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Black Friday Sale

Good morning all, thanks for joining us again for the today’s DRD blog, the focus of which you might be very interested in…



Black Friday Sale




Black Friday is of course a shopping holiday that normally lasts for one day only (long live capitalism!). On this day, the last Friday of November, we see amazing human spectacles where people partake in a kind of Hunger Games-esque battle to pilfer shops of anything and everything of value. Most of the time people go in without any thought in mind other than ‘BARGAIN’, and transform from civilised Johns and Janes into feral beasts with no regard for safety or order.


Even Arnie succumbs to the dark desperation of Black Friday

Even Arnie succumbs to the dark desperation of Black Friday


When the Black Friday madness descends upon masses it is something to behold. Thankfully at DRD we can put an online only exclusive deal on and it won’t result in the premises being torn to bits!


Black Friday


Because our only concern is that our shelves will be left bare, we are happy to announce that our Black Friday sale has gone live ONE FULL WEEK EARLY. That’s right, code ‘SAVE10’ will deduct 10% from most of our collection on the website (for Reina Radiators use SAVE5 for 5% off) until Thursday the 30th of November.


All Inclusive

With our 5 Star discount treatment, you can benefit from our HUGE 10% discount on most of our products on the website. You can get radiators, valves, elements, sleeving kits, wall stays and more, but as always we’ve gone the extra mile and allowed for even our sale items to combine with the Black Friday offer.


Remember, if you are making a tough decision on what to purchase, you need valves but aren’t sure which ones, or even if you need just a little bit of help finding the right radiator for you, then please feel completely free to call the DRD helpline on 01257 442911, or alternatively email through to our helpful enquiries team at enquires@designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk


Saving you more money!

This month at Designer Radiators Direct we are saving you even more money by giving you an extra £5 off your order when you sign up to our newsletter. Our newsletter provides you with up to date information on all our products and also lets you know about our weekly offers. This means £5 off valves, accessories and radiators, as well as the original discount which has already been applied!


Where do I sign up?


It’s easy, simply go on to our website at www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk – you’ll see a box pop up with our offer, type in your email address, click subscribe now and wait for your code to come through! It’s as easy as that!


What can I purchase with the code?


The answer is ANYTHING! We have a range of valves, from manual to thermostatic with a variety of different finishes;



We have accessories ranging from sleeving kits to electric elements. Sleeving kits are perfect for hiding ugly copper piping and they add a lovely finish to your radiator;



Most importantly, this offer is available throughout the whole of our range of radiators, whether you are looking for a designer stainless steel radiator or a standard compact to heat a small room, the options are unlimited! If your purchasing a radiator, don’t forget that valves need to be purchased separately and are not included with the radiator, we have a large range and can guarantee you’ll find ones to suit your radiator and interior


How do I use the code?


Add all the items you need to your basket and proceed through to checkout, you’ll see a box asking for a promotional code, simply type it in the box and the amount will be deducted from your order total.


If you would like any further information, give us a call on 01257 442911 or email us at enquiries@designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk

Kermi Ideos? Great idea!

Hi there, today the DRD blog is venturing into the wonderful world of Kermi! Their designs are often just as flamboyant as they are high in quality. Their colourful designs are the talk of the town at trade shows and showrooms alike, and today we have had the bright idea to show you Kermi’s Ideos.


The Ideos is Ideal in Modern Times

There’s very little to be said for the same old standard ladder rail designs which you have seen year in year out at home, in hotel rooms and in bathroom stores. There’s nothing wrong with them, but when you compare them to something like the Kermi Ideos, they just don’t cut the mustard.



The Ideos has a buzz about it, it jumps off the wall when you see it and the gasp people let escape when they first look upon its wonderful curves is up there with the most satisfying sounds you can hear. Not to mention the satisfaction which wells up inside each time you pass it by.


