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At DRD we work with a range of quality suppliers that have been in the radiator industry for decades, they are all well known and well respected in the radiator industry. At DRD we ensure that every brand we work with is of exceptional quality and only offer the best in radiator design and function.

Quality Designer Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

So if you have your heart set on a certain brand, or unsure which radiator brand to choose from, just check out our selection.

Each company has their own skills and focus on different radiator styles and materials. So if you're looking for quality cast iron radiators, then Paladin radiators might be for you. If you're looking for highly contemporary and unique radiators, then Aeon is the way to go.

Perhaps you’d like a popular brand with high quality radiators at affordable prices? Then it’s Lux Heat or Reina you’d choose, they are the top radiator brands we sell on our site.

Each of our brands offer a range of special colours you might not be able to get with a different radiator, so if there's a certain colour you’d like, just check our brand special finishes.

Before ordering your new designer radiator, it's important to know the BTU required to heat your space. To work this out easily, use our free BTU calculator.

Make sure you know all the essentials before buying your radiator, for a helping hand, see our informative guide.

Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

If you're not focused on a certain brand, and are just looking for a high quality radiator, then have a look at our range of modern radiators and traditional radiators. We have a wide range to choose from all with brilliant quality and heat outputs.

We also have a wide range of towel radiators, in a range of materials like our popular stainless steel towel radiators and aluminium towel radiators.

If you’re looking for a bargain, we have a selection of radiators on sale. Don’t miss them!

Still struggling to find what you're looking for? Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding any of our radiators or brands.

Brand Radiators Popular Questions

What Are the Most Popular Brands Sold?

Every brand is popular in their own way, and depending on what you're looking for, one brand might be better for you than another. But we have selected 3 of our brands that are the most popular, selling more designs and sizes than others. These are Lux Heat, Reina and Terma.

What Is Different About Each Brand?

Each brand offers a selection of radiators and different styles. Some brands lean more to certain styles of radiators, like vogue, they create a larger range of towel radiators. While MHS focuses on column radiators.

Each radiator brand also offers different delivery dates, prices and warranties. With some brands like Lux Heat offering 10 years warranty on almost all of their radiators.

What Are The Top Selling Radiators At DRD?

We have hundreds of radiators, all with brilliant qualities and heat outputs. But we do have some that stand out with our customers more than others. Here is a short list of some brands and their top selling radiators.

  • First is the highly popular Lux Heat Oxford. It comes in a stocked or made to order version and has a wide range of size options to fit any space.
  • The Reina Dimaro is a loved vertical radiator with a unique design, it adds a luxurious shine to modern spaces and comes in a selection of colour options to really make it match your room.
  • Our Terma Rolo Mirror Radiator combines style, heat and practicality. It comes in a range of colour options and really adds a luxury boost to your interior. It looks exquisite in hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • This modern Carisa Motion Aluminium Radiator comes in a stylish vertical or horizontal design. Its contemporary design really enhances modern spaces and adds a stylish flair to any room.
  • Finally, an all time classic. Our fan favourite Ultraheat Compact Convector Radiator. Its highly affordable and has a powerful heat output. It's very popular with landlords and tradesmen. That's because it's such a high quality radiator.
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