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Hallway Radiators

Hallways can often be a hassle to heat, as there’s so many doors connecting the hallway to the rest of your home, and exits, you’ll sometimes notice that your hallway is unreasonably cold. That's where our hallway radiators come in.

We’ve hand picked a range of radiators in various shapes and sizes to make it easier for you to find entryway radiators that work brilliantly to heat and add style to the narrow & long hallway.

Hallway Radiators, Designer Radiators Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items.

Whatever the shape of your hallway, we have you covered with slim radiators, vertical radiators, sleek horizontal radiators and even some gorgeous designer radiators to really add an inviting feel to your hallway.

Hallways are often forgotten when it comes to heating, but they are actually very important. Cold entranceways can actually create the dreaded cold draft in not just one room, but any room the hallway is connected to. Not to mention they are the first thing you and guests see when entering your home, so not only is it about having effective heating, it's also about them looking inviting and comfortable.

One of the best examples of hallway radiators are mirror radiators. If you have a narrow & long entranceway, mirror radiators are brilliant for fitting into the end of your hallway, giving a reflection of guests and allowing you and your guests to check their appearance before and after leaving the home. They aren’t just for aesthetic purposes either, many of our mirror radiators have high heat outputs, easily heating large hallway spaces you might usually struggle to heat.

Another example of excellent hallway radiators are seat radiators, they heat your space while allowing for a warm sitting space when putting on or removing shoes. Wet shoes or bags? That's not a problem for our bench radiators, they are perfect for drying dirty shoes too, just slide them under the column design and they’ll be dry in no time. You’ll never have to worry about little feet running wet mud onto your carpets again.

Hallways can be difficult to heat or keep warm due to them being the main part of your home and constantly being used to enter or leave spaces, so finding the correct heat output before purchasing a hallway radiator is very important. We’ve made a useful and free BTU calculator to work out the heat required for your hallway space.

If you would like to learn more on the benefits of hallway radiators, visit our useful blog.

Struggling To Find Your Dream Radiator?

We aren’t just limited to hallway radiators, we have a massive selection of horizontal radiators and vertical radiators that are perfectly designed for any room in your home or office. If you aren’t looking for a hallway radiator, why not check out these pages for our other radiators.

Looking for something to really make a statement? See our designer radiators for that affordable wow-factor.

If you're looking for a bargain then see our selection of radiators on sale, with up to 50% off you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

If you have any questions about our hallway radiators, or any of our other products, please contact us today. Our award winning customer service team is here to help.

Hallway Radiators Popular Questions

Should You Have A Radiator In The Hallway?

Hallways are the heart of the home or office. Connecting multiple rooms including your front and back doors. So they are actually very important in home heating. If your hallway is cold, you’ll get a cold breeze in all rooms connected to it. Not to mention, each time the door to the hallway is open, from the front room to the hallway for example, if the hallway is cold it will soon cool down your living room you’ve spent time heating up. If you don't want the threat of a cold breeze every time you open a door, then heating your hallway is a must.

What Radiators Work Best In The Hallway?

Vertical radiators are slim in design and tall, instead of being shaped outwards like horizontal radiators. This can be exactly what you need in a hallway. As hallways are usually longer and narrower, you might not want to take up limited room with a horizontal radiator, making an already narrow space smaller. So the best thing to do is add a vertical radiator.

The brilliant thing about tall radiators are, you can either add them to the longer parts of your wall, or that small narrow space that is usually at the end of your hallway and pretty much always unused. Vertical radiators also come in a wide range of styles and designs so you won't be limited either, why not find one to match with your interior and really create a warm and welcoming hallway.

How Do I Keep My Hallway Warmer?

Hallways are notorious for being colder. But having the correct radiator size should fix this problem. But if you don't always want to use your radiator then we have a few tips to stop your hallway from cooling the rest of your home, and advice on how to keep your entranceway warm.

Some easy steps are to add draught excluders, front door insulation and rugs to your hallway. But if you're looking for a bigger more permanent step then adding carpet instead of wooden flooring is a good step.

Believe it or not, colour can also help. The mind is easily tricked when it comes to warmer and cooler colours, making you feel colder in blue hues and warmer in redder tones. So if you have a more cold tone in your hallway, try changing this to a warmer aesthetic to give the illusion of a toastier hallway. If you're worried about finding a radiator to match, worry not. We have a range of coloured radiators so you can match your warm tones to your radiator.