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Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are 100% efficient as the electrical power converts into heat. We give you the opportunity to explore many different models. Ensuring that you find the heating unit that suits your home and interior tastes. Wherever you choose to place it.

Electric radiators are a perfect solution to your home, they are easy to instanll compared to central heating radiators and are 100% efficient and eco-friendly as the electrical power converts into heat. Not only that but they are also a cost effective alternative to traditional radiators. We give you the opportunity to explore many different models. Ensuring that you find the heating unit that suits your home and interior tastes. Wherever you choose to place it.

An electric radiator usually comes with a built in digital thermostat which is pinpoint accurate, allowing you to monitor and control your heating with ease.

They are increasingly becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. They are an easy install option and make a great primary heating source due to their energy efficiency. Compared to convector heaters they offer effective and long-lasting warmth. They also don't need to work as hard as electric heaters or oil filled radiators to keep the space warm, so they use less electricity for more efficient warmth.

There is no limit to the kind of radiator which can be electrically powered. There are a wide range of homes in the UK and beyond that have benefited from the stunning selection of these radiators available. From horizontal designs to vertical radiators. Furthermore, we also sell electric towel rails that are perfect for a bathroom.


Designer Electric Radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

We have a wide range of energy efficient electric radiators. From different colours, power outputs and designs such as wall mounted panel radiators. Making sure that you have easy-to-use heating solution. That has none of the hassle associated with central heating. Electric radiators are designed much like a central heating system. Instead of having piping that fills the panels up with hot water. They're is plugged into the mains and use electrical energy to heat up their metal frame. That's why they are 100% efficient in turning electricity into heat. If you're still not sure, make sure to check out our blog for an in-depth view of the advantages of electric radiators.

When choosing an electric radiator please be aware of what wattage you're looking at targeting. To work this out we have created a free BTU calculator that can be used to work out desired heat output, wattage needed and more. This will determine what size electric radiator that you need.

Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Make sure you check out our massive range of radiators on our sale page. We have a huge 50% off selected radiators. Almost all our designs are available as vertical designer radiators and also horizontal radiators. We are certain to have something that suits you, no matter your taste and décor.

If you have any questions regarding our electric heating or any of our energy saving options then please contact our experienced team. They are completely customer focused and have won awards for their customer service.

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Heat Output (BTU's)  
Heat Output (Watts)  
Range Height  
Range Width  
  1. Anthracite 2 items
  2. Anthracite Matt 3 items
  3. Antique Brass 3 items
  4. Antique Bronze 3 items
  5. Antique Copper 3 items
  6. Antique Gold 3 items
  7. Atlantic 2 items
  8. Bamboo 2 items
  9. Barron Stone 2 items
  10. Black 4 items
  11. Blackboard 2 items
  12. Brassy 2 items
  13. Brassy Knoll 2 items
  14. Bright Nickel 3 items
  15. Brushed Brass 4 items
  16. Brushed Copper 3 items
  17. Brushed Stainless 2 items
  18. Brushed Stainless Steel 6 items
  19. Chrome 19 items
  20. Chrome - Curved 1 item
  21. Chrome - Flat 1 item
  22. Colour & Special Paint Finish 10 items
  23. Colour Finish 3 items
  24. Concrete 2 items
  25. Cosmos 2 items
  26. Dark Gold 3 items
  27. Diamond Polished 3 items
  28. Diamond Polished Brass 1 item
  29. Dusky Moodstress 2 items
  30. Earthy Pit 2 items
  31. Fumed Oak 2 items
  32. Glass Picture 1 item
  33. Gloss White - RAL 9010 1 item
  34. Gloss White - RAL 9016 9 items
  35. Matt Black 6 items
  36. Matt Grey 1 item
  37. Matt RAL Colour/Colour Match 1 item
  38. Matt Sandcastle 1 item
  39. Matt White 6 items
  40. Matt White - RAL 9016 9 items
  41. Metallic Colour - Compost & Fopp or Maggie 2 items
  42. Metallic Colour - The Fronze 2 items
  43. Midnight Caller 2 items
  44. Mighty Magmas 2 items
  45. Milky Way 2 items
  46. Mirror 2 items
  47. Oak 2 items
  48. Pippy Oak 2 items
  49. Polished Brass 6 items
  50. Polished Copper 3 items
  51. Polished Stainless Steel 15 items
  52. Polished Stainless Steel - Chrome 1 item
  53. Pop 2 items
  54. RAL 9016 White 3 items
  55. RAL Colour 8 items
  56. RAL Colour/Colour Match 2 items
  57. Red 1 item
  58. Rock Hudson 2 items
  59. Rose Gold 1 item
  60. Rosewood 2 items
  61. Rusty 2 items
  62. Schistian Slater 2 items
  63. Slate Grey 2 items
  64. Special Finish 7 items
  65. Stainless Steel 1 item
  66. Supermirror 2 items
  67. Travertine 2 items
  68. Tropical Olive 2 items
  69. Venice Copper 2 items
  70. Walnut 2 items
  71. White 18 items
  72. White - RAL 9010 1 item
  73. White Matt 3 items
  74. Zebrano 2 items

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Electric Radiators FAQs

They are not only greener, but they are also more efficient. They can be a great choice for those who want to save money on their heating bills. Especially with rising gas prices, electric radiators are time after time working out cheaper to run than gas central heating radiators, and when you take into account that you can run them to room specific areas where you need it is a big bonus too.

