Ultimate Radiator Accessory Buying Guide

Radiator accessories are a rarely discussed part of owning and maintaining a radiator. Yet with such a vast selection of add-ons available to buy, it’s understandable that many homeowners flock to get greater value from their heating system.


The best radiators are often powered by a selection of add-ons, which allow the user to either make the radiator more efficient, or add some aesthetic benefits.


In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key accessories currently available for purchase.


Towel Rails

Unless you have purchased one of the many towel radiators on the market, a towel rail can help you maximise value from your radiator.


They do this by clipping onto the existing radiator, and while this accessory tends to make the radiator take up a little more room, it also provides plenty of scope for use. Towel rails are a popular way of drying clothes during the colder months of the year, particularly for customers who don’t own a dryer.


Towel rails are also a great option for ensuring that while items are drying, it does not affect the temperature of the room – they are independently attached rather than concealing the heat which should be coming from the radiator itself.


Another benefit of towel rails is that they can be attached to any form of radiator including cast iron radiators, and are created in a wide variety of different materials and finishes – each of which affect the durability and price point at which you’ll be able to purchase them.


Towel Radiators and Rails




Even the most solid of radiators sometimes need a little update, and floor mounting generally provides a solid footing for the item, which prevents your radiator from resting directly on the floor.


There is a wide variety of different makes and models available, with many different finishes and colours sure to match any décor and type of radiator.


The feet on a radiator are an under-sung yet often essential piece of kit, as they provide weight-bearing and also make the radiator itself flexible enough to be placed almost anywhere in your home. The best floor-mounting also makes the radiator a little more portable, so it’s a great option for anyone planning renovations or refurbishments.


Radiator Brackets

If you’re planning on many any kind of additions to your radiator, then radiator brackets will soon become an essential item. They can be added to a vast selection of different radiator models, and are frequently sold in sets for added convenience and value.


Radiator brackets are used to help secure towel rails or mount radiators to the wall; the most commonly-found brackets are sold in groups of 4-6, and are often finished in white or chrome, allowing them to blend in with some of the most popular styles.



Radiator valves don’t often get broken or go missing, but when they do, they can be replaced by finding the correct model for your type of radiator. Many people have never bought a radiator valve before, so as a general guide, there are two main types to choose from.


Wheelhead / lockshield valves are the most common type, and by opening and closing the valve, the user can control the temperature of the radiator by determining how much water is allowed to enter the radiator, adding extra heat.


The second type is referred to as manual or thermostatic radiator valves, and is controlled by the radiator owner, who sets their desired room temperature. The valve will then work to maintain this temperature. This form of valve is considered highly desirable on a wide number of different radiator models, including bathroom radiators and curved heated towel rails, as it prevents the room from either getting too hot, or becoming too chilly.


Thermostatic valves can be handy for drying towels, and therefore are often used in the bathroom.




Radiator Key

This is an important piece of kit for all radiators, as it allows you to bleed your radiator and release built up air to ensure the maintenance of a more energy-efficient system. Radiator keys can be purchased from most DIY stores.


In the event you can’t find out, an alternative method for releasing the valves on your radiator is a flat-top screwdriver. Always make sure you have one of these items in your home in case of radiator-related emergencies, which can strike even when you’re equipped with the latest luxury radiators.



Some radiator models can be integrated with a smart thermostat, ideal for gauging the immediate temperature of each individual radiator in your home. Whilst this is certainly a luxury item rather than a necessity, it is a great way of taking more control over your heating system.