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Thermosphere is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly radiator manufacturers out there. Creating high-quality and affordable electric heating products and underfloor heating that can be used in any space.

Electric Radiators & Underfloor Heating, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

With the range of electric towel rails you can save on heating bills in style. Thermosphere only uses the highest quality materials so your towel radiators can heat up quickly, cool down evenly and are highly affordable and durable.

Thermosphere doesn't just sell underfloor heating, they also manufacture premium quality electric radiators and towel radiators to provide you with energy-efficient heating all year round. Before purchasing an electric radiator, you'll need to know the wattage your room needs to heat effectively. To work this out use our free BTU calculator, this calculates the BTU or WATT needed for your space to help you find the perfect central heating or electric radiator.

Speak To Our Heating Specialists For Advice

If you need advice on underfloor heating or have any questions regarding our electric radiators or any of our other radiators then contact us today, our team offers expert support and advice for heating design challenges in complex projects.

Thermosphere Radiators Popular Questions

Is It Worth Having Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating can do wonders, especially in winter if you have wooden flooring or tiles. But it's not just limited to them, it also works for carpets too. It's definitely something to think about if you're in the process of renovating. If the floor will be replaced anyway then you can actually save money on installation. If you're not renovating but are interested then we still suggest you look into it. Though the installation can be expensive, in the long term, underfloor heating can help you save on your energy bills. As underfloor heating evenly heats your room to the perfect temperature you’ve set, you no longer have to worry about lingering cold spots.

Can Underfloor Heating Replace A Radiator?

Underfloor heating can definitely replace radiators. As the heating is all under the floor and not in one single spot in your room it can actually heat your space more effectively and evenly, not overheating in one section of the room and leaving cold spots in other areas. Not to mention the worries of burns from radiators will vanish thanks to underfloor heating.

Is Underfloor Heating Hard To Install?

Underfloor heating doesn’t have to be challenging, expensive or scary! Just have a look at our blog for all the facts of underfloor heating. If you love the idea of underfloor heating and would like to learn about installation then this guide is for you.

Does Thermosphere Only Sell Underfloor Heating?

Thermosphere doesn't just sell underfloor heating, they also offer a range of highly affordable electric towel radiators and other panel radiators. These different radiators, like the Glass Panel Radiator, have modern technological designs, with open window detection and a WIFI app for your smartphone. Allowing you to easily adjust the heating, and helps you save on your gas bills.

The Double-Ended Electric Towel Bar has a discrete look that adds luxury to any space. Due to its size it can be put in many areas and its useful design allows you to warm your towels in elegance, the range of colour options allows you to match this towel rail to your interior.