When we think of designer radiators it’s easy for our imaginations to stray into over the top pseudo arty and loud colours that pull the eye whether they want to be pulled or not. But what if there was more to the designer radiator? The mirrored radiator is an example of how you can bring more to the home with your designer radiator, and with no hindrance to your property’s energy efficiency.

There are plenty of radiators out there to choose from for your home, especially if you decide to go designer, and so homing in your options and needs will make your purchase that little bit easier. This blog gives a lowdown on what a mirrored radiator can offer you, so that you can make sure you’re making the right purchase for your home.



What is a mirrored radiator?

Ba mirrored radiator differs from a mirror finish radiator in that it is not a normal radiator with a reflective coat placed upon it. Whilst this is technically a mirrored radiator, it is “mirrored” after all, a mirror radiator incorporates a mirror into the body of the radiator itself, meaning that it is both a heating unit and a mirror at the same time. Due to the sizes of our everyday mirror, most are vertical radiators in design and create a full body reflective surface, usually reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms.


Benefits of a mirrored radiator

So, what makes mirrored radiators so popular? With so many designs of radiator out there, what is it about a mirrored one that has made it so popular with radiator connoisseurs.





One aspect of the mirror radiator which makes it so enticing, is that it is multifunctional as well as stylish. With great heating incorporated into a crucial accessory in the home, the mirrored radiator is a great value product with which you are basically getting a two for one deal. In the same price bracket as other none reflective designer radiators, the great value nature of this versatile gem means that you’ll get use out of it even when you’re not using it for heating.


Space saving

One of the main problems with heating the bathroom is that there are often a wide range of other utilities set within it. In the bathroom you are working with a space which is generally smaller than other rooms and has twice the amount of functions. That’s why the two in one deal you get with the mirrored radiator makes it the perfect addition to the smaller bathroom. Pair this with the vertical and often towel rail incorporating functions of the mirrored radiator and you have yourself a practical solution to your bathrooms needs.


More light in your rooms

On the subject of smaller spaces in your home it is a fact that the lighter the room, the more spacious it’ll feel. Mirrored vertical radiators paired with either natural or artificial light will bring more shine into the room due to the reflective surfaces. The more spacious a room feels, the more relaxed and comfortable it’ll be.


Flexible heat outputs

One of the other benefits of a mirrored vertical radiator is that these units are often flexible in their heat output. Due to the sporadic temperature changes in the bathroom, you will find that many, including mirror radiators, can be bought in dual fuel and electric heat options. This will help you save even more on your energy bills, as with a mirrored wall mounted electric radiator could change the aesthetic and efficiency of your home in just one easy installation.


Our favourite mirrored radiators

When it comes to mirror radiators, Designer Radiators Direct are top of the game. That’s why we’ve compiled just a few of the best-sellers online, giving you a taste of just what to expect from your reflective heating unit.


Zehnder Roda Mirror

This beautiful designer vertical radiator is a beautiful radiator with a flawless, sleek design. Made up of bookending rectangular columns which sit either side of a slash of mirror, this fresh vertical radiator looks the part in any home. Easy to clean and gorgeous to look at, you can’t get any more innovative than this beautiful hybrid of artistic originality and efficiency.


Radox Quartz Exclusive Vertical Designer Radiator

Sleek and discreet, this wall mounted designer radiator is as subtle as it is eye catching. Whilst it blends into any modern furnished bathroom, once you see it, you won’t stop looking, especially with its glass fronted mirror finish bringing heat and light in equal measure. With its additional towel bar, the Radox Quartz Designer Radiator is a multifunctional match made in radiator heaven.


Hudson Reed Revive with Mirror

Made with smooth anthracite columns stretching up the sides of a sleek mirror, the Hudson Reed Revive is a mirror radiator which will soften your bathrooms edge. With its sleek metal bars, you’ll find this modern designed radiator to be both minimalist and sumptuous in equal measure. The Hudson Reed brand are known for bringing simple and crisp designs together with efficiency, and they certainly don’t disappoint with the breath taking revive.


Reina Reflect

The Reina Reflect brings together beautiful white rectangular columns and a central vertical mirror, ensuring that your vertical mirror radiator encapsulates style and practicality. Due to its light colour, the Reina Reflect brings light and warmth in equal measure, ensuring a great heat output and clean and crisp design. With a great warranty and an amazing heat output, the Reina Reflect is one of the most beautiful mirror radiators on the market today.


DQ Cove Mirror

The DQ Cove Mirror radiator brings the gleam back into your industrial style. With shining chrome columns on either side of a central vertical mirror, the DQ Cove injects striking aesthetics into your home, making for a grand focal point for any bathroom, whatever the size.