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The Radiator Company

The Radiator Company has efficient designs that are suitable for any living or workspace. The wide range available is a reflection of the latest design trends and technical developments in both modern and traditional radiators.

The Radiator Company creates precise and functional radiators that are infused with neatness that has become a signature of their brand. Whether you're looking to buy hallway radiators, bathroom radiators or living room radiators, there will be a radiator that is right for your space. If you're on the lookout for that perfect radiator model for your room, the Radiator Company has the perfect blend of slick modernity and subtle efficiency. The Radiator Company designer radiators are one of the most recognised radiator models on the market and, with so many different styles, they will blend seamlessly into any space, no matter the design aesthetic.

The Radiator Company Radiators With DRD

Several designs are available in custom built-in sizes, along with quite literally thousands of stock items in set sizes and finishes, making the Radiator Company one of the most flexible manufacturers in the industry. Radiator Company radiators are therefore the perfect mix of tradition and modernity, bringing with them a blend of efficient heating and classic looks. If you'd like to give your radiator a seamless finish then have a look at their radiator accessories.

The Radiator Company has years of experience and can tailor their designs around your needs as a customer and homeowner. They focus on beautiful designs from across the broad spectrum of radiator innovation. Two specific designs stand out as one of their go-to designs, though. These are the classic column radiator and the vertical towel rail. If you would like to learn more about column radiators then check out are informative blog.

With their take on the column radiator, the Radiator Company embellish art deco designs like the Ledbury and the Telford with robust heating systems and keeps them round-topped. Towel radiators from the Radiator Company push for clean and crisp bathroom designs, bringing an alluring sheen to the high heat outputs.

Choose Your Perfect Radiator

When choosing a new radiator from the Radiator Company you need to pay attention to how much BTU output is required. To work this out we have made a handy BTU calculator that will help you find your perfect radiator.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Award winning staff are extremely knowledgeable regarding The Radiator Companies’ products and all of our other products.


The Radiator Company Popular Questions

Is The Radiator Company A Good Brand?

The radiator company has been in the radiator business for over 20 years, keeping on top of the trends and being some of the first to add new technical developments to their radiators. Giving you ultimate style with some of the best heat outputs and durability available on the market. Their impressive range of radiators means you’ll find something that's right for you, whether it be a column radiator, heated towel rail or panel radiators. Catering to your every need, many of these radiators can be ‘made-to-order, taking your requirements for size and colour and adding them to your dream radiator. The radiator company is one of our popular brands for a reason.

Is there A Warranty On The Radiator Company Products?

At DRD we have given every radiator from this brand a minimum warranty, with some going as far as 20 years. So whichever radiator you decide to go with, you know you’ll be at peace with your decision.

What Are The Best Selling Radiators From The Radiator Company?

The radiator company is a leading supplier of radiators. We’ve narrowed down the top selling radiators in case you get overwhelmed by the range of heaters the radiator company has to offer.

The Telford 2 Column Cast Iron Horizontal is a high quality cast iron radiator with a more modern yet traditional design. It's available in a wide range of sizes and has a massive 20 year warranty! If you love the design but would like a certain colour then just see the made-to-order version!

Another top seller is the Ancona 3 Column Horizontal, it's also a column radiator but is more curved in design, giving it a more modern look instead of traditional. The 10 year warranty adds comfort when purchasing, giving years of style stress free! It's also available as made-to-order if you’d like specific colours or sizes.

Now for something a little different, the Griffin Towel Radiator is a sleek towel radiator that's designed for not just bathrooms, but kitchens, bedrooms and cloak rooms too! Available in a range of colour options you can easily place this in any room for added hanging space, style and warmth. It also comes in a stocked version if you aren’t wanting a specific colour.

If you do see a stocked radiator that you like the look of but want a different colour then check the made-to-order versions. With the radiator company most come as stocked or made-to-order so you’ll easily find your dream radiator here.