Curves Are In

The sleek curvature of the Ideos is delightfully exaggerated throughout its design. There isn’t an inch on its design that sits still and straight, each lovely arc has been worked and finished with careful precision and attention to detail.



The manufacturing process requires roughly 4-6 weeks, and the final radiator is well worth the wait. Though it would function in almost any modern setting, the Ideos thrives in the bathroom, and with purpose manufactured towel rail accessories becomes both superbly bold and exceptionally functional.


If you would like to see more about the Kermi Ideos, you can view our product page just >> HERE << but as always, if you have any questions at all or would like any help, please feel free to email through to enquiries@designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk or call our helpline on 01257 442911




Coming Soon – The DRD Showroom

Today’s DRD blog is going to give you a sneak peek into the creation of our brand new designer radiator showroom. Construction has been finished, the electrics are in, solar panels are on the roof and our wonderful display radiators are ready to be installed.


Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right setting for anything in life is an important decision, whether considering a new business venture, a home or a holiday, you need to be in the right place.


Careful consideration went into choosing the locale of the DRD showroom, as we needed to ensure that we had good transport links for our nation-wide customers, that the showroom was simple to find and easily spotted from the main road, as well as having a reliable source of local customers; and we have achieved all of that by choosing at fantastic new business park in Buckshaw Village, Lancashire.


We're EASY to find!

We’re EASY to find!


The M6, M61 and the M65 are all within 5 minutes of the showroom, meaning that no matter where you are from if you wish to see our beautiful radiators and ask for our expert advice before you purchase them then you can.


Efficient Thinking

Being a radiator company, naturally we are providing our own heating for the showroom with our wonderful electric radiators. Thankfully we benefit from being part of the Contact Group of companies and one of our enterprises specialises in solar panels – Contact Solar.


Solar Excellence!

Solar Excellence!


Because of this advantage we’ve been able to outfit the roof of our showroom with the latest top of the line solar panels, and we will be powering the whole unit and its heating with them. Being green has never been so easy!


Our state of the art showroom is set to open this summer and we are working tirelessly working tirelessly towards completion. As soon as we’re ready for your visit you’ll be the first to know.


A sneak peek at what the showroom will look like!

A sneak peek at what the showroom will look like!


Thanks for reading today’s DRD blog, remember; if you have any questions at all please free to email through to Enquiries@DesignerRadiatorsDirect.co.uk or call our helpline on 01257 442911.



Spotlight – Grandi Ovali

Good afternoon! Thanks for joining us again today for this special Spotlight edition of the DRD blog. Today is a quick peek at a stunning radiator from The Radiator Company (TRC) named the Grandi Ovali radiator.


Sticking with this week’s earlier blog theme of very efficient aluminium radiators, the Grandi Ovali is a natural progression from the Reina Luca and Gio we looked previously. The name Grandi Ovali is Italian, and as you might be able to guess is Italian, and translates to the quite obvious description of ‘Large Oval’.


This radiator is just that though; a big, bold brawny design with an aesthetically dominant style. The appearance is only overpowered by the fantastic heat output it can provide compared to the amount of water it takes to fill it, and when you combine the two you have a recipe for greatness.



Aluminium radiators transfer thermal energy much faster than standard steel radiators, so from the outset the Grandi Ovali is already ahead of the competition, but to their credit The Radiator Company have really innovated with their design this time around.


To illustrate this point, imagine a standard radiator – you know the ones, those with the boring old ridged faces – well if you were to look down the top of them you would see a zig-zag shape of metal which we call convector fins.


Combining this technology with the oversized ellipses of the Grandi Ovali is what makes it so efficient. These convector fins are neatly housed within the large internal section of each tube, promoting heat transfer with a superbly efficient system which without our insider knowledge you would never notice!


Not only that, the oval design of this radiator, along with the open inner cavity, allows for the efficient channelling of air so that it really encourages warm air circulation around the room. So as air is heated around the radiator it begins rise, this results in cool air being pulled upwards from beneath the radiator to fill that space, and due to the tubular shape of the radiator a brilliant convection current is created when this warmed air shoots out of the top of the radiator.


