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Radiators By Colour

Sometimes, a metallic and chrome splash just isn't enough to add that spice to your space. With the diverse range of coloured radiators available at Designer Radiators Direct, you can be sure that there'll be a design and colour combination to suit your aesthetic.

Personalise Your Space With Coloured Radiators At Low Prices! Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

A common misconception is that coloured radiators or painted radiators aren’t as efficient as the standard white radiator, but we assure you. This is not the case. Coloured radiators work just as well as any other radiator. So be free to choose the style and colour you want without any worries!

If you're looking for a painted radiator to liven up your living space or looking for one to add a subtle touch and to match your interiors colour scheme then our painted bespoke radiators are the way to go.

We have a massive range of colours and finishes that you can add to your new radiator. Whether it be an antique painted effect to fit into traditional aesthetics or a bold sunflower yellow to add a colourful glow, at Designer Radiators Direct we have you covered.

Before purchasing a radiator you’ll need to know the BTU required for your space. We have a handy BTU calculator which can work this out for you.

Looking For A Certain Colour Or Finish?

If you are looking for a specific RAL coloured finish but can't find it speak to our team today. At Designer Radiators Direct we can offer colour matching on a range of our radiators and can create custom coloured finishes for you.

Speak To Our Team For Help Or Advice

Take a look at our full range of radiators we have available, in a huge range of finishes, sizes and designs, you'll be sure to find something you love with Designer Radiators Direct.

We have a choice of coloured radiators at brilliantly low prices on our sale page so don’t miss them!

If you're struggling to find a radiator or have any questions about our bespoke radiators and the process then please contact our team today. Our award winning customer service team can help with any queries you may have.

Radiators By Colour Popular Questions

Are Coloured Radiators Less Efficient Than Standard Radiators?

The simple answer is… No! This is because painted radiators have a thin coat of paint on them, which is too thin to make any difference to the heat output. Not only that, it is not your typical paint that is used on radiators. The only time painted radiators can struggle with output is if it is thickly coated with standard paint, which can sometimes happen when you try to DIY and paint a radiator yourself.

To learn more about painted radiators, and their heat outputs please visit our handy blog.

Does Every Brand Offer The Same Coloured Finishes?

Each brand has their own RAL colours and special colours that they offer. If you can’t see any colours you like with one brand, have a look for a similar item with a different brand. You might just find the perfect colour you're looking for with a specific brand.

Do You Offer Colour Matching On Radiators?

We offer colour matching on specific brands and specific radiators, for example, we can colour match many of our Lux Heat Radiators. We can tailor the finish of selected radiators to suit your aesthetic. All you need to do is provide us the RAL colour you would like and we can see if it’s an option. Give us a call if you would like to find out more - 01772 359333.

How Can I Choose The Colour I Want For My Radiator?

When you see a radiator you like on our page and would like to choose a RAL colour, then see the description. We have linked each radiator with the brand's finish page so you can easily find the finish you like.

For example; If you are looking at a Lux Heat Radiator, visit the finish page for Lux Heat and copy the colour code - RAL 7016 for anthracite grey. Input this in the colour finish option on the radiator page and add to your basket.

How Do I Maintain My Painted Radiator?

When you order a painted radiator from Designer Radiators Direct, you’ll notice that the quality of the paint is very high. Though we don’t recommend getting a tough metal scrubber. It's ok to clean your painted radiator like any other, with a soft sponge, clean towel and mild soapy water. As it is metal, never use a harsh scrubber as it can cause scratches and can damage the look of your radiator.

How Long Does It Take For A Custom Radiator To Be Made?

Custom radiators do take longer to arrive as they need to be made. Each brand has their own wait times so it does depend on the radiator you decide to go with.

This can vary from 3-4 weeks, 5-7 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks and so on. If you're unsure about this you can contact our team and they can let you know.

What Are The Best Selling Coloured Radiators?

We sell hundreds of coloured radiators and we have many that are very popular, but to keep this list short we will just put the 3 best selling painted radiators here.

  • Lux Heat Oval Coloured Vertical Radiator - This oval vertical radiator has a modern sleek design and is available in a wide range of bold and pastel finishes. It features a brilliant heat output, can come in a single or double design, has a low price and includes a 10 year guarantee.
  • Lux Heat Flat Coloured Horizontal Radiator - The flat design of this radiator gives your interior a modern touch. It is available in a single panel design for a more sleek appearance or a double panel design for enhanced heat outputs. This radiator also comes in a fantastic range of size and finish options to fit your room perfectly and includes 10 years warranty for comfort and security.
  • Lux Heat Coloured Towel Radiator - This heated towel rail has the classic ladder design that everyone loves. It can hold an abundance of towels while looking luxurious and providing heat for your space. It's highly affordable, very durable and is available in a wide selection of size options to fit comfortably into your room. It features a 10 year warranty so you know it will last at least a decade.

Are There Any Coloured Radiators On Sale?

We have a fantastic range of radiators for sale that are available in a range of sizes and a choice of finishes. This includes our Lux Heat coloured radiators that are available in pastel finishes or bold colour options. Visit our radiator sale for premium quality radiators at bargain prices.