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Designer Electric Towel Radiators

Don’t settle for something basic when you can turn heads with show-stopping electric towel radiator designs. Our designer electric towel radiators come in the classic ladder towel rail style or more unique shapes with twists and turns flawlessly bent into the designs. Take your pick with our huge range of designer electric towel radiators at Designer Radiators Direct.

Modern Charm With Designer Electric Towel Radiators. Energy Saving Features And Low Prices.

If you want more control over your heating, or you’re looking to save a little cost on running your radiators then an electric towel radiator might be just for you. You can use electric radiators individually from your central heating system, for completely personalised heating in the room where your electric towel rail is installed. This can stop heat from being wasted in rooms not often used.

Why not add some style while saving on your heating bills? Our designer electric towel radiators come in both classic designs and more unique styles, all with fantastic heat outputs and towel space. We have a selection of panel towel rails, open-ended towel radiator designs, floor-mounted towel radiators and so much more, so if you want to upgrade not only your heating but your aesthetic too, then our designer electric towel rails are a must.

Before shopping for your dream electric heated towel rail, it’s important to know the BTU output and wattage needed for your space. To find this out use our free and easy to use BTU calculator.

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Shopping for a bargain? Take a look at our budget-friendly designer radiators on our sales page. From electric radiators to coloured heated towel rails, you'll easily find something affordable and stylish to heat your space.

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Designer Electric Towel Radiators Popular Questions

Can An Electric Towel Radiator Heat Your Room?

Nowadays an electric towel radiator can easily heat your space. All you need to make sure of is that you find a towel radiator with the right BTU. To find out the BTU output you need to heat your room please use our BTU calculator.
Find out more about the heat outputs of electric towel radiators with our useful guide.

Are Electric Radiators Expensive To Run?

Electricity is more expensive than gas. But with the way electric radiators work, it means every watt of energy is used for heating and not wasted. Electric radiators can run independently from your central heating system, so you can use them to heat one room without having to turn your boiler and all your radiators on. They are fantastic if you want to just heat your living room when you're in there, or great for the summer for warming a bathroom while you bathe and not the whole property. Along with this, electric towel radiators don’t use a lot of electricity, only using an estimated 100-200 watts per hour. To estimate the cost of electric radiators per hour and for tips on how to work out the costs use our handy example in our blog.

What Are The Benefits Of Electric Towel Radiators?

Not only do they give you more control over your heating because they run independently from your heating system, but they also provide rapid heat up times to quickly dry any hanging fabrics. They are great for warming towels and clothing while giving your room a luxury style boost. Another benefit of electric towel radiators is that they don’t require annual maintenance or adjustments like bleeding to ensure it's fully working.

Where Can You Install An Electric Towel Radiator?

Unlike central heating towel rails, electric towel radiators aren’t limited to placements around piping. This means they can easily be installed almost anywhere in a room as long as there's a plug socket to switch on your heated towel rail.

Do Electric Radiators Need Radiator Valves?

Electric radiators and electric towel radiators don’t need radiator valves as they aren’t attached to the pipes and boiler. Instead, electric radiators are connected to your electric plug sockets and are then heated by electric heating elements. This means you can install your electric radiators and electric towel rails anywhere in a room as long as it’s close to a plug socket. This makes electric radiators very popular as they are much easier to install than gas powered radiators.

Can You Convert These Radiators To Dual Fuel?

Not all of our electric radiators are suitable to be converted into dual-fuel. If you are interested in purchasing a dual fuel radiator we highly recommend that you visit our range of dual fuel radiators. But if you have seen a radiator not on this page and would like to know if it can be converted please just contact us and we can give you more information.

Are There Any Electric Towel Radiators On Sale?

We have a great selection of central heating radiators and electric radiators in a range of designs and finish options for sale at discounted prices on our sales page. Most of our sale includes Lux Heat Radiators which all feature a 10 year warranty for guaranteed quality and comfort.