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Column Towel Radiators

Our column towel radiators come in many shapes and sizes and are known for being some of the most useful radiators to have in a space where you need dry towels. With multi-functionality at their heart, they bring an exciting array of designs, features and aesthetic versatility which can really benefit a space. All these column towel rails boast impressive heat outputs to bring you warm and cosy towels wherever you need them.

Aesthetically Pleasing Column Heated Towel Rails. Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Our column heated towel rails offer up the chance to meld the traditional column radiator design with the minimalism of modern radiators, creating a match made in heaven with ample towel warming opportunities. They are a sleek and intricate bathroom addition and can find a place in both modern and traditional spaces.

If you’d like to learn more about towel radiators, take a look at our informative guide.

Before you choose your perfect towel radiators you need to work out the required BTU output for your space. We have created a free BTU calculator for you to use. This will allow you to view the radiators that will most effectively heat up your space.

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Column Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Column Radiators?

Column refers to their shape. Rather than being one whole piece like panel radiators, column radiators and column towel radiators have sections. They are brilliant for customisation as you can add as many columns to suit you. They are known for having exceptional heat outputs and being incredibly versatile and durable. You can get column radiators in a range of materials and designs ranging from vertical column radiators, horizontal column radiators and these column towel rails.

Can Column Towel Radiators Fit My Interior?

The amazing thing about column towel radiators is that they are a blend of both modern and classic designs. We have a selection of column towel rails that either look completely ornate, new and contemporary, or usually a cross between the two. Meaning they are elegantly suited to fit in the most modern of interiors and brighten up traditional aesthetics. No matter the style you choose, our column towel radiators add an instant flair.

Are Towel Radiators As Good As Radiators?

Radiators are designed to heat a room, and that's mainly their only focus. Whereas towel radiators are designed to hang towels and clothing on, along with heating a room. As they are not purely just for heating a room, and have different designs to the typical radiator, they are not as powerful as a living room radiator that are usually larger and have more surface space.

But with these column towel radiators, they combine a standard smaller column radiator with heated towel rails, so you get the best of both worlds. Though still not as powerful, they still pack a brilliant punch!

What Size Column Towel Radiator Will I Need?

To work out the size of a towel radiator you’ll need, you can use our free BTU calculator. It gives you precise BTU outputs your room will need and will show you towel rails that will be perfect for heating your space.

Are Column Towel Radiators Easy To Install?

Our column towel rails come in a range of materials from lightweight aluminium towel rails to the heavier cast iron radiator, so depending on what you purchase, they can be a one man or two person job. Column towel radiators can be installed in any pipe work as long as the sizes are correct. But we always recommend a professional comes to install them.