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Living Room Radiators

Living rooms should be a place for socialising, family bonding and most importantly, comfort. That's why at DRD we offer a range of choices when it comes to living room heating.

With so much going on in a living room, we know that your need for heat may change. So when not being used as a radiator, we aim to bring our customers the best-looking designer radiators out there.

Living Room Radiators, Low Prices Online And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

We know that not every living space can accommodate a fireplace; today we simply don't have the space or the luxury. Therefore, finding the best living room radiators to suit your needs and to imitate the comforting experience that fireplaces bring to our living rooms is central to our aim. Whether it acts as a centrepiece in your living room or merely as a source of heat, we know we can find you the perfect radiator to compliment your home and match your personality.

We have a brilliant range of radiators to choose from. From vertical radiators if you have limited space, designer radiators to make a statement or to free-standing cast iron radiators if you want exceptional heat and a captivating centrepiece.

All of our radiators have brilliant heat outputs and come with various warranties, so you can shop with comfort and confidence at DRD.

Not sure what to look for? Check out our guide for some inspiration and to discuss some of our most popular living room radiators.

Before you choose your perfect living room radiator, it's important to know the required BTU output to effectively heat your space. To help you, we have created a free to use BTU calculator. Simply enter the information to view the radiators best suited to heat your living room.

Can't Find Your Perfect Living Room Radiator?

The brilliant thing about living room radiators is that they aren’t limited to a specific design. It's all about you, how you want your radiator to look, what your interior looks like and what kind of heat you want. This means that any radiator, like aluminium radiators or stainless steel radiators, can easily fit into your front room, so check out our full range of radiators in case you can’t see one you like here.

Perhaps you’d like something that stands out? If you do, we highly recommend our innovative designer radiators to really capture the attention of guests. Not just through their look, but through their heat outputs too.

If you're looking for a stylish bargain then see our radiators on sale. We have some brilliant front room radiators on sale, all at impressively low prices!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our award winning customer service team are always on hand and happy to help you in any way they can.

Living Room Radiators Popular Questions

What Type Of Radiator Is Best For The Living Room?

As living rooms are so varied in size, design and aesthetic, it’s hard to recommend a certain type of radiator.

Vertical radiators seem to be at the top for popularity, and have been for a while. The reason why is that they help save space for other furniture by making use of unused wall space. They also have brilliant heat outputs and come in a wide range of style options to suit any aesthetic. They are fantastic for small and large living rooms.

Column radiators are also a fantastic choice as you have more options to personalise the size you require, they come in horizontal or vertical designs so you aren’t limited either. If you want even more personalisation, many of our column radiators come in a range of coloured finishes.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Front Room Radiator?

Radiators should be placed in the coldest part of the room. Under windows is a popular and recommended spot. It's highly recommended not to place your radiator behind furniture, like sofas or bookshelves as this can affect the heat output and you won't feel the full effects of your radiator.

What Heat Output Do I Need For My Living Room Radiator?

Different room sizes require different BTU’s. So to work out the BTU output you need for your living room use our BTU calculator. This will ensure you get the perfect radiator for your space.