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Column Radiators

Column radiators are the classic radiator design that a lot of people think of. The design of these radiators is timeless and they are some of the most affordable radiators on the market, making them a perfect addition to your space.

Our column radiators boast great heat output rates. They retain heat for longer, even after being turned off. This means reduced energy bills for your space.

A Classic & Diverse Design Range Of Column Radiators

Our range is some of the most diverse column radiators on the market. We have a huge number of materials, shapes and finishes to choose from to fit your needs. The finishes included are bare metal lacquer, anthracite, antique gold and many more. When we think of column radiators, we usually think of the classic horizontal column radiator design. However, we also have a large number of vertical column radiators for you to choose from.

Take a look at our blog on column radiators to find out more about the benefits of these classic radiators and why you should invest in them.

Before you choose your perfect column radiator, you need to work out the optimal heat output for your room. We have created a free BTU calculator for you to use. This will tell you which radiators will heat your room effectively.

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Column Radiators Popular Questions

What Is a Column Radiator?

Column Radiators are one of the most popular designs in the UK. This is in part due to the fact they were once the norm in heating solutions. Nowadays, they are available in more modern styles such as vertical column radiators. They can come in multiple sizes (2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns). Choose how many columns are in each section of the radiator for optimal heating.

Are They Efficient?

A column radiator is a well-engineered classic radiator made to heat your space efficiently. This style of radiator was first designed in the mid-60s and it’s possibly more popular now than ever before.

Column radiators are efficient because they have high thermal conductivity and provide faster heat distribution than other radiators. Part of their efficiency comes from the large surface area and design, each gap in the sectional design of a column radiator lets it produce and conduct heat from all angles. Having a column radiator means that you won’t need the heating on for as long as normal due to it heating up quickly.

Can They Be Wall Mounted?

Column Radiators are a popular choice because of their unique design and aesthetic. They can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor with a nice pair of radiator feet. But for a radiator to be mounted, it needs to have the required brackets and mounts for easy installation. We strongly suggest not to do so if you haven’t been supplied with this equipment.

Sometimes a radiator can’t be wall mounted as there may be worries about the weight of the radiator in comparison to the strength of the wall. In this case, you’ll find heavier radiators may require a pair of slip-on feet or a support footing to hold it up.

Why Pick a Column Radiator?

Column radiators save space - Deciding to go with a column radiator allows you to be flexible on what size you need. These radiators are made in sections and can be made to order items specific to your needs. Depending on the space available you can have more flexibility with; 2,3,4,5,6 columns to fit inside your home. Furthermore, they can come in a vertical and a horizontal designer radiator.

Column radiators have an exceptional heat output - This is due to their surface area. This extra surface area comes into play when you take into account that, these radiators are built in sections, meaning once you have the height of your desired radiator that means the width will never be a problem. If you need more heat output there’s always the option to expand the depth of columns such as a 3-column radiator would beat a 2-column radiator. If you'd like to learn more about why you should invest in a column radiator, take a look at our guide.

Can They Be Modern?

Column radiators have some of the most exciting designs out there. These radiators don't have to be beacons of nostalgia, as you can also find modern vertical column radiators within our range, which house the most cutting-edge radiator finishes and creative designs. Modern column radiators come available in aluminium, steel and anthracite. Whatever your heating needs, you can find all manner of shapes and sizes within our collection to suit your home.

What Shapes Do Column Radiators Come In?

The design makes these radiators very versatile. Column radiators. the number of columns on the radiator is up to you. Therefore, you can have a wide or thin radiator, depending on the space available. Furthermore, they are available as horizontal and vertical designs. Our radiators come in a range of colours and finishes. From a bare metal finish to anthracite grey, we are sure to have something that suits you.

How Do Column Radiators Work?

How column radiators work is a fairly simple and familiar process. Column radiators, like other central heating radiators, have hot water running through them. Hot water circulates through each radiator column, heating the column as well as the surrounding air.