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Eskimo Sale – Now On!

Hello everyone, today is a good day because boy have we got a treat for you… Our hard work has paid off and we have secured some amazing deals on the extremely high quality Eskimo Outline radiators to give them to you at unbelievable prices!


Better still, you can avoid the normal wait period of 6-8 weeks, because all of our Eskimo Sale radiators are stocked and ready to be delivered within the week.




So if you have had your eye on an Eskimo radiator, now is the time to buy because this offer will only last as long as the stocks do – there won’t be another chance quite like this to have a radiator of this quality at such low prices!


Huge Savings

Just to give you an idea of how much we’ve slashed these prices in our Eskimo Sale, one perfect example is the Eskimo Outline Super Mirror. We have a size of 2000mm (high) x 240mm (wide), which carries an RRP of £1,046.40 including VAT.


The stunning Outline Super Mirror

The stunning Outline Super Mirror


Now normally we would offer a discount on this, and we would be able to sell this at roughly £900.00 including VAT, however, in this sale we are providing this at £395.93 including VAT.


Was £1,046.40

NOW £395.93

Including VAT and free of charge delivery

That’s a saving of over £650.00! At prices like these, you better act quickly before you miss out!



The Eskimo models we have on sale come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, including vertical model, horizontal variants and even Eskimo’s squarely sized variants.




On top of these we also have several Electric Outlines in the sale for anyone looking to avoid using central heating. Combine those with solar panels and enjoy the greenest warmth around.


Look out for more offers in the future by keeping an eye on our sale page >>HERE<<!


As always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to or call our helpline on 01257 442911



Spotlight – Paladin Highlighted Finishes


Good morning all, thanks for joining us for today’s edition of the DRD blog.

Today we’re taking a special look at the extra distinct finishes on offer from Paladin for their brilliant cast iron range.


Spotlight – Highlighted Finishes

Most radiators are available in a small selection of standard finishes, usually White, Black, Anthracite Grey, or perhaps Chrome, and Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel.


On top of that a lot of manufacturers offer special finishes in various different colours and textures.


Paladin however has gone one step further with their Highlighted finishes but allowing you to combine two complimentary finishes together!


No, this isn’t like primary school paint class, they don’t just blend them together! They take each individual section of the radiator, finish it in the base finish which serves as the primary colour. With great care they then hand paint each piece of it, specifically picking out all of the raised detail in the design.


The finished result looks like this;




These two are both finished in James White with Gold Highlight (in different lighting), and it truly makes them look fit for the finest palaces and stately homes you can imagine… It also makes them fit for modern and period properties alike.


There are lots of finish combinations available, and the effect is completely different depending on the radiator chosen. You can see just below how the variety available makes the choice between them extremely difficult.




Whether it be just one Paladin radiator in the simplest of whites, or a dozen of them in this gorgeous highlighted effect, Paladin only need 2 weeks (that’s 10 working days) to prepare these from scratch for you, and have them delivered to wherever you need them.


5% OFF with code ‘spookyfive’

Don’t forget, right now we’re celebrating the spookiest time of year by giving you 5% off on EVERYTHING!




That included valves, radiators, sleeving kits and any other accessories, but also our ENTIRE SALE category. Do not miss this opportunity!  Offer ends 5pm Monday the 2nd of November.


As always if you have any questions at all you can reach us on our helpline on 01257 442911, or if you would prefer to email us you can write to


Stay safe over Halloween, and remember that giving the kiddies some sweeties is far easier than cleaning questionably old eggs off your house and car!

Sale? SALE!

Monday does seem to come around just that little bit too quickly every week doesn’t it? Well this week we’re making Monday a little bit easier for you with our splendiferous Sale!


BIG Offers!

We’ve slashed our prices on a number of radiators this week, from the amazing super high end models down to the more economical but great looking designer radiators. Here’s a look at one of our best savings; The Eskimo Outline.


Inuit Silhouette

The Eskimo Outline has several beautiful one-offs available in stock, and once they are gone they are genuinely gone from the Sale, and will have to be ordered at full price with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.




You can see Eskimo’s brilliantly inspired designs here;


One such special variation is the Outline Gong in the Brassy Knoll finish, which is hand patinated by skilled metalworking artists who utilise an assortment of hot working techniques and colour compounds.


Each Outline Gong is completely unique, and the Brassy Knoll takes brass (of course) and sets it against a granite grey base, along with sea green highlights to add depth and flavour.



This stunning model is a horizontal beauty which would become a fantastic feature of your room. It is 430mm high by a full 1800mm wide, and while we normally sell this at £2,570.00 including VAT and delivery, we can now sell it at the low, low price of £1,600.00!


That is a whopping £970.00 OFF!

It’s not just on this though; there are more fantastic offers in the Sale right now! These reductions are not just exclusive to the Outline range, our whole Sale page is FULL of HUGE discounts on a great range of designer models.


Why not take a peek at what our sale page has to offer?


If you see anything you like or if you have any questions about models both in and out of our sale, please feel free to reach us on our helpline, or contact us via email at

Special Finishes

Designer radiators are ever increasingly becoming more daring and adventurous in their shapes and sizes, and to match that they are now available in a larger range of finishes than ever.


Every colour of the rainbow and a few hundred more on top of that are available to have your radiators in, and it might just be feature you’ve been looking for to finish your room;


The pink Paladin Pimlico

The pink Paladin Pimlico


You’ve got to be decisive and you’ve got to be bold, there are no half measures when it comes to making a statement. Do it half-baked and you’re never going to achieve what you set out to do, and so it’s not for everyone, because lot of people will just give up, err on the side of caution and pick a white one.


But, if you feel you’ve got the guts needed for it, why stop at just a block finish?


Special Finishes

The leading brands in the field of special finishes are offering a great variation of unique finishes, and only seeing them will do them justice.


First up we have Aeon’s Planet Moon, with its anodised aluminium lunar face;


You'll be... over the moon with this

You’ll be… over the moon with this


Next up we have a few from Eskimo’s breath-taking Outline range;


Eskimo's Outline in the Dusky Moodstress finish

Eskimo’s Outline in the Dusky Moodstress finish


Eskimo's Outline in the Oak finish, from the Woody range

Eskimo’s Outline in the Oak finish, from the Woody range


Eskimo's Outline in the Rusty finish

Eskimo’s Outline in the Rusty finish


The last range we’re looking at today is the Paladin finish range;


Highlighted finishes are superb!

Highlighted finishes are superb!


Confidence Issues

With all of these brilliant finishes floating around you’d think it’d be as simple as; “Oh yeah, I love that finish, I’m going for that!”, but honestly, very few people have the mustard to go through with it.


It definitely takes some real confidence to go through with, but if you can muster up the courage then the rewards are so, so worth the risk.


Our customers have told us time and time again about the wonderful comments they get about their radiators, and every time you can hear the joy in their voices.


They have a brilliant radiator, a conversation piece and a room enhancing focal point all in one, all because they had the brass to take the plunge.