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White Electric Towel Radiator

Electric heated towel rails are incredibly popular and multi-functional heating units, suited perfectly as bathroom or kitchen radiators and great for utility rooms. White electric heated towel rails match the colour of many large appliances like dryers and bathtubs and come in a wide range of designs to match your aesthetic.

White Electric Towel Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery Available

White electric towel radiators have the option of three different heat outputs, central heating, dual fuel and electric. The electric radiator gives the most amount of flexibility, giving you non stop tailored heating whenever you want it. In spaces where it is notoriously difficult to heat, white electric towel rails provide you with extra control where you need it most. The use of an electrical power input means that you no longer need to heat a space in tandem with the rest of the property.

White electric heated towel rails are one of the most popular towel radiators in our collection, bringing the flexibility of the electric heating system and the allure of a premium white finish. White finishes are especially alluring on bathroom radiators due to them being part of an often light toned interior. Many bathrooms have a lighter colour scheme due to the lack of space, lighter colours give the illusion of more room, this makes the white finish not only calm in its mood but subtle and practical in its aesthetic.

Before you decide on your perfect electric heated towel rail, you need to work out the optimal BTU output for your space. We have created a free to use BTU/WATT calculator for this reason alone. Simply fill out the information and view the best suited radiators for your space.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you can’t see a towel rail for you here then see our full collection of electric towel radiators, with many styles and sizes you’ll easily find something with Designer Radiators Direct. We also have an impressive range of designer radiators and towel radiators on our sales page if you are looking for a high-quality radiator at a bargain price. Our sale includes our popular Lux Heat radiators which include a 10 year warranty for longevity and comfort.

If you have any questions regarding any of our electric towel radiators, or any of our other radiators in stock please contact our team today. Our award-winning customer service team will help answer any questions and help you find the perfect radiator for your space.

White Electric Towel Radiators Popular Questions

How Do Electric Towel Radiators Work?

Electric radiators and electric towel rails work a little differently to gas powered radiators. Though they both produce heat, the way they do this is different. central heating radiators pull hot water from the boiler to heat up your radiator whereas electric radiators use electric heating elements that warms up by taking energy from your power socket and then heats the inside of your electric radiator directly, this means that electric radiators can actually heat up quicker than central heating radiators.

Are White Electric Towel Radiators Any Good?

Electric towel radiators can be a brilliant addition to a property. They offer many benefits and can rapidly warm your space. Some of the benefits of electric radiators and towel rails include lower emissions, making them more eco-friendly and helping reduce your carbon footprint, along with this many include smart electric heating elements that provide flexible heat settings like timer modes and drying modes. Electric radiators and towel radiators depending on which you choose can also be connected to your Wi-Fi for easy temperature adjustments and overall more control.

Are Electric Towel Radiators Expensive To Run?

The cost of electric radiators depends on how much you use them, just like central heating radiators the more you use them the more they cost. We have a fantastic blog that goes into detail about the costs of running an electric radiator and has a great example of how to work out the costs of electric radiators per hour to help you establish if they would be more cost effective for you.

Do Electric Towel Radiators Need Bleeding?

Electric radiators, unlike central heating radiators, do not need to be bled. As electric towel rails are filled with oil or a specialised liquid, it does not move and does not need pressurising, it also does not create trapped air inside the radiator which is one of the main reasons as to why you bleed a radiator.

What Are Electric Towel Radiators Filled With?

Central heating radiators are filled with water, but this is different for most electric radiators. Electric towel radiators and electric radiators are filled with a special thermodynamic liquid known as glycol. This fluid is often used as antifreeze and has low toxicity which can give your electric radiators a longer life by reducing the risk of radiator sludge. Propylene-glycol also gives your electric radiator antifreeze benefits so you won’t need to worry about your radiators freezing over the winter which can happen to water in your pipes for central heating.

Dry electric radiators are different, rather than having liquid inside to heat your radiator they instead feature advanced thermal components like aluminium or ceramic stone to heat your electric radiator. Both can heat your space effectively; they just offer different benefits.

What Size Electric Towel Radiator Do I Need?

Electric towel radiators come in a range of size options, so before purchasing a new electric radiator it's important to know the heat output required to effectively warm your space. We offer a handy and free to use BTU/WATT calculator so you can easily work this out. Our BTU calculator also filters recommended radiators for your space so you can easily find the perfect radiator.

Do You Have Any White Towel Radiators On Sale?

We have a wide choice of towel radiators and radiators on our sales page. One popular towel radiator being our Lux Heat Electric Towel Radiator, we also have a stunning range of central heating white towel radiators to choose from, including the Lux Heat Open Flat Towel Radiator that features a sleek panel design and impressively low prices. All of our Lux Heat Radiators (including our Lux Heat Radiators on sale) come with a 10 year warranty to guarantee quality.