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More and more people are leaning towards electric radiators for efficient eco-friendly heating. Now that electric radiators are on the rise, there has never been so many options to choose from when it comes to electric radiator designs. This is where Radiwarm come in, they manufacture premium quality electric radiators that feature high heat outputs and modern style.

Eco-Friendly Electric Radiators. Low Prices, High Heat Outputs & Free UK Delivery Options Available

Radiwarm is an independent British-based company that has been manufacturing exceptional water filled electric radiators for over 20 years. They know the ins and out’s of how to make a powerful, durable and safe electric radiator while keeping the prices affordable for customers on budgets. Their expert craftsmen meticulously test and quality check each electric radiator at their manufacturing facility which is in the valleys of West Yorkshire. They are also Eco-design and LOT20 compliant so you know you can heat your property with a green foot.

Radiwarm has a selection of electric radiators in a range of size options including their unique vertical electric radiators. Many of their pipeless radiators feature smart energy-saving functions and can be controlled via Wi-Fi for precise temperature adjustments and more control over their heating bills.

Before you purchase an electric radiator or central heating radiator you need to know the heat output your space requires. Use our free and easy BTU/WATT calculator to work out the BTU or Watt needed for your space so you can find the perfect radiator to warm it effectively.

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If you would like to learn more about our Radiwarm electric radiators, or if you need help choosing your dream radiator please contact us today. Our award-winning customer service team can help you find the right radiator for you or answer any queries you may have.

Radiwarm Electric Radiators Popular Questions

What Is An Electric Radiator?

Electric radiators unlike central heating radiators do not connect to your boiler through pipework. Instead they are connected straight to a power socket in your property, this makes electric radiators highly popular as they can be installed in various spots around the room rather than being limited to where your pipework is currently placed.

Where Are Radiwarm Electric Radiators Made?

Radiwarm is a UK based radiator manufacturer in West Yorkshire. They use high quality British materials and have been in business for over 20 years, so you can be comfortable knowing you’ll receive a premium quality electric radiator with efficient heat outputs when you purchase a Radiwarm radiator.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric radiators?

Electric radiators and electric towel radiators come with a whole range of benefits starting with their easy installation. Unlike central heating radiators, electric radiators don’t need to be lined up with pipework and installed to them, instead they can be simply mounted anywhere close to a power socket. Another benefit is their rapid eco-friendly heating, as the heat comes straight from the radiator and heating element they take less time to warm up and heat your space.

Most electric radiators feature smart functions and if they don’t you can install a heating element which features smart functions, these functions include settings like timer modes, boost modes and even overheating protection.

The benefits are vast, so if you would like to learn even more about electric radiators please see our informative blog which compares electric radiators and central heating radiators to help you decide which would be best for your property.

Are Electric Radiators Expensive To Run?

This is the most common question we come across when it comes to electric heating. But they aren’t that different to central heating radiators, but as with any radiator, it does vary depending on your electricity provider and the length of time your electric radiator is used. To help you work out the running costs of an electric radiator per hour to see if it would be more effective for you please see our examples in our guide.

What Designs Are Available With Radiwarm Electric Radiators?

Radiwarm focus on creating functional and smart electric radiators with compact or sleek designs. But electric radiators, due to their rise in popularity, the range of styles has massively expanded. This means you are no longer limited in design, each of our brands offers a different range of electric radiators so you can choose from a wide selection of shapes, styles and even finishes to blend in seamlessly with your interior. We have sleek designer electric radiators, coloured electric radiators and even traditional electric radiators if you want modern functions but with a Victorian era aesthetic.

What Electric Heating Element Will I Need?

We have a choice of electric heating elements to choose from but some elements are pre-installed with some of our electric radiators and towel rails. Check out our electric towel radiators with thermostat if you'd like to see ones with thermostats included.

Many of our electric elements are suitable for a range of electric radiators but if you would like to know more about an element or which element is recommended with a specific electric radiator just contact us and we can help you find the best electric heating element for your electric radiator.

Are There Any Electric Radiators On Sale?

At Designer Radiators Direct we believe every customer, even those on a budget, should be able to purchase a designer radiator, whether you are looking for a vertical radiator, coloured radiator, electric radiator or towel radiator. That’s why we have an impressive range of radiators available at discounted prices on our sales page. If you are looking for a high quality radiator at a bargain price we recommend you check out our sale.