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Low Level Radiators

If you're limited on space but need a new designer radiator then you’ve come to the right place. Low level radiators are a space friendly radiator, being shorter in size than other radiators, they open up placement options you usually wouldn't consider. Most aren't constricted to walls like wall mounted radiators so you can put them almost anywhere you like. Even under your table if it saves on space!

Low Level Radiators, Low Prices & Free Delivery On Selected Items!

The benefit of low level radiators is the height, they are shorter than other radiators, being small enough to fit in smaller area's like under the stairs but they can be wider in design. Don't let the short size fool you! They are still just as powerful as any other radiator. Another benefit is that many can be installed through the floor so they can be placed in different areas around the room, mix that with the shorter stature and it opens up many placement options for your radiator that you dismissed in the past, like under window sills and bay windows, under kitchen cabinets and the floor mounted low level radiators can also be used as a heated room divider. The possibilities are almost endless with low level radiators. Thankfully the range of styles isn’t limited either. With Designer Radiators Direct we ensure there's a radiator for you so we’ve stocked a huge range of styles, like low level column radiators, vertical radiators, cast iron radiators and even bench radiators!

If you know you’d like a low level radiator but are unsure which one you’d like then check our best sellers blog. Another benefit of low level radiators is their heat output, they may look smaller but pack a powerful punch when it comes to BTU outputs. If you're unsure of the output you need for your room we recommend that you check using our informative BTU calculator before you order for the perfect radiator for your space.

Low level radiators give you the opportunity to install your heating units in parts of the room you would previously wouldn't even have thought of, and the heat output is just as good as a standard radiator too! With our collection of both subtle and striking designs, you can kit out your smaller rooms with highly efficient heaters, keeping you comfortable in your now spacious room.

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If you can't find what you're looking for here then check our small radiators, these are also space saving radiators but some are wall mounted radiators instead of floor mounted radiators if that's what you need. If you're looking for high quality and low prices we have a huge range of column radiators, vertical radiators and more on our sale page! If you need any help or have any questions please contact us today, our team of specialists are here to help.

Low Level Radiators Popular Questions

What Is A Low Level Radiator?

A low level radiators are shorter in height than most radiators, sitting closer to the floor and in turn creating space. Instead of being installed on your walls many of our low level radiators are floor mounted so they can be installed almost anywhere in your room. Like any hard to reach or hard to heat areas, under window sills and even in the middle of your room as a heated centerpiece. They create just as much heat as standard sized radiators and aren’t limited to space. They can come in a range of styles and offer excellent heat.

Why Choose A Low Level Radiator?

Low level radiators are fantastic if you have limited wall space or if you have any hard to reach areas, or would just like to change it up and place your radiator somewhere you couldn't usually place it. Low level radiators come in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your room. And even if you order a small low level radiator you don't have to worry about heating as they still emit impressive heat outputs! The range of styles that are available means low level radiators can fit effortlessly into any aesthetic.

Where Would Be The Best Place To Install A Low Level Radiator?

Low level radiators can be installed almost anywhere in the room due to their handy space saving designs! Plus if they are floor mounted the options are even wider. Some of the best places to install your short radiator is in a cold spot in your room, this will get rid of the cold area and still warms your space effectively. If you have a wide window then we recommend you install a low level radiator under your window sill, it keeps the area warm in winter without ruining the view.