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Compact Radiators

Designer Radiators Direct offers an abundance of compact radiators for premium space saving. Catering to any type of room, we aim to bring our customers warmth and style in even the smallest spaces.

Compact Radiators, Space Saving Heaters With Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

Thanks to the range of compact radiators we offer you don’t need to compromise on style, we have compact radiators and small radiators in the style of column radiators or panel radiators, we even stock vertical radiators to make the most of your space. Just because they are called “compact” radiators doesn’t mean they give lower heating outputs.

Here at DRD we only stock the best compact horizontal radiators and vertical radiators that may be smaller but pack a powerful heat output. Before choosing your compact radiator it's important to know what heat output is needed for your space. At Designer Radiators Direct we’ve created a useful BTU calculator to help you know how much heat you’ll need.

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Struggling To Find What You're Looking For?

If you don’t have the space for a horizontal radiator then you’ll benefit from our range of vertical radiators, these offer impressive heat thanks to their vertical design and can even give the illusion of a larger space or if you do have your heart set on horizontal radiators then check out our small radiators that show a range of smaller horizontal radiators and vertical radiators.

If you’d like to make the most of the smaller space you have then our towel radiators offer warmth and have hanging space where you can store towels and clothes.

If you're still unsure about anything just contact us today, our award winning customer service team are always on hand and happy to help you.

Compact Radiators Popular Questions

Why Choose A Compact Radiator?

Compact radiators are the perfect addition to any property with minimal space. We know that rooms can get cramped sometimes, which is why we provide some of the best radiators on the market at smaller sizes. These radiators are almost as small as their price tags, and the flexibility they'll bring to your home heating means that you can place them in those hard to fill spaces.

Can Compact Radiators Heat My Room?

As suggested in the name these are smaller radiator designs, but with modern technology a lot is packed inside of them. They may look weak but they can heat many rooms from small to large depending on the size you order.

What Are The Benefits of a Compact Radiator?

Compact radiators and small radiators are designed to fit into smaller spaces, so if you're lacking space in your room then these are designed for you. Our compact radiators come in a range of vertical designs that make the most of typically wasted vertical space and come in larger widths so they keep their smaller horizontal size yet can still pack a punch. Another benefit is that they are very affordable and go up in price the larger they get. This means you only really pay for what you need.

Are Compact Radiators Cost Effective?

Compact radiators are best for smaller spaces or awkwardly designed areas. They come in a range of small radiator sizes, they are perfect for smaller rooms and start at lower prices due to their smaller sizes. These radiators do come in a wide range of sizes so you can up the size of your radiator to match the heat required for your room. It means you won't waste money or energy on an oversized radiator that you can’t use to its full potential.

What Sizes Are Compact Radiators Available In?

We offer a range of small radiators, ranging from 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm in height, and from 300mm to 3000mm in width. This gives you even more choice when it comes to finding the perfect sized radiator for your home, especially when you consider the double and single convector options. The double convector means that your compact radiator will have double the set of convector fins inside it, leading to a lot more power when heating your home. This addition to the compact radiator will mean you'll never have to worry about your compact radiator underperforming again.

What Size Compact Radiator Will I Need To Heat My Space?

If you're struggling for a size, use our handy and free BTU calculator. This was created so that you can work out the BTU output required to heat your space. Once you use this, it will filter and show you radiators that are efficient for heating your room.