The Radiator Company have made a fantastic radiator in the Grandi Ovali; it’s thermally efficient, cleverly designed and looks brilliant. If you would like any information about this radiator or any others please feel free to give our helpline a call on 01257 442911, or reach us by email at enquiries@designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk



Take a seat!

Good afternoon! This week at DRD we are looking at seat radiators! These dual purpose radiators are such a fantastic invention – have a read and take a look: http://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/seat-radiators


DQ Bench


This superb dual purpose column radiator gives excellent heat, whilst the solid oak wood top offers comfort and practicality.


This wonderful radiator comes in a range of colours and variety of different sizes so it is guaranteed to look perfect in any room, among any furnishings. Made from steel and solid oak, this radiator will be strong, secure and of a high quality, therefore it will not disappoint. The DQ Bench is perfect for indoor pool rooms or games rooms.


The Radiator Company Ancona Bench Seat


The Ancona Bench Seat has been a functional favourite for some years. It is available in a variety of different sizes and finishes.


Perfect in boot rooms, around indoor pools or in games rooms, the bench seat provides a dual purpose solution. Provided with an open frame top so that you can match your finished seat to suit your interior scheme. This radiator is available in white as standard, but also available in a selection of RAL colours as well as the following special finishes; Mottled Silver or Copper; Textured Dark Grey, Black, White, or Ivory; Gun Metal Grey; White or Grey Aluminium; Matt White; and Satinato – therefore it will look fabulous with any of your household furnishings!


Aeon Grandeur


The Aeon Grandeur will bring a whole new facade to your interior, it will look smart and sophisticated in both brushed and polished stainless steel finishes.


Available in a number of different sizes, the Grandeur will look perfect among any of your household furnishings. With large scrolled arms standing sentry at either end, the Grandeur is set apart from conventional radiator design and will definitely strike up conversation between your friends and family.


Special Finishes

Designer radiators are ever increasingly becoming more daring and adventurous in their shapes and sizes, and to match that they are now available in a larger range of finishes than ever.


Every colour of the rainbow and a few hundred more on top of that are available to have your radiators in, and it might just be feature you’ve been looking for to finish your room;


The pink Paladin Pimlico

The pink Paladin Pimlico


You’ve got to be decisive and you’ve got to be bold, there are no half measures when it comes to making a statement. Do it half-baked and you’re never going to achieve what you set out to do, and so it’s not for everyone, because lot of people will just give up, err on the side of caution and pick a white one.


But, if you feel you’ve got the guts needed for it, why stop at just a block finish?


Special Finishes

The leading brands in the field of special finishes are offering a great variation of unique finishes, and only seeing them will do them justice.


First up we have Aeon’s Planet Moon, with its anodised aluminium lunar face;


You'll be... over the moon with this

You’ll be… over the moon with this


Next up we have a few from Eskimo’s breath-taking Outline range;


Eskimo's Outline in the Dusky Moodstress finish

Eskimo’s Outline in the Dusky Moodstress finish


Eskimo's Outline in the Oak finish, from the Woody range

Eskimo’s Outline in the Oak finish, from the Woody range


Eskimo's Outline in the Rusty finish

Eskimo’s Outline in the Rusty finish


The last range we’re looking at today is the Paladin finish range;


Highlighted finishes are superb!

Highlighted finishes are superb!


Confidence Issues

With all of these brilliant finishes floating around you’d think it’d be as simple as; “Oh yeah, I love that finish, I’m going for that!”, but honestly, very few people have the mustard to go through with it.


It definitely takes some real confidence to go through with, but if you can muster up the courage then the rewards are so, so worth the risk.


Our customers have told us time and time again about the wonderful comments they get about their radiators, and every time you can hear the joy in their voices.


They have a brilliant radiator, a conversation piece and a room enhancing focal point all in one, all because they had the brass to take the plunge.

