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Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are some of the most popular and versatile models on the market today. Both space saving and efficient, these tall radiators efficiently use height over the width and ensure that you never have to worry about too busy a room again. The vertical radiator has many functions, alongside a range of designs to choose from which give you the chance to really reflect your interior design aesthetic and tastes. Whatever your needs, the vertical radiator is the perfect example of creative radiator design and can be yours at great value prices.

What Kind of Vertical Radiators Can You Find?

Our tall radiator range includes a selection of unique designer vertical radiators; maybe you’re looking for something sleek. Such as a vertical flat panel radiator in a white vertical setting? We also sell double panel, single panel vertical and flat panel vertical radiators. Or why not try our traditional vertical column radiators in a period interior? Available in circular tubes or with ovals or an oval double radiator.

If you’re really strapped for space we sell small vertical radiators which are a perfect companion for a bathroom, which can subside the need for a towel radiator. However, we have plenty of vertical towel rails in stock ready for any bathroom. A wall mounted tall radiator can also use their height to become not only a heat source but a focal point in any room. With a range of finishes to choose from, such as anthracite grey vertical radiators, metallic finishes or any RAL colour so your home heating can double up as art, whether it be through a textured panel finish or the industrial-inspired columns of vertical column designer radiators. Whatever your choices, there's plenty of vertical radiator designs to choose from at our designer radiator store.

Before you decide on your perfect vertical radiator, it's important to work out the BTU output for your space. This will ensure that the radiator you pick will effectively heat your room. Take advantage of our free BTU calculator to see what radiator will meet your needs.

Also before looking at a designer vertical radiator why not take a look at our blog where we break down the benefits of a vertical radiator.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Maybe a tall radiator isn't what you're looking for. We have a whole range of designer radiators from traditional radiators, horizontal radiators and electric radiators. The world is your oyster when it comes to finding a new radiator. If your looking to save money then we have a huge selection on our sale page for you to take a look at and be inspired by. So find yourself a new designer radiator today!

Once you have decided on your perfect radiator, make sure to check out our huge range of radiator valves. We have hundreds of designs and finishes for you to choose from, so you can be sure we have something to suit your décor and heating needs.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Our award wining customer service team are ready to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Vertical Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Vertical Radiators?

Vertical designer radiators are, as the name suggests, tall radiators that are vertically hung and installed on your wall. These vertical radiators are an excellent choice if you have limited wall space available. They are a type of column radiator that’s built to an extremely high-standard. Not only does their height help to emit more heat more quickly, but vertical radiators make a real statement, no matter where you put them. You could, and perhaps should, consider them a design piece all on their own because the eye is drawn to them so easily. Tall radiators are available in a range of colours and styles which fit into limited wall spaces and make a creative alternative to more traditional long designs. In a smaller room, these take up less space, leaving room for more fixtures and furnishings.

What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Radiators?

Upright radiators make the most of wall space. If you’re ever lacking space then a tall radiator can be flush against a wall and thin, making them the perfect option for small space interior design.

Also they see manufacturers creating interesting designs and experimenting with their range. There’s a large range of styles to pick from that will enhance any space.

If your radiator needs to be made to a specific size for your interior design plan then please let us know and we can discuss the size options with you.

Are Vertical Radiators As Efficient As Horizontal Radiators

Regardless of their orientation, if they have the same dimensions, they will be practically the same. Horizontal and vertical settings provide the same service; to bring warmth and comfort to your home whilst also adding style and value to your space.

To decide which is more suitable, a careful evaluation of the size, shape and function of a room will help you to decide which is the best option for you.

This also depends on materials of the radiators, an aluminium radiator will heat up faster than a stainless steel vertical model, however the stainless steel model will retain heat for longer. Also it depends on the depth a double panel vertical radiator will provide much more heat output than a single. However a double takes up much more space than a single so it is dependent on your space.

How Much Is A Vertical Designer Radiator?

We have a massive range of tall radiators to suit your heating needs. The price of our vertical radiators start at under £100. If you have any questions regarding our radiators and prices, contact us today. From our range of panel designer verticals or our oval double panels we have something for every budget.

Where Should I Place a Vertical Designer Radiator?

Radiators were traditionally installed in the coldest areas of the room where cold air would enter. The radiator was placed here to assist reduce the chilly air that would regularly come through the window when double glazing was almost unheard of. With virtually every home now having double glazing, we can now place a vertical designer radiator almost anywhere we choose. Some styles of tall radiators would be best suited in period rooms such as a column radiator.

Why Choose Designer Radiators Direct?

Designer Radiators Direct is the radiator shop for style and warm comfort with our selection of vertical radiators. Catering to all spaces in your home or office, we aim to bring our customers the best in quality designer radiators. At Designer Radiators Direct, we showcase an unbeatable and exquisite range of radiators carefully created from our 20 premier brands. Offering an array of high quality vertical column radiators and towel radiators in a range of colours, finishes and sizes to suit your needs - at DRD, we guarantee satisfaction. We deliver right to your door, ensuring calmness and efficiency with every step. Shop our range of vertical radiators and order from DRD today.