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Arroll Radiators

Arroll are masters of their craft in the design and manufacture of cast iron radiators and accessories. The brand is headquartered in the Northern Irish capital of Belfast – a city with immense heritage in the ship building industry. It’s inspired by the state-of-the-art engineering of Scotsman Sir William Arroll, whose pioneering scaffolding system helped build the Titanic.

The Arroll brand now has almost two decades of expertise in the radiator scene. In that short space of time, it has greatly expanded its customer base to approximately 17 countries worldwide. All of whom are inspired by Arroll’s plethora of cast iron models.

Traditional and period properties demand complementary finishes and Arroll’s cast iron radiators certainly offer elegant, timeless appeal. Their multiple styles and models can be finished in thousands of colours to suit your home’s colour scheme, thanks to its state-of-the-art production.


Arroll Radiators at Designer Radiators Direct 

Choose from old-school radiator favourites like The Princess or The Peerless or opt for more upmarket, decorative designs such as The Parisian or The Daisy, both of which are inspired by late 19th-century French design and deliver a stunning, ornate aesthetic.

Every single Arroll cast iron radiator is built to last using time-honoured manufacturing techniques. This enables the brand to commit to a 10-year guarantee on all its products. The radiators are all pressure tested to 5 bar and can be supplied fully assembled for installation in sizes up to 1500mm.

Aside from its cast iron radiator range, Arroll has also diversified into cast aluminium designs thanks to its pioneering manufacturing techniques. The Edwardian 4 Column model features a striking aluminium outer, complete with steel tubing internally to prevent corrosion and the potential for metal transference. These models are typically more eco-friendly than their cast iron counterparts, given that they utilise up to 60% less water to heat your home and are constructed from 60% recyclable materials.


Need Assistance With Arrol Radiators?

Before you decide on your perfect Arroll radiator, you need to work out the optimal BTU output to effectively heat your space. Take advantage of our free BTU calculator to find the perfect BTU output rating for your space.

If you need further information on any of our available Arroll radiators, contact us right away. our friendly sales team at Designer Radiators Direct will be happy to assist.

Arroll Radiators Popular Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Arroll Radiators?

Arroll are leading manufacturers in cast iron radiators, crafting elegant column radiators with help from skilled craftsmen. And thanks to this cast iron material it means these Arroll radiators are extremely durable and exceptional at holding onto heat. The column designs allow for a more even flow of heating. Arroll are so committed to quality that they are able to offer a 10 year guarantee on all their radiators, ensuring you've got a stylish radiator for at least a decade.

What Style Radiators Do Arroll Offer?

Arroll are masters in crafting high-quality column radiators. Mostly in cast iron, they offer superb and unmatched traditional cast iron radiators. Arroll has also partaken in creating aluminum designs thanks to its pioneering manufacturing techniques. If you would like to learn more about cast iron radiators please see our informative guide.

Are Arroll Radiators Expensive?

Arroll radiators vary from £87 to £251 for their radiator designs, these prices are from the smallest size options, it does go up in price with each section. This is beneficial as it means you don’t have to pay more for a radiator that's too big, you can adjust the size and also work around the price at the same time!