Sectional Radiators

Good afternoon to all in the land of radiators and blogs!


You may have noticed while perusing through our website that there are some extremely cheap radiators (bear with me here…). By cheap I mean prices starting at £15.00!


A lot of people start rubbing their hands together when they see it but it’s actually the price for one section of a specific radiator like this one;




Sections and Columns

As you can see above, the MHS Clasico pictured has 10 sections from left to right which make up its width. Each one is stored individually in the warehouse and fitted together to make a bespoke size up for you.


Each one of those sections is 4 columns deep, meaning that if you look from the side you can count 4 vertical columns across. Some radiators have an option for this so you can have thicker or thinner radiators to give different heat outputs while still sticking to the same size of radiator.



The key to understanding our sectional range is that all of the information is given for you for 1 section only. The price is for 1 section; BTUs for 1 section; width measurement, 1 section.


This is where multiplication comes in. If you want a radiator to be 1200mm wide, you select the height you need from the dropdown box, and from there you can see how wide each section is. Using the DQ Peta as an example, it has sections at 45mm wide, so you can do 1200mm divided by 45mm = 26.67.




So you might choose 26 sections giving you a width of 1170mm or 27 giving you 1215mm. The same applies to the BTUs for the heat output and the price too. So you might have 26 sections at £16.00 a section, totalling £426.00. Or 212 BTUs per section totalling 5512 BTUs.


So there you have it, sectional radiators are so simple.

We’re Saving Up for a Reina Day


Reina have cultivated a huge and varied range within their business. Their catalogue is one of the most varied available of all of our brands, and it makes for a really great selection.


Not only do they have a lot of designs to show, but their prices are really affordable as well, and this becomes especially obvious when you compare radiators of similar style from other brands.


They have good quality radiators at low end prices, cementing them as a favourite of customers and retailers alike. Not only that, but they deliver on the next working day any order which comes through before 12:30pm!

So let’s have a glance at the radiators which make Reina great; first up we have the…



The Colona is a classic white steel radiator made to be a perfect traditional piece. Available in both horizontal and vertical sizes you can outfit your whole property from top to bottom.




With multiple depth options available as well, you can more than cover your heating requirements for the larger rooms you might have.




The popularity of the Colona is really something else. It’s a best seller without a doubt, because it takes the traditional appearance of cast iron radiators, emulates that brilliantly but at a fraction of the price.

Next up today is the very handy…



The oh so very quaint Elvina looks fantastic. The modern styling is clear with the cubic design and straight lines, and the angles involved create the simple but effective contemporary effect.




The large warming shelf offers great versatility. Whether you choose to stack or hang towels from it, or even dry some washing out on it, the Elvina is sure to impress.


This blend of function and design really works well despite its small size, and you won’t be disappointed if you go for one.


The Age Old Classics of Paladin


Often when we think of period properties, stately homes and grand timeworn manors centuries older than ourselves, their key features always boil down to lush gardens, beautifully ornate interior design and grand, splendid old cast iron radiators which blend perfectly with the interior design.


One secret a lot of people don’t know is that these exquisite radiators aren’t exclusive to the exceedingly affluent; they’re actually very affordable from our high quality cast iron radiator supplier Paladin.


With decades of experience, Paladin has the expertise and the range of designs and finishes to provide you with the radiators of your dreams.


The Finishes

Something that most companies overlook is the selection of finishes available, but not Paladin, they’ve undertaken a great deal of work to bring you a huge range of gorgeous normal and pastoral finishes at the same price as white.




One step up from that, the antique finishes are a superb choice, really bringing in the theme and elevating your cast iron beauty to a higher plane of radiating excellence.




But why stop there? The only way is up, and the highlighted finishes bring out the absolute greatest aesthetic from the Paladin range. The highlighted detail on these radiators is astonishingly beautiful, and complements the furnishings and decoration of the room it’s situated in.




