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Aluminium Electric Radiators

One of the most popular materials used for radiators is aluminium. And now in electric, these aluminium radiators take design and function a step further. Combining lightweight materials and modern high-end technology, these electric aluminium radiators are made to impress.

Eco-Friendly and Lightweight Electric Aluminium Radiators. Free UK Delivery Available On Selected Items!

Aluminium radiators are known for their lightweight materials, rapid heat ups times and versatile designs. This makes aluminium radiators highly popular across the country. In a wide range of styles and sizes, you’ll find an aluminium radiator you’ll love with Designer Radiators Direct.

Imagine the pleasure of having an aluminium radiator that's powered by electricity over gas. Not only are electric radiators more eco-friendly, but they also offer brilliant heat outputs and are great for quick bursts of heat. This means you no longer have to bother with switching on your boiler for the whole property and adjusting the valves for that single radiator you want to heat. Instead, you can switch on the electric aluminium radiator by the plug socket in the room you want to heat. It makes heating a specific space much easier, and can even help you save on your heating bills.

Before thinking about what style of electric radiator you’d want it's important to find out the BTU required for the area you plan to install it. You can do this with our easy and free BTU calculator.

If you’d like to learn more about aluminium radiators and the benefits, check out this useful guide.

Struggling To Find What You're Looking For?

If you can’t see a style you like on this page then we recommend you check out our full range of electric radiators. We have many more styles to choose from in a choice of finishes. We even have a range of electric towel radiators if you're looking for something for the bathroom or laundry room. But if perhaps you're not looking for electric radiators, see our huge selection of central heating radiators and aluminium radiators.

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Aluminium Electric Radiators Popular Questions

Which Radiator Gives Out The Best Heat?

Aluminium radiators are known for offering impressive heat. This is because aluminium is a superconductor so you’ll have high and rapid heat outputs. This means aluminium warms your room quicker and more effectively than other materials. (And yes that includes electric aluminium radiators.) Though they do cool down quicker than other materials, it hasn't changed the fact that aluminium radiators are still extremely popular.

Are Aluminium Radiators Durable?

Aluminium radiators are known for their durability. They are resistant to corrosion too which makes them a highly popular material. But this does not mean they are completely immune. You still need to clean and maintain your radiator. But thankfully, this is pretty easy.

Do Electric Radiators Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Electric radiators convert 100% of the energy given straight into heating. It means when you power your electric radiator, not a drop of electricity you’ve paid for is wasted. They can be highly efficient when used in smaller rooms or used for a shorter period of time. Due to their individual heating it means you can manage each radiator separately, turning ones off you don’t want to use and keeping others on. Unlike central heating radiators where you turn the boiler on and it heats all your radiators unless you’ve adjusted the valves.

How Do I Adjust The Heat On An Electric Radiator?

Many electric radiators are made with an inbuilt thermostat so you can easily control it with these. They are also known to be highly accurate so you’ll get stable and consistent heating when it's on. With newer electric radiator models, they are able to be controlled even easier via WIFI from an app you install on your phone or tablet. So you’ll no longer have to go over to your radiator to adjust it.

What Size Will I Need To Heat My Space?

The size needed will depend on the size of your room. So you know exactly which radiators you need please use our BTU calculator. This is designed to work out the BTU output your room requires, and then filters down to show you radiators that can effectively heat that space.