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Eskimo Radiators

Eskimo are radiator designers on a mission to create attractive and functional products. With so many years of experience, Eskimo Radiators have quickly become one of the most impressive brands on the market when it comes to ingenious design and alluring heating options.

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With a creative and versatile range of radiators, the Eskimo radiator has found a unique place within the radiator world and has been heating homes since 2001. With an intimate team of designers at their helm, Eskimo continues to design their range of radiators with flair and originality, and push for only the best in heating design. With a wide range of radiators to choose from, Eskimo isn't just at the forefront of design, but in science too. Eskimo has created a beautiful range of convection current powered radiators that are especially efficient. Whatever the size of your room, the aim of Eskimo is to make your space warm and comfortable. With high-end Eskimo designer radiators, you'll not only have a stellar radiator model, but you'll have reduced your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the Eskimo range offers infrared powered heating units. Instead of using convection currents to move warm air around the room, the infrared radiator only heats up objects. By using 100% of the heat they produce, they're incredibly energy-efficient and cost-effective.

This is one of the draws to the Eskimo brand & the heating systems they produce, they aren't just functional but very diverse too.

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Within the Eskimo range, you'll find column radiators, bathroom radiators and horizontal radiators that come in many different Eskimo Finishes and not to mention, a range of Eskimo Accessories that give your radiator that flawless look. While you are certainly spoilt for choice, you'll notice a few consistencies between different radiator models. They are always clean and crisp in their design and have a minimalist flair. It's easy to see that the Eskimo range is dedicated to practical and alluring radiators. If you’d like to learn more about Eskimo radiators, you should take a look at our blog

Whatever your heating needs, there's an Eskimo radiator which is perfect for your space. When choosing a new Eskimo radiator it is important to know what heat output is required for your room. To work this out easily we have created a handy BTU calculator.

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Eskimo Radiators Popular Questions

Why Choose Eskimo Radiators?

Eskimo is a brand that is passionate about producing stylish designer radiators with high functionality at affordable prices. They want gone of the basic radiator designs and wants everyone to be able to heat their spaces in style. Nothing is half done by Eskimo radiators, they pride themselves in offering top quality radiators with meticulous attention to detailing and finishes.

What Style Radiators Does Eskimo Offer?

Eskimo offers a vast range of radiators in many luxury designs and styles. If you're looking for a stand out art piece that's also a highly functional radiator then Eskimo is the brand for you. From unique electric towel radiators to stunning panel radiators and even practical mirror radiators, Eskimo is a brand that never disappoints.

What Are Eskimo’s Best Selling Radiators?

Eskimo offers a fun and luxury range of designer radiators. Their top selling radiator is something that you don’t see often, the Eskimo Outline Blackboard Vertical Radiator also works as a blackboard, don’t forget a thing again, write important notes and shopping lists on this blackboard radiator, you can even keep the children occupied with its playfulness! For a unique and one of a kind look check this modern Eskimo Gordon electric towel radiator, its interesting design allows you to hang your towels in style and the colour options let you match your décor to your radiator flawlessly. If you love the simple and classic look then you’ll love the Eskimo Column Vertical Aluminium Radiator, beautifully crafted with sleek columns, it's a high functioning radiator that has a range of sizes available.