If that’s all a little much, or perhaps you’re looking for something more contemporary, the traditional and full polished versions offer a bare metal alternative.




The traditional polished service lacquers up the visible parts at the front and sides, while the full polished service covers the entirety of the body; every nook and every cranny.


These options aren’t weeks and weeks away either. Paladin skilfully turns around the exact radiator you desire in the specific finish you are after in roughly two weeks’ time.


If any of Paladin’s designs have caught your eye, why not head over to the main site and have a browse at what we and Paladin have on offer;



MHS Radiators

Good morning bloggers! It’s the best day of the week (yeah right) and we’re going to be looking at one of our great brands, MHS Radiators.


Carving their mark into the industry with a large range of individual designs, MHS have been looking to further their reach by adding to their design portfolio and being consistently one of the best in terms of quality in production and quality in service.


Today we’re going to take a look at a couple of MHS’ best styles, and first up is the;



Quite the stunning piece, the MHS Gemini is not what a person would usually expect from a radiator, and so you can imagine the look of wonderment on your guest’s faces when they first lay eyes upon it.




Whether in the contemporary Anthracite finish, or the bright and modern Chrome finish, the Gemini looks amazing. You’d be surprised how easily you can be lost in thought while gazing at the curvature and shape of the Gemini.




Those aren’t your only options however, because the Gemini has a little something more to it. You can have just half of the Gemini in either a left hand or right hand model, and they are breath-taking when placed symmetrically.




Just imagine this at either side of a doorway, a room feature or painting!



The climber is a perfect ladder rail (though please, PLEASE don’t try to climb it, it probably won’t stay perfect if you tear it off the wall!), that is a great example of purpose and function being met with quality in design and production.




Made from stainless steel, the Climber is of wonderful quality and convects heat very well, as well as boasting an exemplary guarantee length of 20 whole years.




With ample room for several towels and a design to die for, the Climber takes centre stage as one of MHS’ best towel radiators.



Not only in the radiator market, but in all industries you will find very few organisations quite like Cordivari. Their complete determination and commitment to incredible design means that every project they work on, anything they touch becomes one of a kind and beautiful.


Hailing from Italy, they have been a leading force in several industries with a key interest in designer radiators and keeping the environment clean and beautiful.


Each one of their brilliant designs is the brain-child of a specific designer, and each one has had meticulous care, thought and love put into it, and you can see this at a glance.


Each project has earned accolade after accolade across Europe, for advancements in technology, heating efficiency, design and execution, and one such radiator is;


The Badge

The idea behind this is simple, and the production quality is amazing for it. Each Badge is custom made to suit you perfectly, in a wide range of powder coated finishes as well as some really stunning special finishes such as textured metallic effects or glistening paints.




The Badge comes fitted as standard with an integrated manual or thermostatic valve depending on your preference, and looks breath-taking when given the appropriate space it needs to really become an artistic feature of your room.


Additionally, you can order the Badge to be an electric radiator in the vertical version, while the horizontal version is completely distinguished from the vertical with a large slit running along its width.


Not only is it all of the above described things, but there’s a little extra to consider when looking at the Badge;


Badge LED

For the extravagant designer within you, there’s a little extra for the Badge with the LED version. It boasts an adjustable ambient LED lighting system which created a warm glow and sets the mood beautifully.




Available in white, blue or green colours the Badge LED is something to really jazzup your property.


Interested in the Badge? You can see more of it and many more here;



Bisque Takes the Bisque It!

As the winner of the CoolBrands award for 2013 and 2014; Bisque is so hot right now. They’re celebrating 35 whole years of radiator design this year, and this latest accolade was judged on their style, desirability, authenticity, uniqueness, originality and innovation.


With all of their experience Bisque is both a pleasure to deal with and boast a fantastic and reliable range, making them one of our favourites! So let’s have a look at what they can do;


The Archibald

Talk about smashing! The curvature and twists of the Archibald are wonderfully thought outto create the coat hanger effect, and it sure does look the part.




