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Flat Panel Radiators

Flat Panel Radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

Flat panel radiators are a great way to keep things simple in modern spaces. These radiators benefit from taking up little width, maximising space in the room whilst capitalising on efficient heat outputs. Flat panel radiators bring a clean and crisp aesthetic to the home, keeping things tidy whilst leaving room for your own original touches. Flat panel radiators enhance sleek and subtle interiors, smoothing out your décor with eye catching heating units. Whatever your heating needs, flat panel radiators are a must for modern rooms.

Why Choose A Flat Panel Radiator?

Designer Radiators Direct is a hotbed for flat panel radiators, bringing a wide range of heating units both in store and online. The wide range of choice even means you can personalise your unit to ensure that you get the exact model for your home. With a range of RAL colours, you can make your flat panel radiators stand out, becoming a focal point for any room. With many finishes available for your flat panel radiator, you can choose from anthracite, chrome and many more. For multi-functional flat panel radiators, try adding a mirror finish to cast even more light in your room, whilst using the flat reflective surface as a handy mirror!

Whether you're looking for vertical flat panel radiators or horizontal flat panel radiators, all models within this range will undoubtedly suit any space you install it in. With square, rectangular and towering column options, the flat panel utilises space to promise not only superior heating, but a feature piece for your space.

If you’d like to learn more about flat panel radiators, take a look at our informative guide.

When shopping for a flat panel radiator, it's important to know that the radiator you've selected is going to provide a big enough heat output to heat your space. This can easily be found out by answering a few questions on our BTU calculator.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Perhaps a flat panel radiator isn’t what you’re looking for. If you love the look but can't see what you like then why not check out our wider range of panel radiators. Or if panel radiators aren't your style, we highly recommend our huge range of multipurpose mirror radiators! Highly stylish and incredibly useful. However, if your looking for space saving radiators than please see our small radiators and compact radiators , these may be small but pack a powerful punch! If you’re searching for a bargain, visit our radiator sale page.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or services, please contact us today. Our award winning team are always on hand to help with any enquires you may have.

Flat Panel Radiators Popular Questions

What Makes A Flat Panel Radiator Better Than Other Radiators?

Flat panel radiators are becoming more and more popular. They are perfect for any space from the home to the office. Creating a stylish warmth, they quickly heat up and are extremely quiet. Flat panel radiators are decisive space savers, Offering impressive heating while taking up a minimal amount of room thanks to their slimline design.

Do I Need A Double Panel Radiator Or A Single Panel Radiator?

This depends on the size of the room you would like to heat. Single panel radiators are better designed for smaller rooms as they don’t produce as much power as double panel radiators and single panel radiators take up less space. Before choosing your flat panel radiator we do recommend that you use our BTU calculator to find out what BTU your radiator needs to accurately heat your room.

What Choice Of Panel Radiators Are There?

Flat panel radiators come in such a range of styles that it will be hard to not find one you like. They are available in a range of RAL colours so you can perfectly match your radiator to your aesthetic. At DRD We have over 100 different styles of flat panel radiators, from single panel radiators, horizontal flat panel radiators and vertical panel radiators to glass radiators and full mirror radiators. Its unreal how many radiator styles there are. We even have a blackboard radiator that's great for taking notes and distracting the children!