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MHS Radiators

MHS is an acknowledged leader in radiator design and technology going from strength to strength over the last 30 years, building up to owning fleets of delivery vehicles and warehousing facilities.

With so many designer radiators on the market, it can be very difficult to gauge which one will work best in your space. From the vertical towel rails to the slick hallway radiators, heating units are diverse and of great value. One brand who always stands out on the market is MHS. With their focus on classic column designs with a unique twist, MHS have an innovative range based on one of the simplest designs. Whether you are looking for classic cast iron radiators or a slick finished dual fuel, this great value company offers beautiful designs at cut throat prices.

MHS Radiators At Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

MHS radiators offer a range of energy efficient heating, and all based on the mantra that less is more. Whether you're looking for that perfect hallway heating unit or a sleek radiator for your room, MHS offers some of the best options for all spaces. Column radiators are well known for being economical, and for their dynamic use of radiating heat between their loops, and MHS has some of the most stylish column radiators on our site.

MHS Radiators are mainly column radiators and this brand offers some of the widest range of sizes available to cater for all homes and offices, with some radiators having over 300 sizes. So if you have an awkward space to fill, or just looking for a simple radiator design with exceptional heat outputs MHS is the way to go.

When deciding on your new MHS radiator it's important to take note of what heat output is required for your rooms. To find this out easily we have created a handy BTU calculator.

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If you can’t find your dream radiator or need a helping hand in choosing a size and finish then please contact us today! We can help find the perfect radiator for you thanks to our award winning customer service team!

MHS Radiators Popular Questions

Is MHS A Good Radiator Brand?

MHS are known for their made-to-order radiators, column radiators and panel radiators. They offer an amazing range of sizes for anyone in need of fitting radiators in awkward spaces or for anyone who needs a specific size. MHs also has a wide range of colour finishes, letting you really personalise your radiator to your décor. But that's not all, their radiators offer impressive heat outputs too. It's no wonder that MHS is one of our top selling brands!

To learn more about column radiators and why they're so popular please see our blog.

What Are Made To Order Radiators And Stocked Radiators?

MHS allows you to personalise some of their radiators, creating unique sizes or colouring your radiator with one of their special finishes. This means that it needs to be “made for you”, this is what made to order means. If you want a certain finish to match your interior or need a certain size then MHS can do that. As they have to make it, it can be a little more expensive than the stocked versions and delivery will be longer but it's worth it. We do have stocked versions of some made-to-order items, these are the most common or popular sizes and finishes. So if you aren't looking for a specific size or colour, or need a radiator quickly then you might want to check the stocked version first. They have quicker delivery times as they are already made and are just waiting to be purchased.

Are MHS Radiators Affordable?

MHS radiators are very affordable. As many come in sections you only really need to pay for what you need. As their made-to-order radiators can be tailored for you it means you don’t have to spend more on an oversized radiator. It’s also beneficial in the long run as the smaller sizes don’t have to heat up as much water. But that doesn’t mean their larger radiators are bad! The great thing about MHS is that you can get a radiator perfect for larger spaces, so even if you do need a large radiator that uses more water, you don’t have to keep the radiator on for as long as it can easily heat up that larger area. Just remember to check the BTU calculator to work out the heat output you need for your space.

What Are The Best Selling Radiators Of MHS?

MHS is one of our best selling brands on our site due to their quality and made-to-order radiators. Here we will put 3 of the best selling radiators to help you decide which MHS radiator to go for.

Starting off we have the Multisec 3 column horizontal radiator, this is no surprise as the Multisec range is extremely popular, they are highly durable, come in a wide range of colours and sizes plus they are very affordable.

Following closely is the MHS Decoral 97 aluminium radiator, its sleeker in design as its a panel radiator. It comes in a wide range of sizes and looks exquisite in modern rooms, not to mention it has an impressive 10 year guarantee!

For something a little different we have the Multisec vertical radiator, it's a similar design to the horizontal radiator but is perfect if you have limited space or if you want a modern twist on your radiator. Vertical radiators are becoming extremely popular very quickly due to their impressive designs; utilising space and offering optimal heat outputs. Why don't you jump on the vertical trend too for an ultimate style boost!

What Size Will I Need?

As you can see with these radiators, MHS offers a huge range of sizes. This can make finding the right radiator for your space a little confusing. But don't worry! We have a free and very easy to use BTU calculator that works out the BTU output your room requires so you can find your dream radiator much easier.