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Anthracite Grey Radiators

Anthracite grey radiators are one of the most popular finishes for Designer Radiator Direct customers. There's a reason this sub-metallic finish is so popular, bringing out the best in all rooms and finding that perfect balance between subtle and striking.

Anthracite Grey Radiators, Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

The anthracite grey finish will make even the most normal of radiators seem luxurious, bringing out the slender curves in designer radiators whilst sprucing up a standard horizontal radiator with a glamorous touch. A bold black sheen on these radiators brings out its personality. This is a perfect example of where science and creativity come together to form the perfect anthracite designer radiator.

What Is Anthracite Grey & Why Is It So Popular?

Anthracite grey is a dark grey that has a similar colour to coal. It’s not quite as striking or as harsh as a black finish radiator. It is highly sought after for its ability to merge with almost all interior styles. It adds a soft touch to your décor while still creating a bold look. It's a colour that doesn’t disrupt your aesthetic, but instead adds a touch of charm. This is why anthracite is so highly sought after by interior designers. If you would like to learn more about our elegant anthracite grey, then see our blog!

Before you get into that interior designer mood, it's a good idea to know the BTU required to heat your room, if you don’t know already. For this we have made an easy to use and free BTU calculator to help you work this out. So you can add style and heat your room with a perfect anthracite radiator for you.

As anthracite is such a popular finish, the range of anthracite radiators has expanded. So whether you're looking for a anthracite grey horizontal radiator or anthracite grey vertical radiator, you'll have plenty of choices to choose from with DRD.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Need a radiator for the bathroom, cloakroom or kitchen? If you are, then check out our impressive range of anthracite towel radiators for a touch of luxury for your towels. Or looking for something for a specific room? See our living room radiators and bedroom radiators.

Are you looking for something other than an anthracite radiator? If you're not sure which colour radiator you’d like, why not check out our radiators by colour and filter your favourites! Our bespoke radiators offer a personalised finish by tailoring to each customer's wants and needs.

Lux Heat has a huge range of coloured radiators that are perfect for any space. So if you would like to see more, visit the Lux Heat Page. If you can’t see the colour you're looking for then just reach out to us, we can cater to your needs!

If you're looking for something that's a little different then you’d love our range of vertical radiators and our huge range of designer radiators. We have hundreds of radiators for you to choose from, so we are certain to have something to suit your heating needs and décor style.

If you are struggling to find what you're looking for, or have any questions regarding any of our radiators and coloured finishes, then contact us today. Our award winning team of specialists are here to help you.

Anthracite Grey Radiators Popular Questions

Why Are Anthracite Radiators So Popular?

Anthracite radiators break the norm of the typical white radiator. It instantly adds character, luxury and sophistication into any room and is highly favoured by interior designers for its ability to blend into most aesthetics flawlessly. The wide range of radiators available in this finish range from anthracite vertical radiators, towel radiators and even the more traditional column radiators. It's a gorgeous finish that many people just love.

Are Anthracite Radiators Any Good?

Anthracite on radiators is just the finish “colour” of the radiator so it doesn’t offer any additional benefits other than for style purposes, that being said it also doesn’t offer any negative effects either. The main reason anthracite radiators are so popular is because they boost your interior. This makes them highly popular for interior designers and home renovators.

Do Anthracite Radiators Rust?

Anthracite does not cause radiators to rust quicker, as we established in the earlier question, anthracite is just the finishing look on the radiator so it all depends on the material your radiator is made of. If you want to lessen any rusting from radiators then please have a look at some of our useful blogs. This cleaning blog will help leave your radiators spotless.