Our Top Picks for Coloured Radiators

Who says that radiators need to blend into the background?


Recently, there has been a revival in the popularity of coloured radiators in homes across the UK with white radiators being replaced with colourful and stylish models that can provide a much-needed pop of colour to any room of the house.


From polished radiators that make a real style statement to sleek anthracite radiators that ooze class and sophistication, here are a few of our top picks for coloured radiators.


Anthracite Radiators

Ideal for those that prefer a more neutral colour scheme in their homes but still want to make a feature of their radiators, anthracite radiators offer a modern colour tone that works well in any space and with almost any colour scheme. One of our favourite models is the Reina Coneva Vertical Anthracite Radiator, a slender vertical radiator that makes for perfect for hallway radiators, bathroom radiators, living room radiators and kitchen radiators.


Classy and hard-wearing, this easy to install anthracite radiator also comes complete with a five-year guarantee making it an excellent choice for both traditional and modern homes.


Gold Radiators

If you’re seeking a luxury finish to your home décor, then you can’t get more deluxe than a gold radiator! Available in matte or polished finishes, you can opt for a subtle gold radiator to compliment your current colour scheme or go all out with a high shine finish to really wow visitors.


Eskimo Gold Radiator


Metallic Radiators

If you’re a fan of a glossy high shine, then you won’t go far wrong with our range of metallic radiators. Offering a finish that looks great when added to matt walls in particular, a metallic radiator will really stand out and offer a totally modern look to your central heating system.


The Reina Flat Horizontal Metallic Radiator range offers a versatile model that comes in a plethora of different colours, so it’s easy to lift a room using a colourful radiator with that high shine finish.


Polished Radiators

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any room that would benefit from an attractive radiator with a high shine finish, polished radiators are still a popular choice for homeowners looking to add that perfect finishing touch to their interior space.


The Reina Egna Polished Radiator offers a practical and polished solution for modern bathrooms. The ability to keep several towels warm and fluffy for guests and family members makes this polished radiator a great choice for busy families that want to combine style with functionality.


Black Radiators

If you want to make a real impact with your central heating system, then our range of black radiators is here to help! Making a great contrast against walls of any colour, black radiators can transform a room into an ultra-modern space with ease thanks to their easy to fit capabilities.


One of our most popular black radiators for this year is the DQ Cove Mirror Black Radiator. Combining a mirrored surface with sleek, vertical tube heated sections, this model is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms alike and can add a touch of real style to any space.


White Radiators

White radiators are still a winning choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their interior space thanks to an array of modern new designs and fantastic heating efficiency.


Small Flat Panel White Radiator


From vintage-inspired column radiators to flat panel radiators for a more modern look, white radiators work with any colour scheme and give interiors a fresh new appearance once installed.


One of our most popular white radiators is the DQ Cove Horizontal White Radiator, an elegant radiator that can be configured with either single or double tubes and gives a contemporary take on the traditional white radiator while delivering exceptional levels of heat.


Grey Radiators

One of the biggest home décor colour trends in the last few years, grey radiators are a popular choice for anyone looking to keep up with the latest home trends and keep their interiors warm.


With a wide selection of vertical radiators and horizontal radiators available in grey, these are ideal  for any room in the house. It is a versatile colour that works well in both traditional and contemporary décor styles and comes with a pocket-friendly price.