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Anthracite Grey Electric Towel Radiators

Anthracite grey makes the perfect finish for an electric towel radiator. With its luxury anthracite grey-coloured finish it adds grandeur to your space. Combined with smart electric functions, these anthracite grey electric towel rails offer endless style, practicality and brilliant heat outputs. If you're looking for a sophisticated electric towel radiator for your modern bathroom or kitchen then you’ve come to the right page.

Modern Anthracite Grey Electric Towel Radiators At Low Prices With Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Electric heated towel rails are designed to work individually from your central heating system. Instead of taking water through your pipes, they simply heat up through electricity. This makes electric radiators a popular addition to spaces like bathrooms, as people don’t spend a lot of time in their bathroom (other than soaking in the tub or washing). They are also very popular in utility rooms and kitchens.

This is where the benefit of an individually run electric radiators and electric towel rails comes in. They can be switched on before entering your bath for example, giving you a warm room with toasty towels and then switched back off when you leave without affecting the heating in the rest of your property. Another benefit of electric radiators is that if you often notice yourself forgetting to turn your electric radiator off, they come with various heat settings and timer features, so you won't end up with a large heating bill if you forget to switch off your electric radiator.

To find the correct towel radiator size for your space please use our free BTU calculator. It gives you the precise BTU output & wattage you need to heat your space effortlessly.

Can’t Find The Radiator You're Looking For?

If you want to add a luxury anthracite grey radiator to your interior but your on a budget, don't worry! We have a stunning range of high-quality anthracite grey radiators to choose from on our sales page. Our sale also includes coloured radiators, electric radiators and towel radiators. Save today with our Designer Radiators Direct sale!

Have any questions regarding coloured radiators or any of our other products and services? If you do please don't hesitate to contact us today. Our award winning team will help with any queries you have.

Anthracite Grey Electric Towel Radiators Popular Questions

Are Electric Towel Radiators Good?

One of the most common misconceptions is that electric radiators are too weak to heat your room effectively. And that they are very expensive to run. But that's not the case at all. To learn more about electric radiators and how they compare to central heating radiators, see our useful blog.

What Are The Benefits of Anthracite Grey Electric Towel Radiators?

Our anthracite electric radiators and heated towel rails have many benefits, not only being extremely stylish. But they also offer a high heat output. Many of our electric towel radiators come with easy to use thermostats and some can even connect to WIFI for even easier control. Electric radiators feature modern engineering and have functions that central heating radiators don’t have, like weekly heat settings and timers for optimised heat schedules, open window detection, drying functions and much more.

Can Anthracite Towel Radiators Rust?

Anthracite is the finish of your radiator. When it comes to rust on your radiator, it's more the material rather than the finish. All radiator materials react differently to certain elements and they all have unique benefits. For example, one of the best materials for bathrooms (which is a room with high humidity) is stainless steel towel radiators. This is because they are corrosion, peel, stain and of course, rust resistant. But no matter the material, if you clean and maintain your radiator or towel rail correctly, any material can last for many years. For tips and tricks to keep your towel radiator in top condition see our guide. These cleaning steps can be used on a radiator with any finish.

What Size Should I Choose?

The size of your anthracite grey electric towel radiator will depend on the size of the room you are looking to heat. You’ll need to know the right BTU output/wattage that's required for your space. To work this out you can take advantage of our free BTU calculator, then you’ll know which radiators are best for your room.

Can I Replace A Radiator With a Towel Radiator?

Yes, you can! But it does depend on which towel radiator you go for and its BTU output or wattage if its an electric towel radiator. Some heated towel rails aren’t as strong as standard radiators so you need to be aware of this. Towel radiators work brilliantly in smaller rooms or bathrooms for example which have limited space.

Where Can I Place An Electric Radiator?

Electric radiators and electric towel rails can be installed pretty much anywhere on your property. Just as long as it’s close to a plug socket. Electric radiators aren’t limited to specific places like central heating radiators which need to stay close to the pipes in your room, so if you want to change the placement of your radiator easily an electric radiator can do that. They are very easy to install and very easy to move if you want to change the placement.

Do I Need Radiator Valves For Electric Towel Radiators?

Our electric radiators and electric towel radiators do not use valves. Only gas central heating radiators need valves installed on them. Instead, electric towel rails and radiators use electric heating elements which can adjust your heating. Some elements even come with added features like timers, drying functions and WIFI control so you can adjust the heat of your electric radiator in comfort with your feet up.

Are There Any Anthracite Grey Radiators On Sale?

We have a fantastic selection of designer radiators at discounted prices on our sales page. This includes anthracite grey vertical radiators and towel rails along with a choice of electric radiators and bespoke painted radiators.