It is crafted and kept in stock in in both a beautiful shining chrome and a sleek beige quartz which almost gives it a stone effect. Alternatively for those of you who are a little more patient it can be specially made to a finish of your choosing.




Because it’s also available from stock as an electric radiator, the Archibald is one of the easiest radiators to simply fall in love with and have on your bathroom wall within the week.


The Arteplano

A perfectly flat radiator, but finished with incredible patinations of copper and brass, the Arteplano is the quintessential radiator for the décor virtuoso inside of you.




Whether it contrasts strikingly with a traditional room, or synergises perfectly with a modern or art deco space, there’s nothing quite like the Arteplano.


Its finishes are hand etched, and in brass it creates a brighter golden effect, while in copper it results in a deeper orange, and almost a red-ish tinge similar to Mars.


Arteplano Copper


Also available is a brushed aluminium finish, as well as the full range of colours, the Arteplano is very flexible, and especially so if accompanied by the custom stainless steel towel rail accessory.

Hot Stuff from Aestus

Good morning bloggers! Monday’s over and done with and we’re geared up and ready to go for Tuesday looking right at one of our designer superstars; Aestus.


Taking its name from the Latin for heat, Aestus have from the get-go tailored themselves towards the designer radiator market, and much more than that made themselves the working embodiment of designer radiating passion.


You would be hard pressed to find anything ‘standard’ looking in their range, as each radiator is unique in design or material. Have you ever heard of a glass radiator?


Aestus Koloris Glass Panel

Crafted from toughened glass, copper and aluminium the Koloris breaks through boundaries in design and execution, daring to explore new avenues in design and function.




There are some stunning finishes for the glass, and boy do they look great;




The modern Aestus aesthetic is in its prime with the Koloris, making for a contemporary radiator to complement any modern theme. This radiator is feature and a statement, it will not go unnoticed.


Utilising a state of the art heat converter, the Koloris requires less water than the conventional radiator, contributing to a substantial saving in heating costs.

Aestus Squeeze

This one is a personal favourite of DRD, and for good reason as well. The Squeeze looks like a straight length of stainless steel which has been squashed into this wonderful shape.


Breathe in!

Breathe in!


The mystery of how it came to be is half of the joy of showing off the Squeeze! It’s satisfying to gaze upon and when the light is reflected in so many directions.


As a bonus, the Squeeze is made from stainless steel, and is available from stock in both polished and brushed treated finishes.


If either of the Koloris or the Squeeze are taking your fancy, why not head over to the Aestus brand page a browse what else they have to offer?



In philosophy, the term Aeon means ‘a power existing from eternity’, and today’s Monday morning blog is going to look at just how well that description fits this luxury brand.


Aeon has made its name in the industry with their huge range of stainless steel designer radiators, and for good reason!


Stainless steel is on the whole the best material for radiators to be made from as it ticks a LOT of boxes;

–          It looks fantastic

–          It lasts for decades

–          Heats up well

–          Strong and sturdy


The staying power is a big factor, as most designer radiators will come with a guarantee or warranty lasting along the lines of 5 to 10 years, but Aeon provides a colossal 20 year guarantee with all of their stainless steel products.


So when you put that together with the superb designs which Aeon have lovingly created, you have before you divine and powerful brand which may just exist for eternity. Today we’re focussing specifically on one of our favourites here at DRD;


Aeon Twister

You won’t see anything like it elsewhere; the Twister is truly one of a kind.


It'll blow you away!

It’ll blow you away!


Those sleek rotations in the panels are mesmerising. If you look closely you’ll notice that one side of each panel is brush treated stainless steel, while the other side is polished to a near mirror finish. Stunning!


The rotations are left to your preference, and along the length of the Twister you can choose to have it twist through 180°, 360° or a full two rotations at 720°.


The difference in effect between these options is dramatic, ranging from a subtle effect which will impress through to a shining centre of attention at the full 720°.


