthetics.


There are various different heating options too, from electric radiators to flat panel radiators, fan heaters, under floor heating, wall hung radiators, decorative radiators, discreet and seat radiators.




Whatever type of garden room heating you choose, you must ensure that it has the capacity to heat the relevant space. It is important to maximize the power used to efficiently provide heat whilst minimizing energy wastage through the use of good insulation, timers and thermostats.


Bear in mind that these days having a comfortable warm outbuilding doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style with ugly, bulky and/or ineffective heating options. There is now a wide range of stylish, safe yet efficient heating solutions available. For more information on finding the most suitable heating product for your garden building, why not call in at our showroom and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Traditional Radiators at great prices

Quality, Style and Performance are the three main things we all consider before making a purchase. This is even more apparent when choosing a radiator. We all need radiators, whether is to keep us warm or to use a drying medium. Would you make do with just any old radiator?


The team here at Designer Radiators Direct can introduce you to the simple, the elegant, the bold, beautiful and everything in between. We firmly believe that when you’re looking for a radiator its not a decision you’ll make lightly nor is it a purchase you make ‘off the shelf’. So with our dedicated team on hand to help, we’ll guide you through the dazzling world of radiators and heated towel rails.


Within our portfolio we have traditional radiators, designer radiators, mirrored, seat, wall mountable, floor standing, vertical, chrome and aluminium radiators to mention a few. All of our products are hand crafted to an exceptionally high standard and are manufactured in the UK. Our prices are affordable and with a range of classic and contemporary designs we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


We really do have an incredible choice to choose from, so if you want to visit the amazing world of radiators, and be spoilt for choice, there is only one place to turn – Designer Radiators Direct. We offer a staggering selection for you to choose from, in a vast array of sizes and finishes that will suit the smallest to the grandest of rooms. From cast iron radiators that can look absolutely fantastic in the right setting and really make a statement to mirrored and hidden radiators. Check out our delectable range of radiators that we have in stock online or why not book a home visit?


Eskimo Leggy Ron


For further information and to view all of the gorgeous radiators we have to offer, including the Bisque, Kermi and Paladin ranges visit our website at


Seat Radiators: a quirky and space saving bathroom solution

Seat radiators are a practical and an innovative way of providing a seating area in your bathroom, conservatory, bedroom or dining room whilst also giving you a flexible and effective heating solution for the area.


Seat radiators such as DQ Bench are a prime example of this dual purpose unit.


The top of the unit is oak wood, giving your room a stylish and sophisticated finish which would match with most interiors. The radiator sits beneath the oak top, and is made from steel. This radiator is available in three finishes including in white. You are therefore able to create the look that you want for your home without compromising on practicality.



Another seat radiator which would be an ideal addition for your home is the MHS Multisec bench, which has been designed for conservatory or changing room use. This bench looks just like an ordinary bench, but it has the added benefit of providing extra seating space for your guests or family members. The radiator underneath the top comes in a white finish and has a heating output rated @delta t50. The bench is a great solution for people who would like extra seating space in a small room, but without having to buy bulky and chunky radiators to fit on the wall.


For a top of the range and premium seat radiator solution, the Aeon Grandeur has large scrolled arms which stand at either sit side of the bench, which has a radiator in the middle. It does not even look like a traditional radiator in the middle of the bench, because of the stainless steel effect and finish which is sophisticated and sleek.


This would look good in a stylish contemporary designed house. This radiator should not be confined to the bathroom or bedroom, it could be a radiator that you have in the main room of your house or in a dining area. Because of its ornamental design, it makes an artistic statement wherever you decide to put it.