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Traditional Electric Radiators

One thing that is better than a traditional radiator is one that has modern heating features for optimized and efficient heating. This is where our traditional electric radiators come in. They have that much-loved classical design with fantastic heat outputs and energy-saving functions. So you can still be eco-friendly with your heating while still having that Victorian aesthetic you love so much.

Combine Traditional Aesthetics With Eco-Friendly Heating With Traditional Electric Radiators

Traditional electric radiators are a fantastic replacement for old or aged radiators, not only do they still have an ornate charm, but they also include impressive heat outputs that have no problems warming your space. Our electric radiators include high-quality electric elements rather than radiator valves to provide more versatile and flexible heating, with many elements featuring timer modes, and boost modes, and can be controlled through WIFI for precise heating.

So what makes electric radiators different? Our electric radiators, including our traditional electric radiators, are powered through electricity, so rather than attaching them to your pipework to connect to your boiler to heat the water inside, they instead can be installed anywhere around the property where a plug socket is close and the electric element heats up the special oil inside. This makes them incredibly popular as they are much easier to install and aren’t limited to placements like central heating radiators, with electric radiators, you can find a place you think would be suitable and, as long as a plug socket is close, you can easily install it without worrying about the pipework in your property and if your new radiator will fit your pipes.

When it comes to any radiator, electric radiators included, it is essential to work out the BTU or Wattage required to heat your room effectively. To do this you can use our free BTU/WATT calculator, just fill in some details regarding the room you would like to place your radiator in, and our calculator can work out the required heat output your space needs.

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Traditional Electric Radiators Popular Questions

What Is An Electric Radiator?

An electric radiator is powered by electricity rather than through your central heating system. This means that rather than being installed to your pipework, they are instead connected straight to a power socket to provide rapid heating.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Radiators?

Electric radiators and electric towel rails have a range of benefits and with more modern features, they are quickly becoming a popular choice. Some of the benefits include easy installation, quick heat up times and you can choose from a range of electric heating elements which feature energy-saving functions like timer modes for personalised heating, booster modes for short bursts of extra heat, open window detection and can be connected to Wi-Fi for easy temperature changes. Along with these, electric radiators help reduce your emissions and can help lower your energy and heating bills.

What Are Electric Heating Elements?

An electric heating element is required when using an electric radiator, they will not work without one. These elements work quite like the pipes connected to central heating radiators, they heat the inside of the radiator but instead of water, electric elements heat a specialised liquid that is inside electric radiators. Our electric radiators in turn boast 100% efficiency as it’s the element that heats the inside rather than the radiator pulling water from your boiler like central heating radiators do.

Are Electric Radiators Easy To Install?

One thing that people favour with electric radiators is that they are much easier to install. As they aren’t connected to your pipes, you don’t have to worry about the pipe length when purchasing a radiator. You can also place an electric radiator anywhere in your property where a plug socket is close.

Are Electric Radiators Expensive To Run?

This is a question we see often, so we have created a great informative blog to help you decide if it would be more cost effective for you to have an electric radiator. This blog includes examples of running costs for electric radiators per hour to help you work out the amount it would cost you as it can vary with each customer and energy provider.

What Size Electric Radiator Will I Need?

Just like with central heating radiators, you need an electric radiator that has the right wattage for the space it needs to heat. To work out the watts your room needs use our free BTU/WATT calculator, this works out the heat output you need for your space and filters down recommended radiators that would work best for you.

Are Electric Towel Radiators Available?

If you are looking for an electric heated towel rail for your bathroom or kitchen then we recommend you check out our full range of electric towel radiators. But if you are looking for a central heating towel radiator then please see our gas heated towel radiators.

Which Is Better? An Electric Radiator Or Central Heating Radiator?

If you are looking to see if an electric radiator or central heating radiator would be better for you then we recommend you have a read of our useful guide. As everybody's heating routines are different, you might just find that an electric radiator could be more suited to your heating needs. But what if you want both? We have a great selection of dual-fuel towel radiators available if you don’t want to compromise, these use both electricity and central heating for overall flexibility.