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Horizontal Column Radiators

Horizontal column radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

These radiators are a great way to get the unique designs of column radiators, whilst the space saving qualities of the horizontal style. If you want to have designer radiators which save space and has maximum originality, then you've come to the right place.

Horizontal column radiators are great as their pipes have space between them, creating the column effects and allowing heat to pass between the spaces, maximising convection, and these are a great way for people to save space with their radiator, having you able to hang washing on these columns, thus saving space.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Maybe a horizontal column radiator isn't what you're looking for? Not to worry we have many models of vertical radiators, electric radiators and traditional radiators to suit your fancy.

If you're looking for a new radiator, then don't forget to work out the BTU requirement for your home. Our BTU calculator makes this easy!

Horizontal Column Radiators Popular Questions

Do Column Radiators Give Out More Heat?

Column radiators are known for their excellent heating abilities. They hold onto that heat so your room stays warmer for longer periods of time. This helps save money on your energy bills as you don’t have to keep your boiler on for hours at a time. You can get two column radiators all the way up to 6 column radiators if you require the heat, their versatile sizing means they can warm small spaces to even the largest of rooms. But we do recommend that you check what BTU your room requires before purchasing so you can get a radiator that's perfect for the space you want to heat.

Are Horizontal Column Radiators Expensive?

Column radiators can be more expensive to purchase than your typical convector radiator but that's due to the high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship it takes to create them. Due to their range of sizes, if you only need a small radiator then our smaller column radiators do start at extremely low prices, but they do cost more with each section. It's a worthwhile purchase as column radiators offer amazing heat outputs, can last for many years and are incredibly stylish.

Can You Use Horizontal Column Radiators In Modern Interiors?

Column radiators used to be known for their classical design that was more suited for traditional aesthetics. But after time many column radiators have developed a contemporary tonality, meaning they’re perfectly designed for modern and traditional interiors. If you're looking for a more modern column radiator then check out our best selling lux heat oxford 3 column radiator.

What Size Horizontal Column Radiator Would I Need?

The great thing about column radiators is that you can purchase them in sections. This means you can choose the perfect size for you. They are handy for smaller or more awkward area’s but also work brilliantly in larger spaces. Heat output is important, you need to make sure the heat output is high enough to heat your space. You can work this out by using our free BTU calculator.

Do Column Radiators Come With Warranties?

All of the column radiators on our site include warranties. The length of these warranties vary depending on the specific manufacturers. Each brand has different guarantees that also vary depending on the material and finish. For example, Lux Heat has a 10 year warranty on all of their radiators.