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Contemporary Radiators

Contemporary radiators are modern in every sense of the word, DRD's selection bringing innovation, comfort and originality in equal measure. There are radiators on the market which can be contemporary in design and brand, but ancient in their outlook and efficiency. Designer Radiators Direct ensures that every one of our designer radiators are contemporary in some way or another, even if they're striving to be traditional.

Luxury Contemporary Radiators, Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

Being contemporary doesn't mean your radiator needs to be trend-setting and futuristic, it's the little things that really make it stand out. It's the texture of the paint on your finish, the subtle embellishment on the vertical column, the eye-catching shine on the heated ladder towel rail. These small details make a radiator stand out in a way that they simply couldn't have a few decades ago.

From the smooth panel design of the favourited Reina Casina Vertical Aluminium Radiator to the classical column look of the Lux Heat Oxford 3 Column Horizontal Radiator which is loved by antique lovers, we have a wide range of contemporary radiators for you to choose from so take your pick. We even have some unique pieces that add a designer look to your space like the highly popular Reina Dimaro Vertical Radiator. Whatever your needs, you'll find a contemporary radiator with your name on it at Designer Radiators Direct, all at great value prices and high BTU outputs. When choosing a new contemporary radiator for your space it is important to know that it's going to do the job. To figure out if a radiator is going to provide you with sufficient heat then please take a look at our clever BTU calculator. This has been made so our customers can easily find out their room's requirements.

Still Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you're not sure that you’d like a modern radiator then why not check out our traditional radiators for a more classical look, we also stock modern towel radiators if you're looking for hanging space. If you're limited on price please have a look at our sales page, we have many high quality radiators at discounted prices. If you can’t see what you're looking for or perhaps need advice on anything please Contact us today, our customer service team is more than happy to help you.

Contemporary Radiators Popular Questions

What Is The Benefit Of A Contemporary Radiator?

The benefits of a contemporary radiators are that they have modern heating technologies that have been constantly improving since radiators were created. They have impressive heat outputs and the range of materials means they are all highly durable. Contemporary used to mean expensive, but now you can get a designer radiator at affordable prices due to their cost effective construction and ability to make a range of styles. Modern radiators don’t just mean they’re only designed for modern rooms. With the vast styles we offer you can get traditional looking radiators that are great for a vintage interior but still have the benefits of being built in modern times.

Are Modern Radiators More Efficient?

Modern radiators have new designs that have been consistently improved over the centuries. Creating the wide range of radiators we have now, column radiators, panel radiators, vertical radiators and even glass radiators. With their constantly improved designs, radiators have never worked better. Offering impressive heat outputs, stylish designs and even added functions. Even if a radiator looks old-fashioned, many radiator companies create new radiators with high-end materials that have a classical Victorian design for all you vintage lovers out there!

Do Contemporary Radiators Only Work In Modern Interiors?

Contemporary radiators are great for modern aesthetics due to their designer looks. But don’t fret if you have a traditional interior as they work well in vintage settings too! At DRD we offer a vast range of contemporary radiators from panel radiators, column radiators and horizontal radiators that have a fresh look ideally suited for modern interiors. We also stock cast iron radiators and glass radiator designs that look amazing in ornate interiors.