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Ladder Towel Radiators

When you picture a heated towel radiator, a ladder design is most likely what springs to mind. The ladder design is a timeless classic that offers a sleek look whether your space is contemporary or traditional.

Ladder towel radiators are the go-to choice for a lot of people to keep towels toasty and dry, while also heating their rooms. Say goodbye to throwing towels over chairs or leaving them on top of beds, these towel radiators provide a perfect place for your towels to live.

Ladder Towel Rails Are Ideal For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Ladder towel radiators are perfectly designed to blend with kitchen and bathroom appliances, but they don’t stop there. They’re stylish designs and high function adds practicality and warmth for almost any room. This even includes your cloakroom, no more leaving your coats to dry on their own, simply place them on your towel radiator in your cloakroom and they’ll be dry in no time! Where space is precious, the ladder style heated towel rail brings a welcome functionality and design flare which will no doubt help to achieve your interior design needs. With a wide range of designs to choose from, the ladder style heated towel rail is available in a whole range of sizes and materials, ensuring that it fits seamlessly in with your décor.

Towel radiators are almost constantly used, whether they’re switched on or not. So after a while they can develop wear and tear, thankfully at DRD we understand this, so we only stock the highest quality towel radiators. And for extra comfort we also throw in guarantees on all of our radiators and heated towel rails.

Easy to install and as striking as it is subtle, the ladder style heated towel rail is a must for any space, whether its a large towel rail or small towel radiator. Whatever your needs for heated towel rails, a laddered design will go a long way in regard to functionality and style.

If you’d like help to decide which towel radiator is perfect for you, take a look at our guide.

Before you pick out your perfect ladder towel rail or radiator, it's important to work out the BTU output. This is so you choose a radiator that will effectively heat your space. You can work out the BTU output of your room with our free BTU calculator.

Ladder Towel Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

Love the ladder towel radiator design but looking for a little bit more? Then why not check out our shelf towel radiators, these include handy shelves for your folded towels. If your looking for a towel rail to fit into a modern interior then you'll find something to suit with our modern towel radiators. Can’t decide on one? Why not have a look through our full range of towel radiators, we have hundreds of high-quality, affordable towel rails to choose from, so you’ll find something for you. However, if you're looking for something completely different then see our designer radiators.

On a budget? Not a problem, we have a range of high quality radiators and towel rails at low prices on our sales page.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, don't hesitate to contact us right away. Our customer focused team is always happy to help you.


Ladder Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Ladder Towel Rails?

The ladder style heated towel rail is one of the most recognisable radiators on the market. These radiators usually consist of two metal columns with horizontal bars attached. These can come in a whole range of shapes and materials, but the one thing they all have in common is an iconic blueprint, which is instantly recognisable but leaves plenty of space to play around with.

Do Ladder Towel Rails Give off as Much Heat as A Radiator?

Ladder towel radiators aren’t as strong as the standard radiator. But now with modern technology, even though they aren’t as strong, you won’t have a problem heating up rooms. Though it is important that the correct size ladder radiator is bought if you're looking at heating your room along with towels.

Which Ladder Towel Radiator Should I Choose?

Here are some of our most popular sellers to give you a helping hand on deciding which radiator is right for you.

The Lux Heat Chrome Towel Radiator. This classic chrome towel radiator has the design that's been favoured for years. Our ladder towel rail comes in a variation of sizes and has a 10 year warranty.

This bold and stylish Reina Grace Towel Radiator has an open design and can be mounted left or right to allow for easy towel storage. It looks stunning in more modern interiors.

This Lux Heat Flat Coloured Towel Radiator has flat horizontal heated rails for a sleek look and high heat output. It comes with a wide selection of colour options to fit into your aesthetic effortlessly. Its a fantastic price and has 10 years warranty.

Finally the Terma Alex Towel Radiator, its a sleek towel radiator with a stylish twist. Created to give any interior a luxury style boost.

When your looking for a towel radiator, you need to think about practicality and heating needs and then style. With our full range of towel radiators your bound to find something for you.

What Size Ladder Radiator Will I Need?

When looking at the range of sizes our ladder radiators come in, it can be a little overwhelming. So to make this easier, we’ve created a free BTU calculator that works out the BTU output you’ll need to effectively heat your space. Once it works this out for you, all you’ll need to do is look at the filtered radiators and pick your favourite.

What Valves Will I Need For A Ladder Radiator?

Many of our valves can easily fit on your ladder towel rails. Our valves come in various angles so it does depend on where your pipes are and where the connections are on the radiator. To see which configuration is right for you, choose your towel rail and then check out the valve configuration next to the product description. Otherwise, visit our radiator valves page to see our full selection of valves.

What Does Dual Fuel Mean?

Dual fuel towel radiators use both the central heating system and the main electrical supply so you can choose what your towel radiator uses. It's great if you want to use your towel radiator without turning on the rest of the properties radiators.

How Do You Maintain A Ladder Radiator?

Ladder towel radiators are very easy to maintain, and can last years if kept in good condition and cleaned regularly. To clean a ladder radiator all you’ll need is mild soap water, a microfibre cloth and a towel.

If you are having trouble with a leaking ladder radiator, then take a look at our blog for 7 steps to fixing a leaking radiator.