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Sectional Radiators

In a world where the radiator is often an afterthought to your interior, the sectional radiator acts as a refreshing antidote to the efficient but never noticed ethos of most radiator companies. At Designer Radiator Direct, we can offer you a range of options to help you find the perfect radiator build for you.

Why Choose A Sectional Radiator?

Sectional radiators are radiators which are built to your needs. Here, the customer always comes first, and ensuring that you come away with the best possible radiator for your needs is crucial to our job. Sometimes that perfect radiator means that you have to build it from scratch, picking and choosing the parts to suit your home. Whether it be unique piping, a handcrafted finish or a flexible heat output, we want to help you create your own personal heating hybrid. If you can imagine it, we can create the sectional designer radiator of your dreams.

The sectional radiator gives you the chance to explore the limits of your tastes. With so much to play with in regards to your material, whether it be an aluminium sectional radiator or a steel sectional radiator, the sectional radiator will bring warmth and style to your space.

Before you choose your radiator its good to know the BTU required to heat your room, see our handy BTU calculator to work out what size your radiator needs to be.

Sectional Radiators Tailored To You & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

One of the options available within this range is sectional cast iron radiators, bringing a column design to the foreground. One of our many options is for a beautiful hand crafted finish which reflects the traditional roots of this age old radiator model. These finishes can reflect the Victorian period from which the radiator came or be made to your own pattern designs. Our column radiator finishes are perfect for the radiator connoisseur, looking for that boutique style to suit their tastes. If you would like to learn more about column radiator designs please see our blog.

One of the options available in this range is the best selling MHS multisec 3 column radiator, its range of sizes and stylish colour options fit beautifully in any room. It's one of the more affordable radiators that still offer an abundance of heat and luxury. If you love this radiator but require a tailored size then check our made to order version with many sizes available to order. If you're looking for a classic victorian style column radiator then you’ll love the radiator company's trieste 3 column radiator, its beautiful details are enhanced with the colour options it offers.

Still Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

If you're loving the look of these radiators but aren’t so specific about the sizes then check out our column radiators, we have more selection there with many still available in a range of sizes. Perhaps you're after something more modern? Then see our modern radiators. If you're really limited on space you’ll benefit from these small radiators, still just as powerful but a little more compact.

If you have any questions at all please contact us today. Our award winning team is here to help every step of the way!


Sectional Radiators Popular Questions

What Sizes Are Available For Sectional Radiators?

Our sectional radiators are tailored for you! We offer many different sizes and can take requests for certain sizes. You can choose how many sections you would like along with the height you require. If you don’t have them already, we recommend you use our handy BTU calculator to measure the area your new radiator will be placed in and find out the heat requirements for your room to ensure you get the perfect radiator for you.

Are Sectional Radiators Expensive?

The great thing about sectional radiators is that you can pick a precise size, so you don’t have to pay for an oversized radiator that's too big for the area you need or too small that it's a waste of money.

What Styles Are Available In Sectional Radiators?

Due to the way these sectional radiators are made, by adding and subtracting sections to match a size requirement, it means that we only really stock column radiators designs for sectional radiators. But that isn't a bad thing! Column radiators are some of the most sought out radiators worldwide, offering amazing heat outputs, tons of character and many other benefits.