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Round Top Radiators

Round Top Radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

The round top radiator is the perfect addition to a home which is big on safety but low on heating bills. The round top radiators available at Designer Radiators Direct give you the opportunity to retain that sense of style whilst also keeping your home safe. There are many styles of round top designer radiators, all with their own unique charm and characteristics. All round top radiators have one thing in common though, they are quality built and will ensure your homes safety.

It's not cutting corners, it's making them safer.

What Kinds of Round Top Radiators Can You Find at Designer Radiators Direct?

Column radiators are one of our most popular rounded models. Coming in a range of different materials, as seen in our range of anthracite radiators and cast iron radiators, round top radiators ensure no sharp edges. Horizontal column radiators are another radiator in the round top style. These radiators make the most of rounded bars so that there are no sharp edges. The vertical column radiator also uses the rounded top design to ensure the perfect balance between safety and style. Other styles include the round top panel radiators in both single and double form.

What Rooms Does the Round Top Radiator Suit?

If you're thinking of installing a limited number of round top radiators, then it is a good idea to pick the spaces that will suit them the best. The round top radiator is most suited to communal spaces such as for use as hallway radiators, kitchen radiators or living room radiators and especially if you have small children in the house. The reason for this is that radiators are often installed at a level which makes them a prime spot for children to fall or trip and hurt their heads on. A sharp edge can be especially dangerous. Accidents do happen, but you can limit the damage caused by them by installing one of our broad range of designer round top radiators, ensuring innovative designs alongside their safety features.

Order Round Top Radiators from Designer Radiators Direct

Designer Radiators Direct is the one-stop-shop for round top radiators. Catering to all rooms in your home or commercial space, we aim to bring our customers only the best in designer radiators. At Designer Radiators Direct, we showcase an unbeatable and exquisite range of radiators carefully created from a hand-picked selection of over 20 premier brands. Offering an array of exceptional traditional, bespoke, standard and designer radiators in a variety of colours, finishes, sizes and types to suit your need - we guarantee satisfaction. Along with boasting an enormous range of fabulous radiators in the UK, we deliver right to your door, ensuring comfort, simplicity and efficiency every step of the way. Take a look at our entire range and order direct from our website today.

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