We are super excited to be able to introduce our latest brand, Lux Heat.

The products of Lux Heat have been hand-chosen to reflect the theme of a modern look combined with pure excitement and represent the very highest quality - which is reflected in the very long product guarantees on offer.

What Does Lux Heat Offer? 

We know not everyone can afford a designer radiator for their property, so we’ve hand picked the highest quality, designer radiators in a wide selection of styles from column radiators, panel radiators, towel radiators and coloured radiators all at affordable prices. Which is reflected in the long 10 year guarantees on all the Lux Heat range.

We include some fantastic pieces that harmonise with any interior. Whether it's modern or traditional, we will have a radiator for you.
We also have some amazing colour powder coating radiators with bold and pastel colours available, from bright yellows to subtle greens and greys. So you can personalise your radiator and create the ultimate luxury space.

If you are looking for a specific colour, we do offer colour matching on certain radiators, so contact us today and we can try our best to get you the correct colour and create a truly custom radiator for you.


Here Are Some Of Our Lux Heat Top Sellers

 Lux Heat Oxford

This is a super versatile radiator design, that is available in a Vertical Radiator or a Horizontal Radiator. There is also the option for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns which means that it should match up with almost any heat output requirement.
Due to the variety of configurations in the same design, this is one that you can put throughout your home, either all at once, or 1 at a time adding on as you go.
Colour options are; Satin White, Textured Anthracite, or stunning Bare Metal Lacquer.

Please note - all radiators marked as 'Stocked' will have a shorter delivery time than their 'Made To Order' counterparts. However, there may be more finishes and sizes available in the 'Made To Order' ranges.


Lux Heat Oval

Lux Heat Flat Coloured Vertical Radiator

With a sleek modern design, this radiator is a very popular choice for bringing life to any room. The Oval designs, all share the Oval shaped bars, which are beautifully subtle and make an easy step up for your interior. Its available in a choice of colour options if your looking to add some colour to your space. 

This Italian-designed oval tube steel radiator is a premium heating solution that combines style and performance. Its superior manufacturing ensures durability and reliability, while the range of sizes available provides flexibility to fit any room size. Elevate your home heating system with this sleek and modern radiator.


Lux Heat Flat

Lux Heat Flat White Vertical Radiator

Introducing the Lux Heat Flat Vertical Designer Radiator, a stunning and stylish addition to any modern living space. The sleek and contemporary design in white complements any interior décor effortlessly, while its durable steel construction guarantees reliable performance and impressive heat output. Ideal for various spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, this radiator brings practicality and elegance to your home heating system.

Upgrade your home heating experience with the Lux Heat Flat Vertical Designer Radiator from Lux Heat.


Lux Heat Bare Metal Lacquer Column Radiator

Lux Heat Horizontal Bare Metal Lacquer Column Radiator

Introducing the Horizontal Bare Metal Lacquer Column Radiator, a perfect combination of style and functionality. This radiator features a classic column design that adds a touch of sophistication and a bare metal finish to add a unique look. Available in various sizes, it can cater to your specific heating needs, making it a popular choice among homeowners. Built to last, it ensures a reliable and long-lasting heating solution for your home. Its also available in a vertical design if your looking for a modern charm.


Lux Heat Open Flat Coloured Towel Radiator

Lux Heat Open Flat Coloured Towel Radiator

We haven't forgotten the favourited bathroom radiator either. Lux Heat offers a range of towel radiators like this open flat towel rail. Its available in a choice of colours to match your bathroom interior. Because of its sleek style it also makes for a perfect laundry room radiator and kitchen radiator. Its available in a selection of sizes and comes with a 10 year warranty. 

See more of the Lux Heat Range here.


We have an amazing selection of radiators to choose from with an array of finishes. See our finish page if you'd like to learn more.

Can't Find What Your Looking For?

Please contact us if you have any questions about our amazing Lux Heat collection. We have an award winning customer service team that can answer queries you may have, or give you some tips and advice.