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Vertical Column Radiators

Vertical column radiators are a perfect blend of new and old styles. The tallness of these radiators adds luxury while each column on the radiators supplies impressive heat and sophistication. Column radiators and vertical radiators are already impressive heaters, so when combined, the two designs create a high powered, highly elegant feature for your space.

Vertical Column Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

If you're looking for a radiator to fit into both modern and traditional aesthetics, you may have found your answer. Vertical column radiators consist of vertical tubes all connected through radiator piping, with heat radiating from inside each one. As well as boasting impressive heat outputs, these radiators use space efficiently. Their vertical design allows you to free up space for other appliances in your room. If you don’t have horizontal space available then these vertical column radiators are just what you need! If you would like to learn more about column radiators please look at our guide.

Before you decide on your perfect vertical column radiator, you need to work out the BTU output required to heat your space. To do this, we have created a free to use BTU calculator. Use this to find the perfect radiator for your room.

Not What You're Looking For?

Love the look of vertical radiators but can’t find a design you like? Then check our full range of vertical radiators, we have hundreds of vertical radiators from panel radiators and even mirror radiators in various sizes and coloured finishes. If you love the column design then see our full range of column radiators. If you need something that's designed for modern interiors then see our wide range of contemporary radiators, with a plethora of designs you’ll find something for you, whatever your setting.

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Vertical Column Radiators Popular Questions

Are Column Radiators Efficient?

Column Radiators have been around since the Victorian era, which proves the high quality of their design. Our range of column radiators has a larger area than other designs. This allows the radiators to heat a space quicker than most. As well as high heat outputs, they also come in a large range of sizes so you can be certain you’ll be able to find one that is perfect for your space.

How To Bleed A Vertical Column Radiator?

Bleeding your radiator is one of the most important things when it comes to radiator maintenance. For step by step instructions on how to do this, take a look at our informative blog.

Do Column Radiators Take Longer To Heat Up?

Column radiators are very quick to heat up and when compared to other designs, they transfer heat from their columns to the surrounding air extremely fast. There’s a reason column radiators have been around for so long. Because they are just that efficient in their designs and warming up spaces.

Why Choose Vertical Radiators?

Vertical radiators are brilliant if you have a small room and are limited on space. As they are upright radiators instead of a long radiators, they allow you to use the space a horizontal radiator would usually use for your sofa instead or other essential appliances like a TV unit. Vertical radiators heat your home just as well as horizontal radiators, or maybe even a little better if your current horizontal radiator is stuck behind your sofa, bed or other larger items. Vertical space isn't used as much as floor space, you're somewhat limited to shelves and picture frames on your walls, so the tall radiators really makes the most of this "wasted" space by being narrower in design and longer in length.