Some people think that electric heating is expensive to run because of the electricity bill, but this is not true. In fact, they are much cheaper to run than traditional ones. The main reason behind this. is that the electricity bill goes up when you turn on your thermostat and it will stay on until you turn it off. They do not have a thermostat, so they only use power when they need it. Essentially you can turn it on and off in a moment's notice so you can heat your home when you need it, giving you much more control over your overall energy usage.

Also, they are a much more cost effective and greener alternative to traditional radiators as they use electricity to heat a home or project rather than natural gas, and because there is 0% heat loss, which with traditional heating may get lost due to pipes or your boiler, also make it cheaper to run.

Smart electric radiators are designed to work with an app on your smartphone or tablet to help you spend less time reading manuals, or scheduling maintenance. They automatically adjust their settings to keep your home at your chosen temperature and can be controlled from anywhere in the world when connected to Wi-Fi.

Some of our smart radiators have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options to control them, creating easy use to turn them on and off so you can be sure you’re saving money on your heating. One of the biggest benefits of a smart radiator is that in the colder months, you can come home to a warm and toasty home. Some of our smart electric radiators have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options to control them, creating easy use to turn them on and off so you can be sure you’re saving money on your heating. One of the biggest benefits of a smart radiator is that in the colder months, you can come home to a warm and toasty home.

There are many different advantages associated with installing electric radiators, to deal with your house needs. The top five benefits of are:

  • They efficiently retain heat, keeping every room in your home warm, even if a window is open. This means that the heat being transferred is unaffected by external factors that may otherwise have hindered warmth if another form of heating were to be utilised.
  • Unlike other heating systems and appliances, there is no energy lost while burning fuel or during the transportation of hot water around the house.
  • They offer greater control, with features such as heat-zoning, representative thermostats,highly accurate digital controls and SMART controls. These aspects make these heaters a favourite among customers who like to schedule the heating of their home with the use of thermostats.
  • These appliances are usually low maintenance, saving you from expensive extras such as plumbing in the long run without using much power.
  • Unlike some other systems, they don’t emit any dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide and don't use fossil fuels, unlike oil filled heating options. They offer a unique solution to traditional radiators and can be powered with renewable energy. Meaning you don't have to deal with rising gas prices and energy costs.
  • Of course, the benefits of radiators aren’t just practical. There are plenty of aesthetic benefits, too. They add style to any space and are ideal if you are looking for something slimline, contemporary or even traditional options.

    The bathroom, kitchen and dining rooms are the types of rooms with the best walls where electric radiators are most commonly installed. This is because these radiators are installed in rooms that can be heated at different times to other rooms within a property, If you are turning on your bathroom radiators, you are probably not using the kitchen radiators, so connecting them via a central system is a waste of energy.

    Modern electric radiators, on the other hand, are perfect for flexible heating solutions, allowing different rooms to be heated to different temperatures. These radiators can be turned on and off when necessary, making them easy-to-use in the home and independent of the heating systems.

    Most electric radiators are suitable for an easy installation, simply screwing into a wall, although a 13amp socket/outlet will be needed nearby. If you need a professional to install an electric radiator then we would suggest calling a qualified electrician. This will save you money on installation as it will be cheaper than having a plumber modify or extend pipework to install.

    With FREE UK DELIVERY, we are the one-stop-shop for comfort and innovation in terms of home-warming needs. Catering to all rooms in your home or commercial space, we aim to bring our customers only the most stylish and the best energy efficient radiators from a hand-picked selection of over 20 premier brands.

    Offering an array of exceptional traditional, bespoke, standard radiators in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes and types to suit your needs, Designer Radiators Direct guarantees satisfaction. Along with boasting an enormous range of fabulous radiators in the UK, we deliver right to your door, ensuring comfort, simplicity and efficiency every step of the way.

    Electric Radiators are eco-friendly. They are a great solution for the eco-conscious. This is because they are carbon neutral, even on use, they don’t produce pollutants that are related to gas central heating. To go that bit further they can be more eco-friendly if you’re powering them with sustainable energy sources such as solar panels or air source heat pumps.

    Even if you’re not entirely carbon free (using fossil fuels to power your home) an electric radiator brings down your footprint massively, and as a paradigm shift is happening towards green energy and renewables, we know that this is only going to get better.