Not only that, but the Twister is a stock item in every size, meaning that it can be yours within 2-3 working days of purchase.


For more pictures and information you can see the Twister here;




Ultraheat Radiators – Premier Range

Hello again you lovely bunch!


This morning we are having a gander at the divine Ultraheat radiators – Ultraheat have been creating and providing sublime radiators throughout the UK since 1989. Their leading range offers great value for money along with frequently updating their designs to appreciate changing customer necessities and expectations.


The Ultraheat selection has a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes, from bold squares to towering columns. Below are two designs we adore from their exciting range:



Ultraheat Poplar

A lavish and delightful heated towel rail from the Ultraheat range – the Poplar has an excellent heat output whilst looking nice and pretty in your bathroom or kitchen space.


The sleek flat bars fabricate an ultra slim figuration and its rectangular horizontal shape gives it a neat and precise appearance, presenting your home interior with style and taste.




The mirror ladder towel rail provides a luxury amount of room for your towels, keeping them lovely and dry, in the meantime quietly heating your living space keeping you content and fulfilled.


A truly stunning design that really catches the eye – being sure to attract the attention it deserves.


Available in 3 special finishes: White, Chrome and Black with a 3 – 5 delivery timescale.



Ultraheat Trojan

Our second pick of the day is the very swanky ‘Trojan’. A tall, stately design that oozes brilliance, quality and style.


The Trojan is a great addition to any home, displaying boldness with its flashy style, and will be sure to add a touch of sophistication to your living area.


It’s up-and-down lines and delicate curves offers an elegant, charming feel to your home, with a choice of fitting towel hooks, this heating design will also function as a distinctive towel warmer in the bathroom or kitchen.


Available in two gorgeous finishes: Black or Chrome, and your new feature can be with you within 3 – 5 working days.







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We are here!!!



We have finally arrived at the Birmingham NEC ready to showcase our majestic Eskimo Radiator selection. Why not come down? Doors open at 10am and on the door tickets are £17.00.


It’s all about DRD & ESKIMO @ Stand H1222 – The Homebuilding and Renovating Show!


Eskimo are radiator designers whose mission is to save the world from ugliness and impracticality of other people’s radiators. They create Bespoke, contemporary heating to suit any modern or traditional interior.


Read on to see some of the heating designs which we’ll be presenting over the next two days:



Gong Radiator

The Gong Radiator has a unique and quirky appearance with huge attention to detail and delightful Patinated Copper and Brass finishes applied to the all-powerful Radiator.


The Patinations are applied by hand by highly skilled metalworkers using a range of hot working techniques and colour compounds depending on the finish required.



This is a clean and tidy design ensuring that the lines of the product are as uncluttered as possible to give you an uncluttered peace of mind.


A simple heating design from the Eskimo range, yet full of character and individuality!




Eskimo Holy Rail

The Holy Rail is one of Eskimo’s latest heating designs which will brighten and enliven your mood with its fun, charismatic and exciting personality.


You can choose any two colours that blend beautifully together, matching nicely with your home interior or maybe you could mix any two colours if you are feeling quirky and adventurous!


As well as being a quirky little number, the Holy Rail is also very practical with its high heat output and towel slots, both heating you and your towels up in style.





With a choice of 29 colours you really will be stuck for choice, but don’t worry because this is where we come in, to help you with inspiration and advice, making sure you pick the perfect style for your home.





Aestus Radiators

Greetings Bloggers!


Today we are talking about the gorgeous, honoured Aestus Radiators…


Established in 1999, Aestus is a British manufacturer and supplier of only the best radiators and towel rails. Creating in house products with high quality materials, including brass, mild steel and stainless steel. They believe that design and manufacture go hand in hand to produce beautiful products of a timeless nature.


Here are two of our favourites from the Aestus range:



Aestus Reflex

A very striking and eye-catching heating design – the Reflex is a nifty number from their selection.



