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Cast Iron Radiator

Technology and design are always a good indicator of the current style. Take any interior design and someone will be able to indicate to you what decade it may have originated from. However, there are some styles which remain timeless and classic - looks that never look out of place no matter what the current trend.

The cast Iron radiator is one example of this, be it a single hand-painted radiator sat in a study or lounge, or a hand-polished range of matching cast iron options, the effect of these radiators is always going to turn heads. If you want class, style and sophistication, there is nothing as striking as a hand-made, bespoke Cast Iron radiator.

If you are looking for a cast radiator for your home, has everything you need.

Unique Look and Feel

Cast iron radiators are bespoke, and for this reason you know they will be perfect in whatever space you have in mind, even smaller or unusual spaces.

There are many different looks you can opt for in your cast iron radiator on the website, including in different colours, like bronze, brown, silver or white. You might also opt for an effect or texture, such as the Paladin Piccadilly or Paladin Saint Paul, which has a vintage inspired antique effect.

Piccadilly Rex-main MHS-Classico

How your Cast Iron Radiator is Made

The expert team at are able to make bespoke, unique and beautifully finished cast iron radiators for you.
On the website you will find the sections are listed by their height and sometimes how deep they are. For example, one section might be 600mm high and 50mm wide, and to make a radiator which is 500mm wide you would need 10 sections.
Once the sections are connected together by an expert, 'bush-ends' or 'bushes' are added onto the ends of the radiator width. This adds width of around 14mm per bush-end, so a 500mm radiator would become 528mm wide after being fitted with the bushes.

Heating your Home beautifully

Ultimately, a cast iron radiator has a key function - to heat the room well. If you are more concerned with the heat output of your radiator, then you only need to do a couple of quick sums. A keen maths person may be interested to know the following:
In this example let's say you want 6,000 BTUs and each section of the radiator gives out 315 BTUs, you would take the 6,000 BTU requirement and divide it by 315 BTUs, and the result is 19.05, meaning you need 20 sections to meet a 6,000 BTU requirement.
Of course, you may not know how much you want or the correct heating output. The team at will be able to help you choose the right heating for your cast iron radiator depending on your room and needs.

A Great Product at an Even Better Price

Once you have decided what you want from your cast iron radiator, such as how large it needs to be, finishes and colours, you can calculate the cost. Each section of the cast iron radiator is calculated separately. One section might cost £18 for example, so if you were looking for a 20 section radiator as in the example above, this would cost you £360.00 - a great price for such a truly bespoke product that will really stand the test of time.

Don't Forget the Little Things

Don't forget you can also choose which valves you want for your cast iron radiators, along with matching sleeving kits, wall stays (to support the radiator on the wall) and anything else that might finish off the look. You can get everything you need from