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Curved Radiators

Curved radiators and curved towel radiators are one of the specialities here at Designer Radiators Direct. With so many designs on the market today, curved designer radiators can really bring a unique feel to your home.

With so many different designs on the market, the unique shape of curved radiators and curved towel radiators really brings an ambience and bold style choice which has a place in almost every property. Whether you go for curved columns or a soft topped cast iron, the curves on a radiator are alluring and softening, bringing a bold feel to any model. Paired with the efficiency and style that our radiators are imbued with, our range of curved radiators are always growing and evolving.

Why Invest In Curved Radiators?

With so many different models and shapes, it's difficult to know what sets apart curved designer radiators. Firstly, the curved radiator takes nothing away from the efficiency of a radiator and often actually improves it!

A More Immersive Heating Experience with Curved Towel Radiators

With the back not pressed against the wall, models such as those seen in our collection of curved towel radiators can radiate more heat into the room in which it's installed, thus improving the BTU output of your unit.

On top of this, the often bold and straight edged designs of panel radiators and column radiators can look too bold when placed on a wall. If you're opting for a less striking heating unit, curved towel radiators can offer you stylish designs with a softer edge, thus blending more seamlessly into the interior you're curating.

The curved designer radiators on offer at Designer Radiators Direct include a whole range of beautiful designer towel rails, all coming in a diverse selection of colours and finishes. Whether your curve is accentuated by a chrome sheen or a black matte shadow, the range will gift you with something gorgeous, stylish and easily installed into your home.