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Carron Radiators

If you want a bespoke radiator with a classic design then Carron radiators are for you. Carron is a luxury cast iron radiator brand that only offers the best column radiator styles.

Carron Radiators, Cast Iron Radiators With Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

At DRD we trust Carron Radiators, that's why we offer long lasting warranties. We know they are built to last. Dedicated to only producing the highest quality cast iron radiators available, Carron uses CNC moulds and 3D modelling techniques to sand cast each section of these radiators to ensure that every nook and cranny has a flawless look. Here is a need to know guide if you're considering buying a cast iron radiator.

Carron offers over 10,000 different coloured finishes to choose from in their own paint and spray shop, and even offer an expert colour matching service for customers who want the perfect detailed finish on their cast iron radiators. To give your cast iron radiator a flawless look don’t forget to add some valves and Carron accessories.

Before you get too excited about buying a cast iron radiator it's important to know the BTU required for your space. At DRD we’ve made a handy and free BTU calculator so you can get the perfect radiator for your room.

Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

If you're after a timeless design then see our wider range of traditional radiators. A well known classic is the column radiator, at DRD we stock a wide range of column radiators so there's something for everyone. Looking for a more modern radiator? Then see our contemporary radiators today. If you have any questions regarding the Carron brand or cast iron radiators in general please contact our team today. Our award winning team is happy to help.

Carron Radiators Popular Questions

What’s So Good About Cast Iron Radiators?

Cast iron is a brilliant material for radiators. Extremely durable and hardy, they are brilliant for holding heat and if looked after, cast iron radiators can last a lifetime. With the lifetime warranties we offer at DRD on some Carron cast iron radiators, we really mean a lifetime!

Are Cast Iron Radiators Expensive To Run?

The thing about cast iron radiators is that, though they can take a while to heat up they are able to hold onto heat more than any other radiator. So it might seem like they are more expensive to run because of the time it can take to warm the heater up, but remember that once you turn your heating off the cast iron radiator can keep going for longer than any other radiator. So this means that cast iron radiators aren’t any more expensive than aluminium radiators, which heat up quickly but also cool down quickly.

What Are The Best Selling Carron Radiators?

Carron does so many amazing radiators and here we've picked the 3 bestsellers to give you a helping hand. The first is the Carrron Rathmell 9 column radiator, this is a favourite for its ability to fit snug under windows while emitting massive heat outputs. Another favourite is the elegant Carron Wilsford towel radiator, it's gorgeous blend of traditional and modern lets it fit sleek in any room, its a towel dryer and brilliant radiator with unlimited style. An all time classic is the Carron Daisy cast iron radiator, starting from just £156, it's an affordable antique radiator that's crafted with elegant detailing, the high heat output warms any space and its range of colours means it's perfect for any traditional interiors.