This funky radiator will compliment and enhance your home interior, whilst delivering a cheerful, enlivening feel to your living space.



The design of this heating system is what makes it stand out with pride, enticing you in to its creativity and freshness.



The Aestus Reflex is available in a Silestone or a Natural Quartz finish. The Natural Quartz range from Italy is new to the market making it a unique and original piece.


Crafted from high-end stainless steel and it comes with a beautifully brushed or perfectly polished finish.


The exclusive Reflex comes with a 10 year guarantee and takes 4 – 5 weeks for delivery.




Aestus Squeeze

Presenting the clever, captivating and unique Aestus Squeeze, invented and created by metal artist Stephen Newby.


This really is a wonderful piece of art as well as being a radiator – the perfect addition to any home, offering boldness and individuality.




The Squeeze will certainly have all your friends and family talking, while warming you up with comfort and cosiness.


Produced from high quality stainless steel and available in a polished or brushed finish.


This heating design comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee and can be delivered to your door within 3 – 5 working days.



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Zehnder Radiators

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Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Zehnder Radiators is what we are having a nosey at today.


Zehnder has been going for many, many years, the earliest radiator design (the Charleston) was made in 1930! Their designs are much more than just heating systems. Designed by acclaimed international designers, they mix perfectly into the present day lifestyles.


Zehnder always have an appropriate designed radiator whether it be for the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom.


Here at Designer Radiators Direct, we have carefully chosen two of our favourites from their gorgeous range:



Zehnder Bay Horizontal

The bay is an attractive, classy and sophisticated heating design from the Zehnder collection.


This fine horizontal radiator is produced from only the best stainless steel with a luxurious brushed finish.

z bay


The bay is very easy on the eye and has a great heat output, delivering quality and individuality.


Perfect for any contemporary living space and comes with a 10 year guarantee, giving you satisfaction and comfort.


This classy heating design also comes with square brushed steel valves to compliment the tube design.


The delivery time scale for the Zehnder Bay Horizontal is 5 working days.



Zehnder Fassane Mirror

Featuring a full length mirror, the Fassane Mirror would be an excellent addition to any home.


A very versatile heating design from the Zehnder range, giving warmth and cosiness, while showing off a sleek, stylish mirror for you to take pride in.


Although it is a simple design, it delivers an effective and powerful feel to your living space, enhancing your home interior.



Very easy to clean making life just that little bit easier!


The Zehnder Fassane Mirror is available in an elegant white finish with a 5 day delivery time scale.


As always comes with a 10 year guarantee.



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Vogue Radiators

Hope everyone is fine and dandy on this Friday afternoon! 😀


Today we are blogging about the gorgeous Vogue Radiators, Vogue UK’s designers appreciate that the radiator is much more than just keeping your home warm and has developed into a reflection of your home interior.


That’s why Vogue UK has produced an impressive collection of creative radiators and towel warmers. Their styles range from the sleek and modern to the elegant classy designs.


In today’s blog we are looking at the very unique Vogue Squire Vertical and The Vogue Flexx. Happy reading!




Vogue Squire Vertical

This stunning heating design will be sure to brighten up your home interior, with its powerful yet charming appearance.



The Vogue Squire Vertical combines a more traditional tubular design with a present – day feel, making it ideal for any living space and will certainly intrigue your family and friends


You could easily confuse this heating design with a contemporary piece of art, due to it having such a graceful and admirable manner, with a wonderful layout.


The Squire is made from mild steel and available in a beautiful chrome finish with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.




Vogue Flexx

A very unusual, unique and flashy heating design from the Vogue collection, tilting outwards towards its centre to form a superb and very different style of radiator.



The exciting curved shape of this design achieves a winning and impressive look, whilst leaving an appealing impression on yourself.


Crafted from brass and chrome plated to finish.


Due to the nature of this design, the Vogue Flexx does require 4 – 6 weeks to craft and deliver.




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